High School Survival 101

If you wanna be wise, if you wanna be cool

You’re gonna have to go to school.

It’s not all fun. It’s not all games.

Sometimes it can be kind of lame.

But you have to gain a lot of knowledge

If you wanna get into college.

Grab some paper. Grab a pen.

All of you are about to attend

High school survival 101.

Break it down now. Let’s have some fun.


First things first, you need to know

You don’t need to stick to the status quo.

This ain’t no High School Musical.

Be yourself. So what if you’re unusual?


The thing you need to learn next

Is that you shouldn’t be perplexed

When you have a lot on your plate.

It’ll get done if you don’t procrastinate.


Another thing you should realize-

School food is not idolized.

The taste is not highly revered.

Sometimes it’s something that is feared.


Everyone has a class they hate,

But giving up is a big mistake.

I survived Calculus and History.

How I did it isn’t a mystery.


Take chances to explore

Things you never tried before.

Just do it. Don’t think twice.

It could completely change your life.


Your IQ will get low if you get high.

Your brain cells don’t deserve to die.

They have been good to you.

They shouldn’t be barbequed.


Four years will come and go.

It’ll be gone before you know.

School will be missed and desired

After you are required to retire.

When it’s all said and done

It won’t matter if you were valedictorian

Or if you remember all the facts.

Just that your friends and memories last.



love a diverse world

i liked this it was funny

Child of the One True King

thanks!! :)

Child of the One True King

that's the mood/tone I was going for when I wrote it!

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