Honeymoon Phase

Smiles, giggles and sparkling eyes.

Soft kisses, date nights and tender looks.

This seems like it could be.

Together feels like butterflies and it flickers inside of me.


So much to learn, we’ll see what we can be.


Finding out what’s real.

Clinging to me constantly, reassurance can never fill his needs.

Needing my attention

Takes all the time, but there is nothing left for me.

Spread thin, heavy breathing,

This is dark and suffocating.


This isn’t what I need,

I won’t lose myself again.

This has to STOP.

Because I Love Me.


I need some independence, trust and honesty.

Respect my individuality, it is who I am

Who I’m meant to be.

Give without reckonings

And share when one’s in need.

Love without losing me.


Because I love you, I’ll let you be free.

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