Hiding from Rum


I can't go a day without you, you're a drug.

 Intoxicating, just like rum.

Crawling beneath my skin.

I can almost taste you, sweet as sin

keep me awake for daydreaming has become too dangerous for me

for I go back to the place where we use to meet

coffee shops and cute little stores with books

I was into you for more than just your looks

But I hold my distance and stand my ground.

Not dreaming, but walking carefully without a sound.

For you have scared this heart.

your sweetness made tart.

So I lock up all the doors and throw away all the keys

I shut you out for its you I can no longer believe

You pushed me into this corrner and I refuse to let you win

I refuse to open this door and let you in

No more 'sorrys' no turning back

For all of your actions have made me feel like crap

So lock all the doors and hide the keys

For this is the last time youll see me


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