Holly's Song.

Is twelve too young to fall in love?

I used to believe that.

Had you asked me five years ago,

my view would have been anything but optimistic.

But you broke me out.


Out of that cage that I had set up around myself.

Every time I hear that song

I can only think of you.

Every time I sing that song

I am only singing to you.


I had been doing just fine before I met you

That’s what I told myself when I lost you

In fact, I had gotten over you.

Over and over again.

With different girls, but the same kind of end.


Jealousy bled out of me

Because I knew you were his.

God knows that I’m not a saint.

Not remotely close.

But with you, I thought I had found a new religion.


And I hated you

because no matter how much I tried

I could never truly hate you.

But you could never love me

The way that I loved you.


But that’s okay; it was destiny.

Destiny had called me to love you

And I love you forever and unconditionally.

He makes you happy, and I love him for that.

You made me happy, and I will always love you for that.


Is twelve too young to fall in love?

No- twelve is just too eager to.

But when I think of you now

I will always think of you first.

I will always look on the bright side


Because I love you.


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