Home Sweet Home

What does it mean 
To love yourself first?
Well, loving yourself means
That you’re inside your home.
A home all to yourself.
And you are fine with that.
And it’s okay
If you want to share it with someone special.
Not to give, but only to share.
But loving yourself first is important because
If that person leaves,
There’s no need to shatter your windows.
There’s no need to burn down your house
And be left sleeping in the basement.
You’ll adjust the flowers in their vases
And fluff up some pillows,
Wiping your glossy cheeks
With the tissues that you own --
Only you.
You’ll be dusting away the heartbreaks,
With the door unlocked.
Anyone is welcome.
But you will never leave your home.
A home all to yourself.
And you’re perfectly fine with that.


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