Home in my heart

I wish you could see 
that you're not alone.
That that little boy 
now has a home in my heart.

I know you feel tired
and I know you don't care 
but listen to my words when you're 
lost and scared

Cause I'll never leave you 
even if you scream and shout 
I'm done being afraid 
to say I love you out loud. 

I love you and your tantrums 
and your flirty eyes
I love you even when there are 
tears in sight...

And when you look at the stars 
and I'm looking at you,
I can see the angel that you 
cant see in you.

I know we wont make it
I know we don't feel the same...
but I do hope you find someone 
who makes you feel safe.

I hope that you hold her,
like you hold on to life
and I hope that you know
her love is much more than a prize

I love you, I love you
and I'll say it again
I love, I love you
but we'll always be friends 

So when you look at the stars 
and wonder who and why you are 
look to me and I'll tell you 
you're the moon and the stars and the sky 
the boy with open eyes
the boy who chooses life 

Just look to me, look to me 
for you have a home in my heart.

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