Homework or YouTube?

Is it really that time of year,

the day is coming, the day I fear,

the day, the day we go back to school,

but how can I become more cool?

I know the perfect way!

so what do you say

homework or youtube?


Through the daily grind

the flashing, white paper that makes me blind,

when at last home I am

theres no time for a peanut butter and jam

for I have a huge decision to make,

homework or youtube?


Oh, great dastardly thoughts

it is tying my stomach into knots

I cannot make a descision

not one with great precision

as I grow more frantic and flushed

my brain grows more mushed

and so I choose my endeavor

the one that makes me less clever

youtube it is, i think

and all my hard work goes down the sink.

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