In Him I Trust


My mouth is dry

And uh-

I haven’t pissed in days

For which I’ incapable

Really got too much on the brain

The excess water in my system

Look how it all rise

Spreading out to my face

Heads getting swollen

All juices and ready to pop

Eyes blurred

As the first tear drops

Here I am

Crying a river

An understatement

Let say an ocean

The fear on my baby’s face

Her face reflecting mines

That face of a mother without a dime

No food in the frig

Not even a can of milk

Why so did I ever stop

Stop breast feeding

With my mounts I could’ve

Provide my baby with food

But now I lay on my back

With this economy

No Jobs

So back laying is what I must resort to

Being a get up for men by night

And try to be the perfect mother by day

Dragging me from my thoughts a smile appeared

Smacked generously on her face

Suddenly a tug at my heart

Opened my mind

And I knew

The Lord- TRUST

He was going to make a way.


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