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   This word is much less than me. I am far from a hoe. I am much more then the hatred spoken out the words from an ignorant person. This word is not who I am nor should I allow it to be. By the feeling I get when someone is being an enemy. I will not react nor belittle my confidence in what i know is the person from within. Now we say a Hoe like word being thrown no title, no position, no sympathy just a word that is not a part of me. I am beautiful i am me, I am much more then wha you can see. A young lady with ambitions and goals to be an admirer. This word is much less than me. I am so sweet, so kind ,so strong but determined for a greater destiny . Now you say I am what again? A Hoe, oh yea, i guess- if thats what you see , but just know that that word is being thrown at someone        who has the mentatility to eact in such casuality having no response to such ignorance. Remember the word will never be equivalent to me. Once again this is much less than me. A Hoe.      . By the   

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