Hide and Seek – part 7 – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 7 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh's earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing-but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid-bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.

This book tingles every living being's imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid-bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.




The placid pebble in blue water,
The yellow Sun evading the skies,
A black cloud of mixed feeling,
The blue tear strained eyes.

The mist hanging in the air,
The white dew drops in the field,
The heavenly smell of thatched hay,
The fathers scattered everywhere.

The delicious smell of baked corn,
The cock singing a perfect rhyme,
The lively squirrel on the tree,
The evanescent rising of dawn.

The hedges covered with green foliage,
The fields to be ploughed at,
The hushed rustling of the trees,
The sweet melody in the air.


Lunch boxes filled with spicy delicacy,
Children dressed in neat uniform,
Stitched badges identifying institution,
Hung coarse bags filled with textbook volumes,
On rustic shoulders of budding youth,
Polished footwear projecting from cream pant,
Shoelace tied in immaculate fashion,
Plaits of hair brushed meticulously with coconut oil,
Brilliant red tie dangling from shirt collar,
Secured to shirt cloth with metal cufflinks,
Conspicuously large watch dial displaying time,
Elastic socks of white conclude attire,
As group of children board the school bus.

Shouts of laughter; chorused rhymes,
Plodding of feet; biting of nails,
Twinkling smiles; comic faces full of glee,
The toddlers were having a gala time;
With dead drunk driver hands on the steering wheel,
Flashing demon smiles through the rear glass,
Meting personal frustration on gas pedal,
As the bus sky rocketed into daylight,
Leaving unsurpassable tornadoes of dust behind.

Swerving wildly like an African panther,
Ultimately crashing into iron posts,
Marking the outlines of the river bridge,
Shouts of laughter turned to breathless horror,
Metal screeched against solid concrete,
Multiseater bus took a hundred feet plunge,
Chorused rhyme converted into imprisoned cries,
As Innocent lives mercilessly drowned into the savage waters of the amazon.


Violent streaks of nail polish Violet,
Circular shades of flaming Indigo,
Thick envelope of heavenly cloud Blue,
Fat smear of bright parrot Green,
Thin smudges of neglected dirty Yellow,
Peripheral paint lines of blazing Orange,
Encapsulating outlines of deathly Red,
Prompted by brilliant sunshine in cascading rain,
Sky patches of light blue,
Sun ball shining in full heat at boiling point,
Thin wisps of pale white cloud cover,
Dispersed in distant boundaries of the Sun,
Shriveled to an iota of their traditional attire,
Which is dark grey with blushes of black,
Now discharging rain in sunlight,
Forming a perfect vibgyor rainbow,
To the insurmountable delight of living organism,
Existing in spiceless moments of robotically worldly life.


The white semi crescent luminates large in the sky,
Suspended in the jet black pool of atmosphere,
The starts glitter in unison,
As black wisps of clouds hang around.

Awesome masses of air blow gustily,
Bundles of molecules gasp collectively,
Stringent voices blow mightily,
As thunderous core of lechery comes pouring down.

Macro droplets of liquid break into frenzy,
Torrential rain cascades all over,
Drenching fresh granules of earth,
Softening parched rocks of violent composition,
Trespassing waywardly through molten fiascos of heat,
Harrowing the elixir of humanity,
Soothing the edifices of brutal racism,
Shattering glass panes of heinous felonies,
As I watch the proceedings in mute silence.


Short stubs of sharp black hair,
Sprouting from skin pores of unshaven flesh,
Long hair with untrimmed side locks,
Bearing heaps of white dandruff powder,
Corn dried lips chapped at sides,
Nostrils emitting hardened mass of mucus,
Eardrums filled with coats of sordid yellow wax,
Streaks of dirt lining angular neck,
Pus cells activated in lower eye,
Broken eyebrows curled in disarray,
Uncut fingernails adhered to mud,
Armpits spreading undesirable stench,
White teeth pearls dulled to chocolate brown,
Scribbled writing on all quarters of palm,
Tightly fit bedraggled clothes,
With gaping holes in shirt and vest,
Ants gnawing at chunks of stuck honey,
On projecting wide shoulder bone,
Sports shoe lining coated with coal tar,
I moan in utter dismay and lost hope,
As I stare at my unwashed demeanor; my unpolished body in the mirror.


The conspicuous blood drop of a wounded man,
Can never fill the brim of an eccentric can.
That molecule of indispensable thought,
Has occasionally brought misery; but broth.
When one roams in this dark world of massacre and pain,
He can conquer everything except mercenary gain.
And when comes the real violent flood,
It leaves behind thick greasy blood,
Thoroughly soaking the surface of parched earth,
To give a vindictive human race birth.


The elliptical glittering white nutrition,
With yellow sprawled on the inside,
The fragile adumbrate shell,
With flimsy blend of color and white,
Is the best I have ever known.

The ruffled feathered monster,
With its conspicuously red beak,
The protuberance of its chest,
With the cadence of the sung rhyme,
Is the best I have ever known.

The immaculate white pearl,
With glistening sheen of perpetual freedom,
Hovering on the tenterhooks of extinction,
With the splendour of someone possessed,
Is the best I have ever known.

The hazy ray of virgin moonlight,
With the sweltering heat suspended,
The languid chunks of green grass,
Cacophonic with insipid exhilaration,
Is the best I have ever known.

The sparkle of perennial molten liquid,
Forming crevices of incongruity,
The lustrous melancholy of tumbling water,
Drifting mankind onto precipices of jubilation,
Is the best I have ever known.


Jaded tobacco flakes in wrapped yellow candy paper,
White and appalling in visual imagery,
Dunloped to high degrees of compression,
Forming tetra inch sticks,
Of ashen grey crusty powder,
Thoroughly malnourished and stale,
A recipe for unending doomsday,
An aftermath of human greed,
Accentuating lecherous desires of eating smoke,
Bitter and contaminated ash,
Ignited by a host of sleazy gadgetry,
Wooden sticks of leaded match,
Producing derogatory clouds of white air,
Floating with fetid fragrance; low vitality,
With occasional buts of red coal falling down,
Diffusing into soft powder,
Carcinogenic to several glands of the living organism,
Chronologically spreading its ghastly effect,
To millions of mouths consuming it,
Chewing it; blowing it; relishing it,
Stitching webs of longevity forever,
Succumbing to something as inconsequential,
As a portable cylinder of pressed tobacco,
Withering mankind to caves of self destruction,
Rendering it the worst of its kind.


My mental imagery fluctuates,
As beads of sweat drip down voraciously,
Spearheads of steel stab my skin,
Plucking away huge chunks of my pristine flesh,
Chopping the crux of zealous activity,
Plundering me with the waves of dormant ecstasy,
Admonishing the dexterous web of drudgery,
Impersonation tingling sensations of existence,
Scrapping my reflection from mother earth,
In permanent accordance with the Creator.


Grey bristles of pointed hair,
Ruddy complexioned facial aura,
Small beads of visual apparatus,
Shrewd silhouette of pink lips,
Portraying firm outlines of decision,
A glittering bunch of 32 teeth,
A long sprawled pungent nose; sensitive to minutest of change,
An eye opening infectious smile,
Hands dangling from brave sockets,
Knotted fingers on the prowl,
With a heart pounding in cavities of innocence,
A coagulation of speedy catalysts,
Primitive bohemian feet clambering up walls of unfettered triumph,
High pitched mental machinery,
Harnessing loads of talent,
Lurking in realms of faith in self,
Thoroughly greased to simplistic proportions,
A gift of precious inheritance,
Combined with onerous perspiration,
With unceasing steps towards overwhelming success,
A diligent disciple of the Almighty Lord,
With burning incense sticks of truth,
Nailed deep to his persona,
A blend of righteousness and dedicated humor,
Short stature compiled with euphoric honesty,
An idol of indigenous prosperity,
Having empathy and compassion to pain,
A gifted molecule of billions existing,
Is how I would like to describe my father.


Stretching the tendons of my brain,
To ultimate realms of high strung imagination,
Flowing from deep recesses of throbbing heart,
And dreamy lips partially opened to light,
Embroidered with tunnels of abstract thoughts,
Spontaneous ideas on existing life,
Composed in a plethora of style and rhyme,
Absorbing loads of talent and dedicated time,
Spun meticulously with silent aggression,
Unfolding a saga of true emotions,
Portraying a moral and emphasizing love,
Great pains to deliver and derive,
An easy victim of sardonic ridicule,
A truncated version of written prose,
Elaborately expressed in a few lines,
Granting it the status of a glittering fable,
Entangling the mind in an ocean of words,
With equivalent use of punctuation marks,
An inborn skill in some,
Developed to dizzy heights with the passage of time,
A meager source of income in India,
While capturing mammoth audiences in foreign land,
A persevering route of earning fodder through rhyme,
Presented as a pearl of written composition,
Is what we mean by self composed poetry.


The crystal maze of sparkling water,
Interwoven with threads of molecular attraction,
Adhering to peripheral blocks of scarlet plastic,
With off shooting molecules,
In angled semicircular configuration,
A boisterous echo of soapy texture,
Thoroughly spongy and elastic in dimension,
Bustling with insipidly feverish activity,
Diffusing into minuscule pearls of froth,
Clashing with robust excitement,
As I pour oblong vessels of water,
Drenching my mass of composite flesh,
Strands of curly hair,
With perennial gift of surplus liquid,
Blended with flamboyant antiseptic minerals,
Jutting from the dilapidated steel taps,
With surplus blotches of bronze,
Drawn from amazing depths of the earth’s belly,
Finally tumbles down in a united assemblage,
A carnival of frothy soapy spray,
A melodious gurgling spring of purity,
The finest form of luxurious cleansing,
Evacuating encrypted pores of blocked emotions; from deep within hidden
recesses of my body.


The vast swirl of Atlantic water,
Nefariously cold with tufts of ice,
Obdurate and strong with the passing of time,
A blend of fish and aquatic shrub,
Incorporating monstrous waves with frothy spray,
Chunks of dead timber drifting in bountiful quantity,
Encroached with currents of drifting seaweed,
Prompting the invincible fortress of inhabitation to waver,
Through lurking masses of undulating water,
Diffusing chains of liquid globules on its way,
Compressing galleries of fern and soft rock,
Crunching primitive icicles of molten snow,
Biting sharply into the vast assemblage of black water,
Piercing the aquatic ambience,
With high strung notes of the fog horn,
Clearing its way amidst heavy mists; and evading moon,
The Sun finally steams through the glass pane,
Ending the tyranny of the ruthless night,
I suddenly wake up with a startled look on my face,
Finding my way out through the furry delights of my cotton quilty,
Rush across to the wire meshed stern,
My hair blowing wildly with the gusty wind,
Transfixing me into a mute personality,
In due admiration of the boundless ocean;
As the salty waves strike; break my celestial reverie.


The cool and stupendous effect the air has,
Can never be got by poisonous nerve gas.
The exotic effect of soft blue air,
Cane never be obtained by mechanized gear.
But O! when the air becomes black and swollen,
It yields riches like a dried pollen.
Its lost in its thoughts which never come true,
Due to the incessant quarrel between the two.
The air finally comes down on earth with great force,
To cover the distance of its natural course.


He walked adroitly on tight strained cotton rope,
Tied at both ends to the tallest precipice of blood stained rock.

He skydived into dark valleys of nothingness,
Without comfort parachutes buckled to rib cage encompassing his body.

He swam incessantly for long days against chilly currents of the Atlantic,
Had occasional meals of cold sea weed and salt water.

He drove his sports car through winding roads of the mountain,
Applied bare minimum of brake; with mounting pressure on the accelerator

He rode fearlessly on striped panther back,
Slept in the night on a bundle of hay with a family of wild fox.

He consumed long shards of unpolished cut glass,
Cracked a joke a few seconds after relishing the ghastly meal.

He plummeted infinite feet below into savage waters of the river,
Pulled out trapped children from smashed interiors of the dismantled bus.

He trespassed through steaming flames of city fire,
Tried to evacuate people gasping for fresh draughts of breath.

He resolved to climb Mount Everest on foot,
Confronted frozen winds and avalanches of ice on his expedition to the top.

He always decided to attempt the virtually impossible,
To blend white clouds of the sky with earth,
And he knew he would succeed,
As with every step he took,
He was there with himself for his miracle rescue.


The vast turbulent waters have a shade of cloud blue,
Possessing strong and high rising waves,
That gives a nice and hearty feeling,
And are unable to touch the highest nail on the ceiling.

The sky laughs at the waves,
Greets them with a lop-sided grin,
Advising them to keep fit and trim.

The advancing waters kiss the shore line,
They want to be near the sand,
To get far and distant from the obstreperous ferry band.
The waters move with the tune of the air,
Creating loud and stringent blares.

The sand seeps gallons of water at the shore,
Acting as a good and natural utility bore,
The colossal sea waters eventually evaporate into a dark cloud,
That gives the sound of loud rumbling thunder,
Pelting down sheets of much awaited torrential rain,
To enrich and develop the oncoming food grain.


My heart speaks in violent fury,
Raging over like wild white fire,
Ruling all emotions,
Holding the pointed time about,
O! I wished with all my energy for a gentle calm voice,
Neutralizing all my sorrow,
Wading past the tumultuous agony that besieges me,
Settling my cumbersome entity on mother earth.

An ardent desire pounding on it for years,
Crushed by the effervescence of fate,
Like a dicey off stand dance,
Glancing mockingly at effort,
Giving a thoroughly dull start,
To withstand truck loads of pain all throughout.


I silently eavesdrop on my mind,
Wading past a sea of darkness,
Across rash currents of mangled thoughts,
Trying to search for cryptic clues,
Breathing in domains of mystic behaviour,
Breeding in pools of trivial obsessions,
Bleeding at various sensitive junctions,
Weeping every unfolding second,
Proliferating in leaps and bounds; in changing color of the light.

Obsessions they were with iterative hammering,
Struck firmly by 100 pounds of fresh iron,
Submerged in hot cream of fading luck,
Striking soft tissues enclosed in precious brain,
Weak and feeble to resist the mighty onslaught,
Disintegrating into crumbled imagination,
Whipping brutally inactivated zones of subconscious,
Causing downpour of torrential agony,
Cascade of non-existent thoughts,
Finally uprooting all the goodness that ever prevailed,
Mind you friends, This was just a preliminary investigation,
As I stealthily eavesdropped on my brain.


The chain of black stretched all over,
The pointed surfaces; the leading of suicidal death,
The tedious climb encircled by emotionless faces,
All of which have a maniacal look,
Abraded exteriors of rock possess shining faces,
Spreading waves of savage delight and brutal splendour,
Trapping innocent prey in their vice like grip.

The air mightily pounds on its surface,
Removing small chunks of graphite powder,
Transporting loose pieces of stone down the valley,
Leaking inside the comfort houses of several ant and white rabbit.

Hollow crevices in the rock are filled with crusty liquid,
Growing in stature by the advancing day,
Bubbling in nervous energy imparted by sheltered warmth,
At last gushing out in frenzy,
Forming volatile springs of boiling lava,
Assassinating possible signs of life in several kilometers of vicinity.


The string of vivid imagination goes deep,
Flooding the path to a loosened character,
When I pluck it; it gives a shrill resounding noise,
Leading to the mystic cavity of an unruly conscience,
Putting me in a dread.

Those particles of audible sun light filter a way,
Through the tiny blackness inside my mind,
Biting and nibbling the inner elastic heart,
Falling freely like pointed black darts,
Aiming sharply at the sensitive organs,
Nothing more than an inconsequential brawl.

The string finally breaks with a painstaking gasp,
I find myself so empty,
With nothing to ponder on,
Except that crimson blazing light,
Dark tunnels of life then emanate a hearty chuckle,
And leave all those who are bald and shivering with non-existent fear.


Wailing sirens echo through the air,
Red rooftop lights flash violently,
A big plus sign is stuck to all its doors,
Metal stretchers adorn the interiors,
Oxygen masks hang from plastic chords,
Along with Megan bottles filled with glucose liquid,
Antiseptic stench spreads all over,
Streaks of blood smudge windows,
Bundles of cotton bandages lay in a heap,
Modern computer displays throbbing heart; blood pressure..etc.,
Walkie-talkie antennas sway in animation,
Plastic face masks are strapped for medical inspection,
Power horns blare incessantly,
The speedometer barks escalating speeds,
Acknowledging bystanders shift away,
Portable refrigerator carries patient food,
Consisting of capsule; injection; pacifying ointment; and mineral water,
Patient groans inundate plush interiors,
Wounded and stabbed at umpteenth places,
Dislocated bones and fight for breath,
Head lying in gory pools of blood,
With nostalgic memories of close kin,
And an overwhelming desire to survive like never before,
As the 10 seater ambulance urgently surges forward through crowded roads of the city.


Parrot green buds of thorn,
Camouflaged in multiple coats of sand,
Having entangled roots in a sheath of loose soil,
Sighted in abundance on colossal plains of parched land,
Required crystal water in paltry amounts,
Thriving in blazing rays of the fiery Sun ball,
Swaying mildly in the rustic dry breeze,
Resistant to termite and large insects,
A specimen of sharp and flexible tentacles,
Spreading its parasitic reach to milligram amounts of starved sand,
Giving birth to flowers after short spells of rain,
Oozing bitter springs of milk when sliced with knife,
Accustomed to soaring heights of mercury all throughout centuries of the calendar year,
Baked to brittle proportions in oceans of acid light,
a relishing meal for hunch backed camel wandering at leisurely speed,
It has hidden cavities of water in raw pulp shells,
Also the tenacity to wound its prey with a labyrinth of acrimonious sprouts,
A perfect antonym to lush green grass,
Inhabiting umpteenth spots of infertile land,
The King Cactus stands tall and solitary in steaming sand of the Sahara Desert.


I wound it tightly into oblong ball of soft cushion,
Tossed it high in pools of humid air to play with it.

I tied it on forked branch of the conical tree,
Prayed for unsurpassable wishes to come true.

I pressed it firmly to stop the oozing of blood,
Reinforced it with several of its kind after witnessing its power.

I curled it completely engulfing my slender wrist,
Got ready to face my opponent in the boxing ring.

I painted it dark with streaks of striped violet,
Hung it on the wall adding shades of versatility to the dull ambience of the room.

I used to wipe gallons of sweat dripping down my neck,
Drenched it with ice water generating waves of frozen excitement.

I threw it in a pond of water; coating it with lots of glue,
Withdrew if after few minutes with a cluster of small fish sticking firmly.

I draped it round my neck in biting winds of winter,
Marched pompously through the streets in cozy comforts of my inexpensive scarf.

I soaked it in a concoction of cologne and strong scent,
Revitalized dead nerve cells by its magical caress.

I blew my nose with rapid spurts of energy,
Didn’t care a damn as long as I had the company of my large red handkerchief.


The straw brimmed hat bobbed on the surface of the sea,
Sleek motorboats churned through white froth of water,
Pearly white shark glided harmlessly beneath a plethora of marine shrub,
The sun blazed violently from behind dirty grey cloud covers,
Strong pouches of wind caused the waves to rise sky high,
Thereby toppling the hat into deep territories of the emerald green ocean.

High powered torch beams cut tranquil stillness of the night,
The huge mast danced tantalizingly in the breeze,
Large walls of timber were coated with wax paint,
Conical rooms were fitted with paraffin lamp,
There were a battalion of mice on the kitchen floor,
Pungent aroma of maize whisky floated in the air,
A pandemonium of voices rose in chorused unison,
Crackling fires burnt on the broad steel deck,
Menacing octopus roasted on barbecue grills,
Blasting tunes diffused from the programmed loudspeaker,
Gentle silver light of the moon engulfed their bodies,
Big drops of the salt and mineral struck them in frenzy,
The gypsies were having the time of their lives,
With several hours left before the next brilliant dawn,
And a host of sea flood bubbling in red hot steam of the oven,
As the two storied house boat gathered spurts of speed,
Galloping towards realms of the distantly stretched black horizon.


If gigantic silhouette of the peepal tree was rotated upside down,
Countless fibers of moistened roots would shiver in the wind,
Leafy branches of lush green foliage would be buried deep beneath the ground,
With a host of animals living in proximity with the earth.

If the dexterously sculptured flower vase was kept upside down,
Soiled extracts of plant water would leak out in ecstatic frenzy.

If conical tapered blocks of the mountain were inverted upside down,
The slender nose tip would refrain to bear the onerous load of the Herculean hillock,
And the formidable structure would collapse like a soft pack of playing cards.

If the glass facaded bungalow was revolved upside down; heaps of furniture would tumble down with a sigh; water oozing from infinite cavities of the shower would try and kiss the sky.

If princely cars traverse through rough carpets of road upside down; occupants would solely relinquish ideas of inhabiting them,
Chrome topped assembly of roof would screech in high pitched tunes of discordance.

If the colossal brick structure of the clock tower was placed upside down,
There would be inevitable confusions of time,
With people having to perspire all night and sleep with a perpetual bliss all sunlit day.

If humans trespassed upside down on the surface of obdurate ground,
They would be I intimate contacts with slithering snake and ant,
Growing bald every minute with glistening scalps,
With their legs oblivious to the art of walking,
Baking like unconsummated cakes in harsh rays of the Sun.


He felt as if the solid roof of his house would abruptly collapse,
Burying him beneath a conglomerate of cement and bare brick.

He felt as if someone was following him in the darkened ambience of the night,
Would stab him with unrelenting strokes of switchblade knife.

He felt as if he would drown in shallow waters of the pool,
If he ever ventured to take a plunge and swim.

He felt as if there were wailing monsters descending from the sky,
Ready to rip apart precious chunks from his anatomy.

He felt as if the food he ate had traces of lethal venom,
Vomited his bowels clean prior to gulping even a morsel of food.

He felt as if the glass would shatter into infinite splinters,
The moment he caressed it with silken smooth fingers.

He felt he was brutally contaminated and impious,
The instant he touched the silver door knob obscured by minute linings of dust powder.

He felt as if human blood would trickle instead of mineral water,
If he stood under the protuberant nozzles of the bathroom shower.

He felt as if brittle tip of the pen would break,
Gallons of ink flow rampantly; the second he flexed his fingers to scribble.

He felt as if the liquid he consumed would strangulate his throat vein,
Suffocating intricate pipes leading to his brain.

He felt as if the soil would sink him in its colossal lap,
If he dared stepping on barren pinches of clay mud.

He felt as if a cluster of scorpion would pop out from his mouth,
The instant he hoisted his jaw to speak.

He felt sick; encompassed with intimidating bouts of fever; when his body felt a trifle warm after basking in sunlit rays.

He knew he was dying a ghastly death every unleashing minute of life,
Confronted with ludicrous ridicule from the society,
There were several of his kind spending their entire lives in cloistered rebuke,
With every filtering beam of dawn looming large as shivering night,
C’mon friends lets do the best we possibly can to help the hypochondriac.


When I caressed barren regions of my flesh with furry noodles of wool,
Nimble hair stuck to skin stood up in animation; as I broke into volleys of irresistible laughter.

As I kneaded long noodles of raw paper pulp;
There was a conglomerate of reddish white wax formed; and a heavenly fragrance of garnished paper tickled moistened hair in my nostril.

When I gulped compact noodles of gelatin capsule,
The magical powder spread parasitically through infinite veins,
Rendering me with bleak rays of hope; as I relinquished gruesome pain.

When I swung vociferously on noodles of thickly knotted thread,
Poignant missiles of air colliding with my body through the interstitched holes,
There were languid feelings enveloping bountiful layers of my persona,
Prompting me to shut my eyes tightly and sleep.

As I smeared supple regions of my skin with unsymmetrical noodles of virgin clay,
Washed my body in the holy waters of the Ganges,
The natural antiseptic displayed spectacular ramifications; transforming morbid exteriors of my demeanor into a brilliant sparkling white.

When I consumed spongy noodles blended with bulky extracts of spice,
Drank gallons of golden beer causing them to drown,
I fell down with indispensable thuds on the king poster bed; envisaging tall mountains with silver peaks; in my everlasting slumber.

When I felt agonizing noodles of her precious tears dribble down my neck,
I wiped them thoroughly with my tender lips,
Obliterated her from blasphemous sectors of the world,
Reinforcing her eyes with the passionate tenacity of my love.


I loved the astounding ounces of reinvigoration that you perpetuated wherever you went; even as the globe grew stale in disdainful robotic work,

I loved the way you tantalized every mortal around you- as every globule from your body sensuously dissipated into barren patches of mud,

I loved the way you were served in the most glitteringly embellished platter- so that every meal finished with an uninhibitedly contented smile,

I loved the way you caressed me with your unflinching softness- making me feel like I was galloping through fields of spell-bindingly electrifying Sunshine,

I loved the way you euphorically charmed humans of every religion; caste; creed; tribe and color- with the effervescence that wafted from your diminutive form,

I loved the way you announced your delectably curvaceous and colourful presence- as hordes of people left what was thwarting them- and rushed to devour mouthfuls
of your ecstatic grace,

I loved the way you evoked so much reaction without uttering a word- as almost everyone had something to appreciate about you- be it your color, form, odor, freshness, poignancy or unparalleled taste,

I loved the way you brought about that quintessential zeal in all those lives; miserably lamenting without reason or rhyme- pepped up the ambience with sparks of revitalizing newness,

I loved the way you quelled volcanic body heat like a magicians wand- even as man-made discrepancies permeated the atmosphere around with poisonous smoke and fumes,

I loved the way you ignited those whirlpools of uncanny excitement around you- becoming a chilled centerpiece of exhilaration on that extremely warm summer afternoon,

I loved the way you innocently nestled in the palm- so soft; so tender; so immaculately princely- drawing hordes of cheers as one sighted even an inconspicuous trifle of you,

I loved the compassionately triumphant warmth that you generated in everyone who consumed you- being frozen yourself; without any respite and to the core,

I loved the way you united haplessly estranged lovers into bonds of endearing friendship- as they resolved all disputes; buried past differences—whilst clasping you with one hand each,

I loved the way you disseminated the message of universal brotherhood- with people from all parts of the globe; unhesitatingly ready to mingle in groups to have a slice of your dazzling ice,

I loved the way you were used to celebrate occasions solemnizing love – when marriage was proposed with a ring in one hand and the other offering your silken grace of impeccable unity,

I loved the way you held your own inimitable identity- even when blended with myriad concoctions; cakes; eateries; syrups and what not’s- with mortals distinguishing you instantly from the assortment; as you astoundingly chilled,

I loved the way you effortlessly glided your way to your destination- when sadly and rarely there weren’t any takers- melting into absolute submission under golden rays of the mid-day Sun,

I loved the way you retained your rudimentary essence for all humans to savor- remaining the most kingly eating constituent of their meals- even as the space-cyber age hurled one ingenious innovation over another,

O! Yes, I’ve definitely fallen in love with you- my scrumptiously enchanting and unabashed Ice-Cream


It made spell bindingly intriguing shapes in construction sand; as I thrust its tip with the most nonchalantly uninhibited ease and without giving a damn,

It brought about unabashed laughter when tickled with in the ribs; proving an astoundingly great and cost-free playmate to relish life,

It helped me draw wondrously enamoring designs in loosened clay; as I swished its tip with perseveringly passionate tenacity to reach my imaginative direction,

It pummeled incongruously delectable holes in the wall; when sagaciously used to reach the other side of the room; when every other alternative had failed,

It proved a quintessential humane tool for self-defense; as merely raising its awkwardly gaunt persona towards an impersonator; made him retract right back to the entrance gate,

It made an excellently formidable walking stick; with a resolute grip on stony ground and compassionately fondling the palms with its bountifully semi-circular end,

It acted as an enchantingly philanthropic pulley in times of duress; when I offered its tapered tip to people stuck in the flood; that helped me hoist them to safe places of comfort,

It made one of my most flexibly rejoicing bats; as I used its neatly serrated body to bludgeon the ball flying towards me; to high and handsome outside the rickety fence,

It appeared as a wand of practicality in my hands; starkly proclaiming that I’d like to mind my own business and expect the same from others; wherever I went,

It made me feel at my youthfully effervescent best; as I tapped it on cold floor- to the passionately unhindered tunes of the loudspeaker on the bustling street,

It acted as a rhapsodically make-shift broomstick at times; clearing unsolicited garbage that spontaneously appeared in the way; swishing left and right with all its might on sordid road,

It acted as a magnanimously enthralling storage pouch; as I kept all sorts of meaningful tid-bits and coins in its inner recesses; emptying the same wholesomely only after reaching the safe environs of home,

It served as a mesmerizing respite against mosquito bite; as one used its somberly protruding tip to scratch; alleviate the pang of rash after the obnoxious sting,

It proved an impeccably honest shoulder to lean upon; share; cuddle; caress and clasp- without expecting the tiniest from me in return; as the world outside suddenly turned deaf to what I said,

It gave me a feeling that I was holding an unparalleled winners trophy at times; as I nimbly tread my way to the train holding it invincibly against my chest,

It gave me a feeling of sparkling newness as I trawled my fingers through its scintillatingly shiny spokes; which jutted out in synchronized tandem to define its ebullient outlines,

It was so compassionately adjustable; as it shrunk to almost a quarter of its size when I closed it; at times even to less than my little thumb to accommodate like a toy in my pocket,

It snugly hung in almost every corner and wall nail when the time came to retire for the day; reminding me of the optimistic fervor that I needed to start a freshly flamboyant dawn,

But I liked it the most when my unfettered Umbrella opened full bloom at the punch of a button; unfurling the colors of joy of my impoverished existence; and sequestering me from the acrimonious afternoon heat just like a new born child.


They uninhibitedly abused me in their own innocently gathered slangs; terming me an unnecessarily bulky mountain of nothingness,

They scorned at me like I was a piece of rotten charcoal; nonchalantly dismissing me away from their rhapsodic activities for the day,

They told me I was good for nothing but presumptuously preaching them; when they wanted to frolic and play in their mortal capacities,

They admonished me for being a laggard; sauntering at a pace slower than dead stone; at times even seeming like a gargantuan unmovable boulder to their delicate palms,

They indignantly kicked me out of the way; as I appeared a jocular misfit amidst their row, shelf, floor and tub of surreal dolls and majestic toys,

They had the time of the life trying to snap me in entirety from my seams; stealthily poking me with that mischievous scissor using all their might; before mummy had a chance to stringently intervene,

They disdainfully stood over me using me as a perfect bridge; to form a perfect circle with their joyously unfettered hands; hands intertwined in innocuous hands,

They rebelliously dumped stale leftovers of their food; socks; chewing gum; clay; into my forlorn interiors- just to teach me a lesson for burdening their shoulders; on which they wanted to carry their favorite chocolate,

They mockingly used me with gay abandon to scratch wherever they wanted; which gave them that quintessential wave of relief as well as saved their tiny hands the bother,

They impudently held me in their nimble hands criss-crossed in absence of their plastic swords; and flung me with great fervor to see who won in their game of the musketeers,

They taunted me in the most sardonic of their tones for seeming like a piece of junk; whose resting place was infact the dumpyard instead of the delectably cozy realms of their compassionate abode,

They advised me like an adult to find a worthwhile job and be constructively engaged; rather than whiling away my time nagging their inimitably fragrant childhood,

They considered me as the most abominable outsider; shutting me tight into their cupboards as they discussed their secrets and intrepid plans to be consolidated into action soon,

They had me shred into smithereens of insipidness at the tiniest of opportunity; hurling me to the hungry vultures in their backyards to disintegrate and devour,

They vowed not to talk to those who gave me as a Happy Birthday present to them; as they’d rather go without a gift- than involve themselves into the practicality of life with me by their side,

They slapped me most impeccably as only they could do; venting their entire fury on me as a mute spectator; whenever reprimanded by their parents for not doing home-work,

They used me as a perfect punching bag; boxing into my countenance with their uninhibitedly raw palms- emulating their favorite Boxing stars preparing for the big Wrestling day,

Yet. And ironically Yet. The same kids tossed me gleefully the next morning upon their pristine shoulders; marched with unfettered abandon towards their school- hugging me like I was a prince,

No. Incase you assumed that I was something of a royal charmer, let me assure you I wasn’t any of that. But I was what you mortals might’ve addressed as school bag as you grew up by the grace of the Almighty Lord.


They were marvelously royal undulations that broke the tyrannical monotony of commercialized success – with magnanimous ease ,

They poignantly depicted those unbelievably ecstatic moments which when blended with rhapsodic fantasy – constituted the newly wed couples tryst with unparalleled delight,

They were a subject of awe-inspiring intrigue – leading to various perceptions as to how they must’ve occurred – as people perched at the edge of the king poster bed,

They effortlessly led the human panache – into the recesses of uncannily plush imagination – into a land where impeccable pearls cascaded unabashedly on layers of seductive existence,

They were majestic figments of impromptu artistry – evolving on their own as sensuous silhouettes twisted and turned – in a natural desire to rest in their journey on earth,

They held their very own inimitable identity – protruding like dainty non-living prince and princesses – amidst the gargantuan expanse of the silken sheet,

They uninhibitedly portrayed – that there was romantic existence beyond ruthless realms of tawdrily barbarous office – which was an indispensable constituent to be enjoyed ,

They appeared brilliantly charismatic and replenished with charmed fables of the yesteryear – as the Sun’s blistering rays caressed them in the thick of the afternoon,

They might’ve been inconspicuously withering in size – but swelled up into a formidably united cluster of togetherness – when beaten or ironed or rattled or mauled,

They were a true artist’s delight – his quintessential source of inspiration as he danced his flamboyant paintbrush upon the barren canvas – nudging and tickling them with his thumb and little finger,

They were a lover’s flight of triumphant fantasy – as he sprinkled petals of profoundly scarlet rose beside them – to form an enamoring oasis that lit up the serene night,

They mollified even the tiniest ounces of apprehension with their phlegmatic twirls ; curls ; swirls and furls – dancing in unfettered abandon as the exuberant breeze slapped on their dead periphery,

They personified the true spirit of unmatched independence – a classical example of an untidiness which appeared a darling amidst a monstrous rat-race to survive,

They were the philanthropic road taken – tantalizing the goodness of a person to come forth – to come good – after a rejuvenating night’s sleep ; rolling against them,

They formed so tranquilly without an ounce of extra effort or agonizing manual pain – unlike their counterpart concrete tiled peaks which took assiduous expertise and skill of masons; working on the sloping roof of the house,

They followed no particular religion as they were an artificially dead mass – though people bonded majestically into the religion of invincible humanity – rolling and spontaneously whistling - on them ,

They added that indispensably vivid splice to the photographs snapped – blissfully blended in the Kingly backdrop of the wall; curtain; window and pillow,

They looked exuberantly endearing with butterflies and birds nestled on them ; perceiving their minuscule peaks as hillocks to have a ravishing feast upon ,

Thus - it is my humble plea to you benevolent people – that please don’t straighten these immaculately princely Creases – that lay perched so non-invasively on your fabulously unmade bedsheets .


Hapless and diminutive – yet it invincibly thrilled you as it landed astounding close to your silhouette – reminding you of those uninhibited school days when the teacher had whirled it at you – for crassly unfinished homework ,

Bland and Corrugated – yet it was the most indispensable ingredient in a teacher’s armory of various paraphernalia even in today’s age of super computers – as she commenced her lecture buoyantly dashing it across the Black – board ,

Insipid and boring – yet it empowered you to express yourself in writing wherever you wanted – be it the rustically threadbare and rotting rock or the nondescript office wall that wasted away amidst sonorous silence,

Lackluster and nonliving – yet it made you frolic around like a freshly born infant – as you smashed it in its entirety to build the measly toy castle on your table – just before the corporate honchos were about to enter to start the commercially livid day ,

Plain and nonchalant – yet an optimistic backbone of your mortally nothing existence – as you used it to gleefully scribble at atleast some point of time in your life – in the disdainful absence of your conventionally stereotypical pen,

Asymmetrical and stub – yet inspiring you to indulge your artistic talent with aplomb – as you unabashedly sketched virtually any intriguing shape from imagination on the floor with it – eventually resulting into a masterpiece collage of tantalizingly brilliant creativity,

Deplorable and dusty – yet marvelously easing you out from various financial crisis in life with child like ease – as you rolled it majestically with your fingers and merrily devoured your nocturnal meal ,

Short and stingy – yet stimulating you to fantasize about the extraordinarily blessed goodness of existence and its myriad hues – as you thrust bulk of your weight upon it via your chin – and it snapped instantaneously into bits of oblivion,

Orphaned and Desolate – yet it proved to be an unassailably charmed savior as you lost your trail in the meandering forest – and marked your inimitable identity with it – for the rescue team to reach you as soon as possible ,

Unkempt and frail – yet it rekindled the speed of the in-built laptop mouse to lightening fast – as you rubbed a fraction of it upon the same – and then traversed the wondrously smoothened periphery ,

Sloppy and unimaginative – yet it granted instant authority to your otherwise sweat mopped palms as you grasped it tight – and scurried across the table to highlight the key point of the presentation with its dangling end,

Unsubstantiated and penniless – yet it seemed to be the most perfect present that you could’ve ever gifted to your old college professor – as he fondly reminisced those glorious teaching moments of his life – scribbling articulately and rapidly with it on the curriculum board ,

Harried and Unrewarded – yet it gorgeously helped you pen an entire book of your variedly benevolent thoughts ; spontaneously on the park bench – with an ecstatically replenishing backdrop of trees and grass as your fecund friends,

Unpretentious and Raw – yet it proved to be the most eclectic drumstick when you drove out with your friends and they exuberantly tapped it to produce sound – rejoicing in the aisles of desire – as the night beckoned you into the freshness of a golden new sublime dawn,

Measly and voiceless – yet it meant unconquerably cherished to you as the referee drew the start and finishing lines with it – and you galloped forward in the race to triumph unfettered – go past the white mark which looked its admirable best ,

Unacknowledged and discarded – yet it permeated that quintessential thought of hope ; peace ; betterment and humanity – with its pristinely innocuous white a much needed respite – as the electricity abandoned you in the middle of the arid night ,

Feckless and solitary – yet it irrefutably triggered you to help humanity in the best of your natural capacity – just as it reduced to nothing without any regret – after being used by the society for its various indispensably good deeds and needs ,

Ordinary and Artificial – yet it held its own unduplicated identity in this fantabulous age of digital enhancement ; when full fledged enterprises thrived on the internet – and it lay unmatched – alongside the most modern of contraptions ; on the writing desk ,
Please welcome this uncelebrated hero of our age – the chalk stick .


A delightfully rounded ball of wondrous green exterior ; that rolled with unparalleled fervor upon any frictionless surface ; with the tiniest of thrust ,

A shell so spectacularly enamoring and impeccable ; that it left even the most charmed of maidens to envy with its smooth periphery and robustly exuberant texture ,

Fecund brown seeds adorning it unabashedly in the inside ; disseminating fresh hope for existence if they were planted in unassailably bountiful earth ,

Royally salubrious aroma drifting from its succulent demeanor ; mesmerizing people of all religions, caste, creed and color with the profound charm of a fulfilled existence - which thrilled in myriad proportions ,

Sporadically , a rejuvenating substitute for a nonchalantly mundane pillow ; as you cuddled it up close to your ears ; wrapping it with jagged pieces of cloth asymmetrically strewn around ; as if for transient support ,

A beautifully convivial ball of smoothness ; magnificently illustrated as kids kissed it and nudged it with their chin - then ran around with a squeal of bewilderment as it reached the other corner of the house ; rollicking on the floor within lightening seconds of time ,

A marvelously tantalizing delicacy served to befit a crowned prince - mollifying you with motley fantasies of good grace as you snuggled in the royal armchair without the tiniest of apprehension on the glorious roof top terrace ,

Profoundly ecstatic sponge of majestic red embodied within ; incredibly enthralling and bringing about a cheer to the wisps of lackadaisical disenchantment , in the impoverished existence of a human being ,

A fantabulously satisfying meal at occasions for the penniless pocket ; in the absence of that quintessential platter blended with myriad spices and some of the most charismatic delicacies of the seasonal celebration ,

A fabulously intriguing topic of intelligent discussion - as elders of the family expounded upon its plethora of amazing health benefits - for the younger generation to assimilate and incorporate at various stages of their life ,

Resembled a big zero ; but harmoniously providing the fabric of humanity a wondrous opportunity to relish one of the most sumptuously delicious and gorgeously sweet ; fruit on this earth ,

The most perfectly robust fruit on mortal earth to be squelched into liquid form ; thereby rendering the opulently carved glass with the finesse of ebulliently scarlet juice ,

One of the heaviest things to exasperatingly carry under the dynamically triumphant afternoon Sun - but an adorable darling to the taste - as a person absolved even the tiniest trace of his apprehension after consuming its natural richness ,

An earnest favorite in the appetizingly varied menu list of the most stellar restaurants and found scribbled with bohemian chalk on the wall of the neighborhood highway cafeteria - with individuals cutting across barriers of caste and color ; whilst savoring its ravishingly enchanting flavor ,

A proud inhabitant found with predominant contingency in the deeper recesses of the refrigerator ; peacefully nestled amongst an array of other vegetable ; salad ; cream ; sauce ; pizza and chocolate - but enjoying its its own inimitably imposing presence and preference as the hands affably reached out for it first ; after the successful completion of a meal ,

Written about with aplomb ; in poetry and prose by bestseller authors and those in their nascent stages of penning something substantial ; praising its astoundingly simpleton demeanor ; which empowers the living race towards unbiased friendship ,

A privilege for talented artists to incorporate within their paintings of the unfettered forest , depicting the trajectory of the earth on barren canvas - in its multitudes of hues and color ; with one of the largest of princely fruits occupying heroic center stage ,

One of the most adulated fruits at the vendor's imperiously embellished establishment ,

Was the relished watermelon .


Amidst the freezing chill that descended impromptu upon the planet ; as human being stacked himself with woolens of myriad shapes and proportions and yet groaned in indecipherable disdain ,

amidst the pathetically abysmal solitariness of the night ; where unabashed wolves majestically philandered and danced ; before vindictively hunting for the meat of their nocturnal prowl ,

amidst the cacophonic sound of motorized traffic which was interspersed with pugnacious smoke ; meaningless horn ; impetuous youngsters hurling abuse as they overtook innocuous pedestrians - lambasting the spirit of their freshly acquired adulthood ,

amidst the unruly heaps of garbage piled rampantly on the streets ; carried intermittently by the storm to a multitude of corners of the society ; culminating into obnoxiously rotten frigidity ,

amidst the savagely acrimonious and commercial establishment of offices - where plethora of cash transactions were executed ; without due respect to the integrity of an earnest human and his ideals of philanthropic goodness ,

amidst the ruthlessly indiscriminate felling of enamoring trees - which builders undertook surreptitiously after dusk had fallen ; to articulately evade public fury and yet construct their fancifully towering edifices - of nonchalantly dead mortar and concrete ,

amidst the scuffles and squabbles that sporadically plagued living beings - as they deliberately found fault with each other ; even as marvelous romance could easily have been the flavor to uninhibitedly cherish and relish ,

amidst the abominably hostile firing of missiles and declaration of terrorizing war - which nations on different sides of the border indulged into - in a worthless display of feckless might and power - instead of rejoicing in the religion of humanity ,

amidst the treacherously salacious rat race to achieve unchallengeable success - trespassing and massacring the closest of blood relations including parents - incase their set of benevolent ideals impeded the path even an insouciant trifle,

amidst deplorably parasitic political practices ; where it didn't matter the slightest as to which party came to power - since none of them responded to the voice of the impoverished citizen - the same common man who'd triumphantly elected them ,

amidst the dreadfully hideous paucity of quintessential amenities like food grain and fruit ; which had ridiculously manifested due to inflation and dastardly corruption - even as the soil yielded its absolute best ,

amidst the lugubriously stretched spurious parties that flowed with venomous cigarette smoke and sinful liquor - with the corporate pedigree of the society flaunting the most expensive showrooms of different designer revelry - whilst the orphan , maimed , wounded and famished slavered without a roof on their scalp ,

amidst the today's teacher who unnecessarily loaded the talented child with ominously large assignments - in frivolous attempt to improve the reputation of the best academically oriented school in town ,

amidst the fiercely savage growl of the panther which had escaped the forest since that had more human than animals - in its quest for finding a new symbiotic habitat ; gloriously unfettered ,

amidst the preposterously fetid gutter that had developed cracks in the trajectory of its pipe - from which crawled out ants and worms of every conceivable and incongruous shape ; to irascibly creep into the beautiful serenity of the magnificently embellished dwelling ,

amidst the ludicrously artificial formality that members of different households followed at occasions - sonorously holding hands like the most cultured entities of this planet seated beside each other - but actually wanting to slap in their envious animosity ; soon after ,

amidst the tempestuously scorching lava that rolled down at lightening speeds from the volcanic mountain - having the tenacious potential of charring near and surrounding vicinity to sheer and dismal nothingness ,

amidst the parched land of the wholesomely evaporated lake that had become so ; as officials had extricated it completely to erect the most spectacularly royal complex ; fostering all fraternities of contemporary sport ,

If I found solace and peace inside a mesmerizing object ; then it was my delightfully cozy and simplistic quilt .


Lifeless chunks of grey metal adroitly sculptured to form a delectably curved hook at the absolute end ; that imperiously dominated the fabric of emptiness ,

altruistically hosting the cumbersome weight of clothes of myriad shapes ; proportions ; textures ; and exhilarating embroidery - with mesmerizing aplomb and without the tiniest of respite ,

a lucky mascot for some humans as they meticulously carried it on plethora of their overseas trips and fantabulous expeditions ; neatly tucked in their snobbishly corporate travel cases - where it majestically crafted the outlines of their designer suits and somber trouser,

a harmlessly joyous toy for children of different caste ; creed ; color and tribe - as they exuberantly hoisted and galloped with it - feeling compassionate and safe with it tightly clenched in their dexterously nimble palms ,

nestled silent and demure in some dilapidated corner of the cupboard ; wholesomely neglected - and then all of a sudden escalating as the most cherished celebrity - when the owner was in a hurricane of a rush to beautifully stack his clothes away and retire for the day ,

enabling that wondrously replenishing contentment to a lavish wardrobe ; which would be terribly incomplete without it ; as it had its own inimitable silhouette amidst a motley array of cloth ; drawers ; shelves ; handles ; paper ; paint and mosquito ,

serving as the most precocious substitute for a missing stick when its master most needed it - to tackle the notorious thieves that had barged in impromptu into the silken interiors of the house ; brutally distorting and shattering the safety grill ,

the unparalleled darling of shopping malls of incredulous varieties and proportions - where it rather pompously protruded in its full and unabashed glory from the rustic wall of the trial changing room ,

gregarious in disposition as it virtually and veritably adapted garment of any texture with all their fancifully embodied accessories - wonderfully acclimatizing to the weather prevailing upon any continent of planet earth ,

not exactly an artists or poet's marvel to gorgeously fantasize about and tantalizingly crave for - but yet a quintessential item of utility for goodness - fabulously pampering a human's most intricately exquisite clothes ,

an astounding exemplification of unfettered camaraderie between humans of different religions and richness - as it never discriminated even an insouciant trifle whilst accomodating the mesmerizing robes of the princes and queens - or the disdainfully fetid rags of the beggar on the street ; in miserably threadbare shambles and deplorably tattered ,

magnificently substituting as the most handsomely delectable pulley to extricate new born babies ; who had accidentally tumbled into the bottom of the listless pit originally meant to store salubrious food grain for the impoverished family ,

an unbelievably stupendous geometrical combination of a rectangle and a triangle juxtaposed harmoniously together - the ramification of which ; led to an object of amazingly ravishing utility and convivial charisma ,

a beautifully philanthropic marvel who selflessly served persons of various ages and professions without expecting any kudos - at occasions even lambasted for nothing - as man wretchedly vented his frustration upon its fearless demeanor ,

triumphantly majestic and romantically contemporary - as it inhabited the most pristine environs of the garlanded castle - and was also ironically the most orphaned chunk of steel on the solitary rods of the versatile marketplace ,

a daintily privileged accompaniment that arrived alongwith the marvelously voluptuous dresses that true lovers gave each other ; and then skillfully assisted them to assemble their variety of aristocratic paraphernalia ,

stunningly used to stir spectacular assortments of various foods in the bohemian pan ; resulting in rhapsodic victory of scrumptiously enriching meal prepared and unadulterated fun ,

used by people to strengthen their arms ; as they stretched its differently sculptured top and bottom ends in as far opposite directions as feasible in their mortal capacity ; and then felt their muscles fantastically reinvigorated ,

was the earnest hanger .


truly adored its innocuous silhouette as it beautifully floated in near vicinity in the majestically cemented tub ; without the tiniest of apprehension or disdainful malice ,

was fantastically touched by its magnanimous and efficacious cost free service ; as it befriended people of all religion ; caste ; creed ; tribe with altruistically unparalleled aplomb ,

admired its inimitably uncelebrated identity amidst a plethora of myriad contraptions ; gaudy towel ; aristocratically embroidered cloth ; ravishing shampoo ; fanciful broom; opulent jewelry strewn haphazardly around - as it overtook them in terms of its quintessential and astounding utility ,

praised its rustically simpleton yet unbelievably tenacious demeanor ; as it fearlessly served its master to cleanse the most sordidly fetid pores of his body - irrespective of the abominably dirty gutter pipe that deposited its decayed garbage just alongside ,

tried my earnest best to grandiloquently beautify its ingredients of simplicity and impeccable charisma via poetry ; so that it relished its handsomely cherished position at the world centerstage and adulatory celebrityhood ,

veritably enamored ; when the ecstatically versatile artist filled it with gargantuan proportions of paint and triumphant color - and then dipped paintbrush into its wonderfully replenishing interiors - to glorify the barrenness of the canvas with the colors of unfettered optimism,

honored - as its mere presence was a compassionately comforting factor amidst the bizarre solitariness of the forlorn walls ; with not a person around in vicinity as the night exuberantly galloped towards early dawn ,

saluted its altruistically victorious streak - wherein it so gorgeously nourished the recipient using it ; and irrefutably ensured a profoundly fresh start to withstand the devastatingly torrid rat race for survival ,

joyfully caressed its fabulously roughened exteriors which delectably lead the way to a protuberant handle - that I took the liberty of efficaciously placing upon the artistically extruding nail from the door ,

positively deliberated upon its superbly reinvigorating benefits ; silencing critics who wanted it dismissed from the abode instantaneously ; on the spurious pretext of it dirtying the otherwise lavishly contemporary and royal ambiance ,

unabashedly attracted towards its immaculately white and pearly complexion ; which triggered me to rush from my seat and uninhibitedly embrace its philanthropic form ; accept it in the wonderful fabric of camaraderie ; as my friend ,

used it as a robustly firm support to stand up to my full and humble height ; after I had collapsed in a dismally disheveled heap ; accidentally treading upon the stealthily orphaned banana skin strewn on the floor ,

acquired it from the pallidly stagnating marketshelf and then pampered and scrubbed it with sensuously soft sponge ; before it pompously adorned the tantalizingly dainty ledge beside the lavatory seat ,

put my fists deep into its unpretentiously cozy recesses amidst the frozen chill that had descended around ; impromptu - that gave me solace and meaningful substance to fantasize; dance ; gallop and philosophize for goodness ,

informally stored paraphernalia of various sizes and proportions in its robustly glorious hollowness ; where they were safe and handsomely protected from the acrimoniously venomous pollution that vehicles were responsible for ; outside ,

consumed my juice ; milk ; lunch and dinner in it - when pugnaciously terrorizing war lambasted the fabric of truthfully inspired existence and the savage missiles fired didn’t provide an opportunity for mesmerizing family meal ,

savored its incredulous use – when the man on the street spontaneously penned his myriad of righteous thoughts upon its jaggedly princely periphery ; in absence of that sheet of paper that was obviously thrown into wilderness ,

but I fell in love with the Tumbler when I dipped into the pail - filled it with water and then let the jubilantly exhilarating and mortal elixir cascade down my impoverished and unkempt form - making me wholesomely oblivious to the delinquently stabbing loneliness ; around .


If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his eyes; then it was none other than humanitarianly “ HONEST ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his nose; then it was none other than holistically “ HUMBLE ”,

If there was just one on this entire planet to describe his hands; then it was none other than astoundingly “ ARTISTIC ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his cheeks; then it was none other than wonderfully “ WEATHERED ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his energy; then it was none other than unimaginably “ UNCEASING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his eyebrows; then it was none other than celestially “ CONCENTRATING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his speech; then it was none other than supremely “ SIMPLISTIC ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his zeal; then it was none other than uncontrollably “ UNTAMED ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his lips; then it was none other than convivially “ CHARISMATIC ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his brain; then it was none other than fathomlessly “ FANTASIZING ”

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his shoulders; then it was none other than unitedly “ UBIQUITOUS ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his lips; then it was none other than serenely “ SMILING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his vision; then if was none other than inimitably “ INGENIOUS ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his conviction; then it was none other than fearlessly “ FANTASTIC ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his ideals; then it was none other than selflessly “ SCINTILLATING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his feet; then it was none other than gloriously “ GALLOPING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his prowess; then it was none other than prolifically “ PROLIFERATING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his integrity; then it was none other than spotlessly “ SYMBIOTIC ”,

If there as just one word on this entire planet to describe his will power; then it was none other than tirelessly “ TWINKLING ”

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his records; then it was none other than unshakably “ UNPARALLELED ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his shots; then it was none other than perpetually “ PRISTINE ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his technique; then it was none other than resplendently “ ROYAL ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his talent; then it was none other than limitlessly “ LUMINISCENT ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his motivation; then it was none other than inexhaustibly “ INSPIRING ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his
Fitness; then it was none other than vibrantly “ VICTORIOUS ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his fame; then it was none other than unfathomably “ UNLIMITED ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his milestones; then it was none other than impossibly “ INCOMPREHENSIBLE ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his awards; then it was none other than beautifully “ BRILLIANT ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his persona; then it was none other than endlessly “ ECSTATIC ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his bowling; then it was none other than unexpectedly “UNCANNY”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his heroics; then it was none other than stupendously “ SPECTACULAR ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his bat; then it was none other than amazingly “ AGGRESSIVE ”,

If there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his sportsmanship; then it was none other than uninhibitedly “ UNBLEMISHED ”,

And if there was just one word on this entire planet to describe his cricketing class; then it was none other than blessedly BEST .


They were 3 ALPHABETS which wove a web of intrigue, even in the most
monotonously arid of atmosphere,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which held their own inimitable identity; amongst an infinite others which simply made no rhyme or realistic sense,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which tantalized the most ordinary of brain; to fantasize beyond realms of the unknown,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which had the might to evolve a complete living race from the scratch; with the blessings of the Almighty Lord,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which traced the most infinitesimal aspect of origin; then rose slowly and gradually to tower as the spirit of life as existence progressed,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which constituted the backbone of every personality alive; its intelligentia to carve a path amidst a pack of wolves,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which rose over every caste; creed; religion and race; depicting every soul’s true mirror to the world even after it’d died,

They were 3 ALPHABETS explicitly explained every ounce of evolution with everlasting mysticism; as life painstakingly ticked every minute to survive,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which injected color, charm, enlightenment into every barren piece of paper; everytime one chose them to write,

And the best part. When these 3 ALPHABETS united together they formed the most revolutionary and enthralling newspaper of my choice.

Showering courageous journalism from all round the globe with every first
rays of the Sun.

This very Newspaper is now in my hands. Its known as the Daily News
& Analysis or rather shall we say the magical 3 alphabets united together to proclaim its short form as the dna .


Each time you enter the field in your royal robes of blue— it makes the hair of a billion of us stand up in uncanny excitement, high and handsome towards the sky,

Each time you wave to us from the dressing room—it makes a billion of us feel that we’re the most united family ever on surface of planet divine,

Each time you send the ball whistling past the boundary ropes—it makes the heart of a billion of us leap out of our chests- to magically blend with you, beat for beat,

Each time you perform your beautifully invincible huddle—it makes us a billion of us feel that India is the strongest nation of them all, wondrously breathing and alive,

Each time you take those daring catches under the blinding Sun—it makes a billion of us feel that ‘Impossible’ is really a word non-existent and in the dictionary of dead fools,

Each time you rattle the opposition stumps with mere disdain—it makes a billion of us instantly gobble the deadliest venom in our laps—like it was life-yielding honey,

Each time you smile even under the mightiest onslaught around you—it makes a billion of us grit our teeth in determination—to forever conquer every devil in and around us,

Each time you ease out for lunch and refreshing drinks—it makes a billion of us fervently pray for the most sweetest of your victory- as you restarted a fresh innings,

Each time you tensely glance towards the miserably overcast skies—it makes a billion of us exude into inexhaustible pools of cold sweat—losing our mood for everything else,

Each time you rekindle the atmosphere with your heroic fielding—it makes a billion of us take fresh birth once again and lay all our inexplicable sorrows to perennial rest,

Each time you collectively charge forward in a blood-curling appeal—it makes a billion of us want to enter the soul of the third umpire and rule every decision in
your favor,

Each time you break records of even the slightest of denomination—it makes a billion of us salute our revered flag, in honor and glory of your majestically gallant prowess,

Each time you lay injured on the austere turf—it makes a billion of us inconsolably bleed in the innermost of our veins—wanting to be shoulder to each of your cries,

Each time you sportingly shake hands with the opposition even in face of defeat—it makes a billion of us feel that we’re not at war–but relishing cricket at its imperious best,

Each time you run down the pitch to perseveringly earn every invaluable run—it makes a billion of us feel the scent of our sacred motherland drift from you—even though a countless kilometers apart,

Each time you go for the kill even as the target loomed impossibly beyond your reach—it makes a billion of us feel that the air around us is our ultimate resuscitating paradise,

And each time you lift the ‘Cricket World Cup’ for us or even thought of doing that in your dreams—it makes a billion of us rediscover our forgotten identities, makes us feel that we’re proud to be an offspring of this great Indian soil—that we’re proud to be a true Indian.


Not because my daughter was studying in its majestically serene ambience,

Not because there stood a gigantic Neem tree right in its center, enchanting every dreary nerve with unparalleled contentment,

Not because the sky above it always seemed cheerful-with innocent children shrieks and laughter forever winning its heart,

Not because of its indisputably sparkling floor and walls-the cleanliness that was spectacular in even the remotest of its quarters,

Not because of the English Language which was spoken to the highest authority-acclimatizing hearts at their youngest, with the expression of the World,

Not because of its enormous flexibility- which uninhibitedly heard the voice and whims of every parent and unruly toddler,

Not because it was successively adjudicated the best Branch of its kind-from all across its centers in Asia,

Not because it brought about a whole new freshness of ideas, concepts and curriculum, as far as modern day teaching was concerned,

Not because it was one of India’s largest Pre-School chains- giving concrete direction to many worried parents-who were otherwise helter-skelter in choosing the best for their blood,

Not because it bountifully showered various intriguing gifts to its students-painstakingly crafted by its ‘ever-hardworking’ bunch of adorable teachers,

Not because it had an amazing eye for detail-regularly maintained an accurate performance list of all its assiduous students,

Not because it magnificently helped your child to undergo the painful transition from home to school—always with a big smile,

Not because its methodology of teaching was ingeniously practical oriented-rather than loading the student with heavy school-bags-and endlessly cramming from text-books,

Not because of its beautifully personalized attention-where its tiny students never felt away from their mothers-infact started to poeticize in their alien environment,

Not because of the wonderfully patient ear-that it timelessly lended to even the tiniest of concerns or complaints from its discerning community of students and parents, alike,

But I was an all-time fan of Euro-Kids, Vastrapur ; Ahmedabad , India ; because it was here, that my child found a second home, away from her actual home-most importantly it was here that my child found Love & Respect for her in every teachers eye—which was the very reason that she longed to go to school, above all her indoor friends and toys .


Tribute Poetry on the Limca Book of Records (India’s best book of National Records which is ranked 2nd Officially to the Guinness Book of World Records) written in appreciation of its awe – inspiringly enthralling pages

They were pages which sparkled with the most eclectic brilliances of life- in its countless shapes and vivacious forms,

They were pages which unconquerably rose over every discrepancy of caste; creed; color and race- to showcase the inexplicable and unusual genius of the united living race,

They were pages which were the most fearlessly unbiased in content—portraying the absolute truth to the world; in all its unbelievable glory; candour and victory galore,

They were pages which escalated reading pleasure to the most unattainable of heights—bedazzling every ingredient of the atmosphere with the undying courage; grit and fortitude of all mankind,

They were pages which spun a web of unparalleled enchantment into the deepest recesses of the soul—stupefying each vein with the utmost magnificence and wonders of the world,

They were pages which when read by every commoner made him feel closer to his rudiments on mother earth—truly glorifying the spirit of majestic existence to its unsurpassable best,

They were pages which were the breathing pulse of not just a nation of a billion people—but which stirred the chords of every living heart towards the hilt of unimaginable achievement,

They were pages which truly immortalized the adage ‘Impossible is indeed a word in the dictionary of fools’—for no human will to conquer the extraordinary can ever be defeated; except by the Almighty God,

They were pages wherein the bizarre most of fantasies took shape of undefeated reality—as the planet outside passionately rose to the uncanny thrill; challenges and enigma of life,

They were pages for which not the tiniest of nightfall seemed to exist—as minuscule mortals just like each one of us on earth; immortalized them with the Sun of brilliance in his/her own inimitably distinctive style,

They were pages whose unbelievable fragrance of newness pumped fresh life into every depressed and dead—charmed civilization after an infinite civilization with the most spectacularly golden moments of their time,

They were pages which encompassed even the minutest details of invention, innovation and the brilliance laden in each draught of wind—beautifully depicting each stark shade of existence at its infallible best,

They were pages which were a royal blend of amazing editorial dexterity and talent extraordinaire—which ignited even the most dormant arenas of the brain to perceive beyond the definitions of pragmatic time,

They were pages which truly proved that the whole world was your audience—whilst you were the sole magician on stage; to mesmerize, enchant and overpower the impossible in your tiny fist,

They were pages which coined miraculously new levels of human endurance and possibility—unveiling a boundless new dimensions to every sealed opportunity of life,

They were pages which were true patriots till their very last breath and beyond—not only saluting their beloved soil; but portraying its most undefeated essence to the entire world outside,

They were pages which increased your conviction to lead life multifold with each read- -triggered each ingredient of your blood to do something uniquely exuberant—and do it now,

They were pages which conquered over even the most invisible trace of the devil and lies—with the most spectacularly charismatic adventures of victory—that mankind has ever witnessed,

They were pages from India’s best book of Records: ‘ The Limca Book of Records’ ranked only 2nd officially to the Guinness Book of World Records—highlighting the very best from amongst a billion Indians- year after year after year of the most unbelievably spectacular living achievement,

And not because I was a 10-time National record holder for my Poetry with thefbook; but my heart ranks ‘The Limca Book of Records’ the best amongst every other book on earth – as it veritably depicts my sacrosanct motherland ‘India and her beloved people at their very best’.


Poem on Bryant Mcgill—Internationally Acclaimed Poet, Author of World’s No. 1 McGill’s English Dictionary of Rhyme, Celebrity Consultant & Inspirational Author 

Royalty drifted most inscrutably from his ‘English Dictionary of Rhyme’; which had enchanted millions in its ebulliently rhythmic swirl—perennially captured the imagination of the globe as being the best and most inimitable of its kind,

Royalty drifted most charismatically from his ‘Benign Smile’; which made him approachable to one and all— escalated him as an instant hero of the masses as well as the most unparalleled of celebrities; alike,

Royalty drifted most enigmatically from his ‘Eternal Poems’; which magnetized every conceivable living being to bond in the spirit of love; compassion and togetherness— stirred the soul of even the ghastliest of devil to think of the divine,

Royalty drifted most bountifully from his ‘Endearing Fingers’; which unassailably intertwined with the essence of existence as it came—caressed every palpable object in vicinity with the zealous energy to unflinchingly survive,

Royalty drifted most unconquerably from his ‘Varied Charities’; which inexhaustibly strived to ameliorate every suffering on the planet—with the scepter of altruistic healing straight from the soul,

Royalty drifted most triumphantly from his ‘Magical Peace Treaty’; which timelessly breathed to unite the entire planet in a miraculous rainbow of good will and compassion—so that every human achieved true freedom its truest context,

Royalty drifted most vivaciously from his ‘Bewitching Photography’; which so astoundingly rendered color and passion to the most rustic things of life—capturing the freshness that reveled most spontaneously in the ever-proliferating countryside,

Royalty drifted most enchantingly from his ‘Countless Communities’; which majestically struck a chord with millions of Entrepreneurs/Professionals via lightening fast Internet—provided a platform for one and all to divulge the innermost realms of their conscience,

Royalty drifted most infallibly from his ‘Angelic Family’; with the divinely frolic and gestures of his daughters—enlightening many an inexplicably devastated life into a fountain of ecstatically rejuvenated breath,

Royalty drifted most symbiotically from his ‘Uninhibited Shadow’; which fearlessly taught one and all as to how a fellow living being can be helped in even the most tiniest of capacity—irrespective of the spurious differences of caste; color; religion and creed,

Royalty drifted most jubilantly from his ‘Priceless Signature’; which depicted the impeccable clarity of his undefeated ideals and thoughts; regurgitating every bit of deteriorating naked paper that it kissed,

Royalty drifted most seamlessly from his ‘Imperious Ears’; which were astoundingly sensitive to the faintest cries of his compatriots in inconsolable pain—triggered every pore of his body to selflessly rise to help and seek help—to the most ardent of his capacity,

Royalty drifted most blissfully from his ‘Ubiquitous Quotes’; which perpetuated a sky of undying inspiration in each of his readers veins—imploring them every instant to gallop forward into the road not traversed yet; and still emerge victorious,

All this and an infinite more were ofcourse true. But for me; what made ‘Bryant Mcgill’ truly ‘Royal’ was every beat of his unhindered heart palpitating solely for the religion of humanity—palpitating solely so that the entire world united into a singleton mass of friendship and love—far far and forever away from any idiosyncratic dimensions of hatred; color; caste; creed; money and tribe.


(written on the momentous occassion of his 50th Birthday celebrations on april 19,2007)
Just a sideways glace at his fierily expressive eyes was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to fathom the extraordinarily unique from bits of limpid nothingness’,
Just a sideways glance at his majestically creased forehead was enough to convey—that it was ‘born to timelessly relish every bit of royal goodness on planet divine’,
Just a sideways glance at his ardently emotive eyebrows was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to zealously jog forward in the profound fervor of enigmatic life’,
Just a sideways glance at his unflinchingly phlegmatic footsteps was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to befit a legacy which was considered to be the most unconquerable of all our times’,
Just a sideways glance at his innocuously poignant lips was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to timelessly spell a boundless ocean of realistic dreams in a world otherwise swamped by prejudiced war’,
Just a sideways glance at his astoundingly sensitive ears was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to rise to the most obscure shreds of creativity around; like a magician always euphorically rising to the spirit of newness’,
Just a sideways glance at his uninhibitedly sculpted fingers was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to add a perpetual sparkle to even the most mundanely squandering of destinies’,
Just a sideways glance at his regally jostling palms was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to harness the bestest elements of space around into an invincible empire of prosperous togetherness’,
Just a sideways glance at his effervescently brimming shadow was enough to convey—that it was ‘born to dream beyond the horizons of time; and yet pay true homage to the priceless parents, God and soil which had created it’,
Just a sideways glance at his honestly philanthropic shoulders was enough to convey—that they were ‘born to tower taller than the skies in the face of disaster –and forever bear fruit to the dreams of a billion indians’,
Just a sideways glance at his inexhaustibly upright spine was enough to convey—that they it was ‘born to lead this great country to only infallible success in every department and direction that a living organism could ever conceive’,
Just a sideways glance at his perseveringly sculpted chin was enough to convey—that it was ‘born to rest its outlines only upon the tracks of benevolently charmed victory till as long as life pumped in the veins’,
Just a sideways glance at his fervently cascading breath was enough to convey—that it was ‘born to metamorphose each impossible into a pragmatic paradise of possibles with the blessings of his parents and lord divine’,
And whilst all this just happened sideways—I just kept wondering and wondering and wondering as to what’d happen when I savor the honor of meeting India’s most fascinating business magician Eye to Eye—as that’d be one of the most enlightening moments of my life,
Till then, here’s wishing ‘Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani’ via this poem written on the impoverished paper of my heart, a very happy and celestially blessed birthday which brings to the fore every unfinished desire of his bountiful soul and life.


This man living was a blessing to earth,
His character truly spotless and bright,
With every bit of immaculate truth in it,
In a great vast and mangled world of politics,
Resolved to serve the nation
And to be a true stalwart cum true knight.
His persevering hand always got up for the right cause,
To crush evil with a strong force,
And gave infinite masses of people renewed hope.
His ideas were as firm as bare unprocessed bricks,
Bore tense enigmatic moments in peace,
And let ghastly crime on earth cease.
A quick glimpse of his wheatish face,
Can reveal a just and fair case.
His steps to righteous success were never stopped,
As they got mighty obstacles chopped.
He pointed to the faultlessly right path,
Kept people round the globe astoundingly calm.
The essence of his benevolent deeds spread far and wide,
Prepares all humans for the non violent bout.
The ashes of his body would uninhibitedly depict,
As to where the real freedom of South Africa lives.


When I want it the most,
I feel the most deprived.
When I like it the most,
It just fades into oblivion.
When I feel it the most,
It stabs me like thousand burnt needles.
When I dig deep for treasure,
It buries itself to unsurpassable heights.
When I stare into space,
It shoots missiles of polluted dust.
When I eat scarlet apple pies,
They turn into pieces of hard stone.
When I drive my dream Mitsubishi,
The twin rubber brakes snap into two.
When I sit on a racehorse,
It kicks like a donkey kissed with cigarette but.
When I plunge into still water,
An outburst of icy waves drown me down.
When I climb seemingly harmless barbed wire,
It spits electric sparks of bare current.
When I flex my voice for impression,
It blurts out discordant notes of music.
When I sip volumes of frosty milk,
It turns to fermented yellow sour cream.
When I run with the wind,
Showers of rain and chill, come pouring down.
When I kneel down on the satiny mattress,
Fluffs of cotton leak out in frenzy.
When I hand glide into deep valleys,
A barricade of sharp rock, causes me to nose dive.
When I sail in a luxury liner,
Water floods into cabin compartments.
When I try gesticulating for help,
My hands get trapped with spasmodic paralysis.
And when finally I feel like sobbing hysterically,
Arrays of tear ducts get blocked.
That’s what I call folks,
The one and only my kind of Midas Touch.


Pure blood circulating froze midway in my veins,
My heart throbbed 10 beats faster,
Dormant regions of ecstasy catapulted to dizzy heights,
And I moaned rhythmically in sheer disbelief.
Palatial mansions appeared as jewelry boxes,
stone towers I sighted as lead tipped pencil,
steel bridges with tied rope looked as tapered candy,
the golden clock building resembled toy watches kept on showroom mantelpiece,
a string of snow clad mountains looked like inverted coffee mugs coated with
crushed sugar,
the mighty blue ocean was visible as a tiny patch of pond water,
silver sands of the desert were projected as a few acres of unploughed farm land,
broad streets of the city struck my view as a bunch of crisscrossed matchsticks,
sprawling kilometers of lush green grass was what I could describe as a tiny patch of kitchen garden,
gigantic tall pine trees duplicated podded plants with fresh shoot of leaves,
slender nosed cars replicated prototype models kept open for sale,
infinitely elongated stretches of cable wire resembled thin strands of human hair,
colossal mass of thunder clouds was stunningly close,
the fire ball of sun seemed a few feet above my head,
passing jet crafts whizzed past at arm lengths from my body,
As I stared down in dumbfounded delight, open mouthed consternation,
from the hundredth floor of the Empire State Building.


The kids somersaulted on the carpet green grass,
digging holes in fresh mud with plastic spade,
Whirling flying saucers that went whizzing past the blueberry tree,
Yelling at full capacity of lung whilst playing games of red Indian.
The housewife bustled through interiors of the kitchen,
Singing favorite notes of Egyptian music,
Chopping pieces of meat with immaculate ease,
Dispatching rotten eggs to safe enclosures of the dustbin,
Preparing appetizing meals of corn with slices of cold meat.
He had reason to be a proud man,
Years of strife before he climbed the ladders of success,
Now bestowed with a blissful little family,
He paced through corridors of the large balcony with the newly born child in his
All seemed to be going well,
He seemed to have struck a balance between work and perennial fortune,
Before he attended the shrill ringing of the punch button telephone,
A hoarse voice croaked, then burst into guffaws of laughter,
Informing him of death fast approaching,
As several bombs were activated in the red sedan,
Which now sped out of the driveway, carrying his twin children and wife.
He ran like never before, screamed at the top of his nerve wrecked voice,
Tall legs transporting him outside in flash seconds of time,
But for once destiny had played a cruel joke,
There occurred an earth shattering explosion,
Amber balls of fire emanated with smoke,
Pieces of car seat plummeted high in the sky,
The car spun several revolutions before settling on the ground,
He ran to the scene with premature tears welling up his eyes,
To witness the carcass of his family,
Triggered by the brutally inhuman Bomb blast
A dog is an animal of peace and love,
He is adolescent and tough.
He has his ears cocked high up in the air,
His feet are locked in mystery's grace,
He disappears around without a trace.
His indignant eyeballs are lovely brown,
Which depict the splendor of his hometown.
His body is well muscled, his cheeks jutting out,
as he prepares himself for the final bout.
His silky whiskers are well pruned and sturdy,
They can withstand the inevitable heat of summer,
They get geared up for a lot to come.
He has teeth as sharp as a mouse,
He has this uncanny ability to find himself a fulfilling spouse.
He has his tail endowed to him by nature,
Which shakes and wags vociferously at instant of joy,
But shrinks in fear at sights of a wicked boy.
His square and robust head ultimates to express itself,
His stomach hungry to human grace.


The brown crusty surface of the desert soil,
Can always be ploughed by hard turmoil.
There is an outburst of an hurricane,
That invades the privacy of the old dame.
The sky is clouded with thick dark clouds,
Pelting drops of thunder rain cover the ground.

The farmer works, the bull cries loud,
For all they want is a rain yielding cloud.
The desert's shrub though green in color,
Will attract scores of rain yet to come,
For mere fulfillment of the empty drum.


water levels had dramatically receded,
The liquid had ceased to a mere trickle ceasing to flow,
The blistering sun staring like a devil upon the placid stream,
Truncating the persona of the jungle river to rivulets containing paltry water.
A crow hovering at low levels in the sky had a brilliant brainwave,
He released a cluster of tiny pebbles from his drooping beak,
Was instantly gratified at the inconsequential increase in the level of water.
The fur coated squirrel collected raw biscuit and nuts,
Fed the same in the river; noting it swell by meager fractions.
The serrated skin alligator; accumulated massive slabs of stone in its jaw,
Deposited them diligently blending with the earlier debris coagulated inside.
The wild striped zebra carried quantum loads of sand on its back,
Lowered the same in sparse assemblage of water slithering on the earth.
The long nosed elephant stashed a plethora of twigs and rustic foliage in its trunk,
Unleashing them in the river; witnessing its waters rise stealthily.

The century old tortoise bore thin crumbs of bread on its back,
Tossing its frugal contribution with all its might into the growing territory of water.

The animals selflessly sacrificed their proud possessions,
With even the red ants, spiders, and snakes devoting their perpetual best.

And aftermath's of the sweat they shed were simply stupendous,
The stingy persona of river now displayed a fresh look,
Barren regions of land were inundated with surplus water,
The level of liquid was far more than at the threadbare beginning,
There was also an obstreperous chorus of voices which flooded the air,
Emanating from the throats of animals; now bathing in their self made river as a united family.

The End .


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