So many casualties inside Me

No one mourns none can see

So many feelings once were born

Before they can rise brutally were torn

So many hopes died an ignoble death

Waiting and waiting for the aftermath

So many journeys abashed with dismay

Encumbering my heart whenever I hit the hay

So many questions nudging My soul

To look for the possibilities in the dark hole

So many words remain unspoken

It's better your silence remains unbroken

So many bitterness in My heart is bore

My heart is nothing but a HOLLOW CORE

So many scars rupturing My skin

As if the pain itself on My face grin

So many delusions peeking into reality

I reckon my madness's at it's proximity

So many darkness nurtured in grief

My pain that never asked for a relief

So many memories that are now blurred

With the time they faded isn't it absurd

So much more and so much is done

Forgive Me but now I think of it as fun..

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