A Hint of Acceptance in A Hateful World

When someone tells you to be this or that,
What makes it okay to listen?
You weren’t raised to be molded into that ideal human being.
You weren’t raised to follow that hateful society outside.
When someone tells you act like him or her,
Tell yourself that they already claimed that role.
They have all their power.
Why do you have to follow?
When someone tells you that they hate you,
What difference does it make if they like you or not?
Do you love you?
When someone tells you that you aren’t accepted,
That’s only their opinion
You are accepted by the ones that matter.
Whether you’re Gay, Straight, Black or White,
The power of acceptance claims all those fights.
We’ve marched for Blacks rights.
We’ve built those communities.
WE have each other.
Then again when someone tells you that you’re a sin,
It shouldn’t matter if they think you are, they have to accept the fact you’re here
And realize that YOU aren’t going ANYWHERE.
When someone tells you that you are fat,
Don’t mark your arms with the blade of the devil.
Show those jerks that you are perfect all together.
When someone tells you that you are ugly,
Don’t take that to heart.
Don’t hang yourself with the noose made of their words.
When you tell someone to be this or that…
When you tell someone to be like him or her…
When you tell someone who to love…
When you tell someone they are ugly or fat…
YOU are the only one who lacks that sparkle.
YOU are the only one who doesn’t have acceptance.

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