High School

"Cherish your youth," the saying goes. We'll all leave this place one day.
These four years have come and gone, and there is so much left to say.
In a few years we'll look back and ask, Did I do it right?
Did I try my best, work my hardest, and put up a good fight?
Did I work to withhold friendship that will be sure to last?
And do I regret anything I've done in the past?
High school is a place of discovery, where we learn about ourselves.
And now it's time to earn our diplomas, and place them on our shelves.
While we're young, we must remember we have to make ourselves proud.
And here we are, being presented in front of this large crowd.
We'll look back on our graduation day, when we threw our caps up high.
And be joyous we cherished our youth, because time really flew by.


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