Oh, the Confused as they call me in my home

In my head stuck inside, raping my outs with lies

Provoking the truth , basking in youth

We are wrong because our melody is a different tune

Because the pitch I produce is not similar to yours.

So I am hit with your derogatory slurs.


I am a fag because my views differ from the group.

My ideas approaching out of the grasses

Spending time stuck in classes

Not understanding keeping your head stuck in asses

Rusting quickly, strickly dickly as you say

But who cares if I am Gay,


You don’t why do you care? You cannot say?

I think I Know the harder you attempt to hide

The more you show, So yea you are me.

Locked in a closet like a fool, but who am I to judge?

I am locked up to, taking pills, going numb not sure how it fills

Doing drugs the fuck is up?

Smoking weed, wearing tees

They say Homo, but i am confused when did you win and what did i lose?

Woe to Me, for I’m confused, or so im told by those with which i feud.

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