To Hide or To Reveal

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 13:32 -- Kayalay


Slamming the curtain shut , none of them must know. 

The girl behind the mask; so different from the one that shows.

Scared of no acceptance, racing to hide,

should I really tell them what's inside?


Should they know that the sarcasm is just a show?

That all the things they discover daily, I already know?

To let them know that all their efforts are thrown away in one stride?

To show them what I hide?


All their efforts down the drain,

like a drenched person in the rain.

To loose all my friends and to be forced to find new?



No! I cannot let it be!

To have them all turn away from me? 

No! The mask comes back!

To act like this , what's to lack?







I had a really interesting time writing this, simply because I do wear a mask. As i was writing this, my friend was sitting beside me, and I was constantly nervous that she would start to doubt me, and that's why the poem ended the way it did.

i realllllllllllly like this

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