Hispanic Empowerment

Yes I am Hispanic 

Oh no don’t panic,

Why are you assuming I’m not a U.S Citizen?

I can speak English just as good as you

Only thing makes me different is that I can speak Spanish!

I’ll even add a bit of Spanglish


I’m trying to reach the top 

Because my mom swam nonstop 

I’ve always been humble

Tried not to mumble

When they asked about my struggles


See I don’t let my past effect me

If I did opportunities would neglect me

When people see me they think I’m white

Sadly my last name brings nothing but spite


Money is scarce

Dreaming of a full course

I’m fighting for my education

Only to have a set foundation


Hispanics don’t settle for rejection

We rise from subjection

Empowerment is connection

Soon enough you’ll have a Hispanic in an election.


That’s it!


I will be an Entrepreneur

Meeting adjourned.

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My family
My community
My country
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