Holy hypocrites

 "I respect everyone, for God tells me so."


Then how come its impossible to be free from scorn when you claim to be an atheist?

Atheists and agnostics practically require a coming out of sorts.

Multiple times, people have called me names like




Fun times.


You claim that you want religious freedom.

That America is making it harder to be Christian.


So you aren't allowed to teach about the bible in PUBLIC schools.


Some of the public isn't comfortable learning about that.


"But now their are laws going against my beliefs."

Your beliefs go against basic human rights.


Gay rights

Just because your religion says you shouldn't partake in such things does not mean that everyone around you can't as well.

Your choose  not to

Others choose to do



I'll respect your beliefs

So long as you stop

Denying science

Forcing others to deny science

Attempting to pass legislation tuned specifically for your beliefs.

And overall, stop being the hypocrites many of you can be.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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