Why are you so intimidated?

Why did you hide?

Is the truth really that painful?

Did it stab you in the side?


You asked me a question,

I answered it in whole.

You said you wanted honesty, 

so where did you go?


Would you have rather I lied to you?

That is what you did, I see.

If you really want respect,

well, show me.


Tell me,

if you aren't frightened,

if you didn't run away,

then won't you just give me something new to say?


Something besides a greeting,

something besides a goodbye.

But maybe goodbye is better,

since you won't look me in the eye.


I could say 'I'm sorry' 

For my honesty.

But at least I know I am trustworthy, 

Which is much more than you are to me.


So if I leave you offended, 

Or if I leave you scared,

It'll still be many times better than you,

leaving me unprepared.


Honesty is admirable,

And in you I thought I once could see,

something so remarkable, 

but perhaps it was just a reflection of me.


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