Hiding in Plain Sight


Day in and day out we search for answers,

for solutions to problems no ones asked us to solve,

for reasons behind already proven facts like

"Why does the sun leave us every day?"

Rather than "What makes us so special

to have two planets fighting for our attention?"

We can't appreciate what we do have so we hide in what we don't.

We've never been taught to love our lives the way we are already living,

we've just been trained on ways to change and fall into the norm of society.

Day in and day out we search for something to complain about,

superficial topics because the silence is unbearable,

for something not quite perfect because that's more relatable.

When we ask "How are you?" we don't want the truth, we're waiting for the generic

"I'm good and you?" so we can lie and finish the conversation.

Day in and day out we use distractions from people we don't even know

or reason with ourselves "that it's just life".

If other people go through the same struggles, we can't complain.

If society deems something acceptable, by God do we accept it.

And if society judges us, society is right to judge others.

We learn that we're thought less of because of things we "can't control" 

and be ready for a civil war. 

We hide behind the title "Society" and blames our own mindset on an imaginary wall

we have created, we are supporting, that we are crucial pieces of.

One slip and the descent begins, but who will be the one to push,

to become brave enough to trade in their mask for confidence,

to step away from the fort we've tried to build inside ourselves?

Everyone has a curtain, whether hand crafted or passed through the generations,

and those able to see through it have the choice to reach out and pull it away, 

or to hang another layer to stay blissful in the idea of a purely imperfect life

rather than notice the beautiful decor they've been given.



This is some incredible writing. Hope you show love as well!

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