Hide and Seek

Who is that girl? Why is she so quiet?
They say the quiet ones have the loudest minds, they even say the quiet ones do a lot of crime.
That girl has nothing to hold on to afraid to latch onto herself and embrace her beauty.
It's not fair to anyone that she hides her inner self, but being quiet has bought her time.
Time to breath, time to decide on who she'll become.
She never had much to say, ever since that one day.
Being molested is a crime, but sadly her monster got away.
No one listened, which is why she hides.
Tears, Pain, Fear, Hate, Lost, No faith, No hope.
All hidden behind a smile. Days go by, and she thinks of him, that boy that took advantage of her.
That made her hide in that closet.
Hide and Seek
Looking for her younger self remembering he told her to sit in the dark.
Reasons to why she can't be her own person
Wanting to be independent, but now she has an insecurity blanket
Draped over her bed thoughts playing in her head.
Thinking she can be better, if her waist was slimmer, skin was lighter, teeth was whiter with brace wires.
For some reasons people only see the happy side, even after her daddy died.
Hide and Seek
If you see her it'll be one lucky peek.
Her True self wants to tell you her whole story, but afraid of judgment she holds her tongue
Forcefully she smiles.
When you meet her you'll see a phenomenon.
For she is now a phenomenal woman, although she still is hiding someone from the world you can tell she's a different kind of girl.
The way her hair bends, and the way her hips curve.
The way her smile brightens a room.
Oh, she's changed but still she's hiding, confiding in herself, psychologist couldn't help.
But for the benefit of her little sisters she just puts on this show, Everything is just fine though.
Hide and Seek, tell me what you find.

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