H.I.V-Ho's Injects Viruses


United States
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when people think of hos, they think of women
nobody doesn't shed light that men are included in the schemes
only difference is that men have penis and women have clits
regardless of how you look at it, people that do wrong will keep close lits
people running on each other faster then nyc subways traveling from one borough to another
it's sickening how careless men treat women, women treat men like peasants with no value
it was always been told that condoms are 99.9 percent safe
yet that .1 percent that is not safe seems to heavily outweigh due to poor choices
the consequences are so dire and heavy worse than powerful thunderstorms, wind, and hail
having unprotected sex is a crime and therefore one should be incarcerated in jail
don't listen when a woman says i'm on birth control pills
wear a condom so you don't get the chills
don't listen to a guy when he say i'm clean
or else you will cry hopelessly trying to find a shoulder to lean
people are very vindicative in which it becomes addictive
so addictive, it will make a junkie proud
they plot plans worse than italian gansters in the 60's
always love yourself
cherish yourself
admire yourself
don't let anyone con you into believing something that's not true
or else will join a jazz artist and cry for blues

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