His name

I go in the coffee shop around 11:26, I stop before moving forward again, I have seen him for the past 3 month,

oh god his smile always met me at the door, he always get the same thing small hot green tea amd a doughnut,

we sit across from each other...

We always look at each other in a lust full way, but never say a word, I know his name from his cup,

I repeat it over and over in my head, smiling andgetting those butterflies in my stomach.

Today after I had got my coofee in i looked at him, he looked down at my cup in mouthed my name to himself,

he chuckled and shook his hand. I looked at my cup in turned it around,

I thought to myself that he hate my name,

I looked down got my stuff in started to walk away.....untill...untill i felt a tug on my arm,

it felt so warm and gently. I turned around and it was him, he looked into my eyes and smile,

he said "Hello, Kareema.....i always notice you and I alway notice you in that cute smile you had when you read my name on my cup....so i would like to introduce myself.....Hi my name is Aaron".

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