Hide and Seek – part 6 – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 6 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh's earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing-but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid-bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.

This book tingles every living being's imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid-bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.


34. LIFE


When I rolled ravenously in it; inscribing incoherent patterns in the powder
with my big toe,
It stuck to innumerable pores of my tender skin;poignantly tickling every part of my body.

When I smeared a parsimonious amount of it on my tongue; the taste buds
instantly stood up; as if after a marathon period of prolonged rest,
My throat cried for water soon after; to pacify its inevitable thirst.
When I sprinkled it gently in the drifting breeze; it rose high and handsome in the atmosphere; adhering to the crisp tree leaves,
While some part of it descended down painstakingly; causing my eyes to profusely water as it barged in forcefully.

When I blended it with pure water; vigorously stirring the concoction till it spewed bubbles of sparkling froth,
The elixir produced was wholesomely spicy to drink; and I washed my mouth scrupulously clean; after consuming a few sips.

When I rubbed it fervently against the periphery of succulent fruit; completely engulfing the same with its surplus fillings,
The berry remained as fresh as ever even after several weeks had elapsed; unperturbed by the onslaught of deleterious insects.

When mixed it with the chocolate brown soil; it acquired evanescent tinges of cream,
The mud now looked far more enticing; with streaks of impeccable white clearly

When I heated it on the stove to form a composite bar of soap; it willingly underwent the metamorphosis,
And I felt hot fumes emanating from my persona; when I took bath with it.

When I hurled it mischievously at passing pedestrians; they were partially
perplexed by my uncanny behavior,
Their initial anger soon converted into intense indignation; as they were left scratching their flesh raw till it bled.

When I dissolved colossal pints of it in the fathomless ocean; it was supremely grateful,
Thanking me from its heart for submerging it back; in the place it actually belonged to.

And eventually when I added frugal pinches of it in my food; my supper transited to the tastiest of all times,
With commensurate proportions of sweetness and spice; overwhelmingly gratifying the pangs of hunger in my stomach,
It was now that my bottle of table salt had served me to its absolute best;
had indeed embodied lots of color to my spiceless life


When the colossal dinosaur traversed through the marshy soil; there occurred a
deafening roar; the entire family of jungle beasts saluted him,
However he left behind a trail of triangular footprints; bohemian and gigantic; that made onlookers uneasy; by merely glimpsing the same.

When the hunch backed camel ambled languidly through the desert; I paid him
flowing tributes of adulation; for unceasingly bearing the tyranny of scorching heat,
However he left behind a semicircular array of footprints; which appeared
pretty insipid and nonchalant.

When the stray dog ran across the wet road; he was a sight to stare; with his
furry coat now camouflaged in muddy water,
However he left behind a battalion of messy footprints; which caused disdainful blemishes on the surface.

When the handsome horse galloped across the racetrack; he looked majestic and
grandiloquent; panting with spurts of exuberant energy,
However he left behind an incongruous design of footprints which were crudely
square in shape; punctuating cavities in the hard ground.

When the olive green and serrated skinned crocodile slithered through the
river banks; he looked domineering and awe inspiring,
However he left behind an armory of deadly footprints; which caused sumptuous food in the belly of innocuous trespassers to violently churn.

When the protuberant bellied ducks paraded through clayey farm mud; they
appeared a sight to feast on; with their yellow beaks dazzling brilliantly in
the Sun,
However they left behind a jugglery of diamond shaped footprints; which
perpetuated incorrigible stains in the spotless kitchen.

When the black striped panther aimlessly loitered through the tropical grass; he looked like a royal prince; embodied with the whitest of silken whisker,
However he left behind a fleet of monstrously incoherent footprints; which
scrupulously lead the hunter to his den.
When the nefarious robber stealthily crept across the soil; he left me dumbfounded; clad in the blackest of attire; with a snake hood camouflaging his face,
However he left behind a volley of deplorable footprints; which helped the police to trace and apprehend him.

And when she walked on the cold floor with bare feet; it shivered as if
caressed by a celestial fairy; having just descended from the realms of heaven,
Also the footprints that she left behind were perfectly synchronized; were the
most mesmerizing that I had ever sighted on the trajectory of this earth.


A divider of polished bricks separated the road; segregating a battalion of traffic meticulously,
Preventing unruly accidents; ensuring that vehicles traversed at electric speeds.

A divider of thunder clouds separated the crystal sky from earth,
Obfuscating it from indispensable sunshine; inundating its surface with an ocean of stormy rain.

A divider of dense leaf; separated the slender tree from the wind,
Cloistering it from uncouth gaze of trespassers; impregnating it with loads of passionate warmth.

A divider of charged barbed wire; separated the house from the illuminated street;
Harboring its occupants in fortified custody; shielding them from vindictive
glances of the society.

A divider of entwined fur; separated the grizzly bear from atmosphere,
Protecting his skin from freezing winds and bitter cold; incorporating his persona with a thoroughly mystical look.

A divider of radiant flowers; separated the orchard from the polluted city,
Flooding the sir with a sweet fragrance of piquant scent; attracting scores of bees to hum in rambunctious discordance.

A divider of feathers; separated the majestic peacock from the unethical vulture,
Depicting its magnanimous splendor to all in vicinity; spreading waves of wild
euphoria when spotted in rain.

A divider of blistering sand; separated the desert from common land,
Granting it the status of being virtually invincible; hosting a plethora of kingly cactus and crab.

A divider of brutality separated; the devil from sacrosanct God,
Assassinating blissful traces of benevolence; rendering the world a disaster to live in.

And a divider of her perpetual love; separated me from the mundane earth,
Saving me from the tyranny of blending with the deplorable; imprisoning me in bonds of celestial romance.


The venomous black beetle stung naked patches of innocuous skin; injecting paltry vials of its poison,
Was considered a deleterious hazard; had people swishing at it with entwined broomsticks,
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; she took refuge in the dainty petals of crimson rose.

The alligator revealed its ghastly teeth in the brilliant Sunlight; decimated the animate and inanimate in its proximity,
Mercilessly slaughtered scores of humans; clusters of big fish,
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; it took refuge in the sedately tranquil waters of the jungle stream.

The multilegged spider entangled innumerable insects with glow; devouring the same with tumultuous relish,
Annihilating its prey; submerging it in its piquantly bitter juice,
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; it took refuge in the compassionate leaves of the tree; silken threads of its mesmerizing web.

The mystical reptile slithered stealthily through the bushes; furtively pilfering the eggs of the mother bird,
Raising its hood high at oblivious trespassers; striking them with its toxic fangs,
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; it took refuge in the immaculate dark burrows of the nimble ground.

The ruffled grey lizard traversed up the wall at electric speeds,
Capsizing its prey in a vise like grip; crunching it viciously in its jaws,
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; it took refuge in the hollow of the tree;
camouflaged a little by moisture from the soil.

The impeccable little infant cried unrelentingly all day; banging his tiny fists in
the cradle,
Inundating spotless sheets of cloth; with natural spray of disdainful
Yet when the time arrived to sleep; it took blissful refuge; nestling within the warm arms of his mother.

All of us inhabiting the earth inadvertently commit a plethora of mistakes,
Sometimes not adhering to the sacrosanct norms laid by society; indignantly stamping our feet at frugal issues,
Yet when the time arrives to perish from this earth and sleep; we all take refuge in the magnanimous shadow of the omniscient Creator.


The apple tree swayed frivolously in the air; bearing crimson crested fruit peeping out from its dense foliage,
However as came freezing winter; its leaves wore a shriveled look; inevitably feeling the chill and sporadically falling to the ground.

The cherry tree looked awe inspiring and magnificent from a distance; with succulent balls of incongruous shapes clinging to its tendrils,
However as the wind blew mightily; stormy currents of air collided with it; infinite berries fell down on earth; rendering it as a pathetic sight to witness.

The coconut tree appeared domineering; standing at unprecedented heights from the mud; firmly holding its ground in the tenacious ocean breeze,
However as I shook it; exerting all my power assiduously assisted by my fellow mates; the hard shell fell with a thump on the floor; snapping apart into scores of asymmetrical halves.

The maple tree looked like an angel descended from the sky; with its golden leaves shimmering in the sunshine,
However as the vigils of autumn took over; it now resembled a threadbare urchin; shivering incessantly as the slightest of current struck its naked persona.

The mango tree appeared enticing and voluptuous; with a conglomerate of brilliant shell adhering to it faithfully,
However the same replicated and impoverished beggar; as a battalion of red ant and woodpecker; nibbled passionately at its flaccid fruit.

The fir tree looked enchanting in the moonlight; producing sweet volley of rustling voices,
However as snow fell unrelentingly from the sky; its branches drooped towards the slope; unable to bear the tyranny of ice any longer.

The Banyan tree appeared impregnable; with its century old roots dangling impeccably like compactly entwined threads,
However it developed a series of gaping holes in its silhouette; as a fleet of parasitic termites attacked it voraciously from all sides.

The Fig tree looked a sight to feast under the blistering Sun; with rubicund slices of fruit embellishing its persona,
However as the diabolical owl inhabited it at night; people shirked away from it in utter abhorrence; as much as they had initially loved it.

The Lemon tree growing in my backyard appeared pretty phlegmatic; slowly gyrating with the breeze; bearing a bunch of poignant fruit,
However it soon dried up into a mangled heap; when I inadvertently forgot to feed it with salubrious manure and water.

And the Tree of Our Immortal Love looked the most splendid of them all; bearing perennial fruit in all seasons; unhampered by the onset of the most thunderous rain and snow; unperturbed by the pandemonium going on in the world,
It had stood the test of all times; stood as formidable as the Omnipotent Creator; for fathomless centuries; even after we had evacuated the soil of this earth.


When I lit a fire in the peak of sweltering summer; with the Sun dazzling to a fiery radiance in the sky,
Amalgamating pieces of dry logwood and scores of incongruously shaped leaves,
Adding several sheets of crumpled paper along with a plethora of dilapidated brick,
The conflagration caught fumes rapidly; with amber flames leaping at electric speeds towards the clouds,
However I soon extinguished the blaze splashing gigantic buckets of river water; as I could no longer bear the tumultuous heat; with large beads of sweat trickling down my nape.

When I lit a fire under the ominously dark sky; with the thunder clouds partially obliterating my gaze,
The Sun playing hide and seek like a frivolous maiden; appearing for flash seconds; then disappearing again for marathon hours of time,
An ambience of ethereal blackness encompassing the atmosphere; with birds making their journeys homewards,
The majestic peacock spreading the plumage of its kingly feathers; to mesmerizing semicircles,
The fumes no doubt rose to unprecedented heights; however they soon subsided in entirety; as torrential showers of rain came pelting down.

When I lit a fire midway through autumn; with tropical trees sporadically shedding their foliage,
Gathering dead chunks of dilapidated timber; impregnating them with a bulky sheaf of burnt grass blades,
The tepid stream waters gently striking my dreary toes; profoundly accentuated ripples causing high rising waves,
Melodious chirping of the nightingale permeating the air; with a conglomerate of enchanting sounds,
The fumes had a merry time as they swirled in the air; however I annihilated the same; beating them frantically with gunny bags; as they interfered with the moderately cool air hitting my eyes.

And when I lit a fire amidst the snow clad mountain; in the acridly blowing breeze of chilly winter,
Painstakingly managing to ignite the lumber twigs and leaf; rekindling it incessantly with intermittent applications of the rake,
Shielding it from the irrevocable onslaught of gusty winds; camouflaging it under a canvas tent,
A drum replete with lager beer placed by my shivering persona; I felt warm waves of heat instantly soothing the array of goose bumps formed on my skin,
Expressed gratitude from the inner most core of my heart; to the firewood and beer for saving my life from the freezing cold


The leaves of the tree withered at the onset of autumn; rendering it as bare and a pathetic sight to witness,
Atlhough the body and trunk were still alive; did scream passionately as the wind slapped and caressed them.

The most majestic of reptile shed its skin while undergoing a metamorphosis of seasons; partially annihilating its grandeur,
Although its slithering body still traversed in circuitous routes; and its fangs were ready to strike injecting lethal venom.

The mountain sheep had their fur sheared for weaving thermal contrivances; leaving their appearance as shabbily disgraceful,
Although they still wandered in harmony on the colossal slopes; bleated in unison as dusk stealthily approached.

The austere Sun God shed its brightness as nightfall took over; resembling an insipid reflection of its original identity,
Although it still shone brilliantly the next morning; illuminating stringently every bit of cloistered gloom.

The slender iron nail lost all its gloss as monsoon showers poured incessantly from the sky; giving it a deplorable appearance,
Although it still maintained the capacity of being embodied in the wall; and still had the hostility of piercing the inflated balloon.

The fermented barrel of milk lay bereft of immaculate white color; resembling worthless chunks of flaccid curd,
Although it still produced an extremely piquant taste; had reasonably high levels of salubrious nutrition.

The flying birds sheds infinite numbers of feathers each day; looking bedraggled after being stripped of their kingly plumage,
Although they still retained the power to fly; soaring high up in the air and procreating their progeny.

The banana after peeling its intricate skin appeared as dilapidated urchin; shivering uncontrollably in the wind,
Although it was sumptuous and relishing to eat; and its pulp caused ravishing sensations in the buds of taste.

The biscuits of gold after losing their shine; resembled the mundane coin; failed to captivate attention,
Although they still had the same value; could fetch their owners an astronomical fortune when judiciously traded.

And all the old folks traversing the streets; looked a sight to profoundly sympathize; clinging tightly to their walking sticks,
Although they still had the power to love; the power to overwhelmingly fantasize; as they were young and innocent at heart


When I punched a bag replete with mud; overflowing to the brim with bountiful food grain,
There flew tones of dust in the still air; of which some settled in my nose; partially obscuring my vision.

When I punched an inflated balloon in its midriff; infinite molecules of gas escaped in fury,
There was an obstreperous sound produced; which almost ripped apart intricate arenas of my eardrum.

When I punched the colossal sized melon with my fists; the shell broke open into incommensurate halves,
A myriad of fleshy splinters flew everywhere in the air; and the slimy juice languidly cascaded down my immaculate face.

When I punched the solid baked brick; exerting tumultuous pressure against its navel,
Shards of disdainful concrete entered my crystalline eye; alongwith a series of fracture that enveloped my knuckle.

When I punched the heavyweight champion in the solar plexus; there was a conglomerate of fetid sweat droplets that stung me with alacrity,
His esteem got thoroughly provoked and he pulverized me to dust displaying his overpowering brawn.

When I punched biscuits of pure gold; glittering impeccably in the enchanting moonshine,
My fingers acquired faint tinges of yellow; and I profoundly regretted the wastage that I had produced.

When I punched the venomous reptile that hung from the tree; trying to frivolously fondle with its skin,
The monster bared its fangs in vindication; hissing vociferously and eventually inserting its deadly poison in my flesh.

When I punched the assembly of scintillating mirror; it diffused into a myriad of minuscule fragments,
My reflection now appeared comically distorted; and droplets of crimson blood oozed from my palms as an aftermath.

When I punched the power horn in the truck; applying unrelenting pressure from my wrists,
There was a deafening noise that was produced; instantly overpowering the natural ethos prevailing in the atmosphere.

And finally when I punched my heart; using the full power of my hands,
There echoed only once voice; there seemed only once face; and there seemed only one God; and all of them were my mesmerizing beloved.


I leapt audaciously from the balcony rail; hurtling at full speeds towards the obdurate ground,
However I escaped without a scar to my skin; and all my bones solidly agglutinated to each other.

I plummeted from the top floor of the edifice; increasing my velocity as I approached the ground,
However I got up instantly a few seconds after the fall; smiling frivolously at the austere Sun.

I jumped from the aircraft flying at unprecedented heights; floating gradually towards the earth,
However when I did land; I thoroughly maintained my stoicism; and refrained to cry.

I plunged from unfathomable heights of the diving board into the pool; cascading as straight as an arrow into the waters,
However as I fell with a thunderous roar; I swam up to the surface feeling unperturbed by the commotion.

I tripped inadvertently from the roof while playing; heading in perfect alignment with the rocky stones,
However my flesh didn’t bleed neither did my eyes tear; even after the deafening impact.

I was pushed into the thousand feet deep well by a bunch of miscreants; as my cries echoed through the slimy walls,
However as I tasted the blend of frog and dead fish; I still escaped unhurt and with an enchanting glow in my eyes.

I flung myself from the tall tree to flee from the venomous reptiles; diving head on towards an assemblage of wildly sprawled thorns,
However after landing I gazed pacifically at the opalescent moon; unfazed and relishing my close proximity with the thorns.

I stepped out of the speeding train; catapulting several kilometers before I came to a state of inertia,
However at last when I discovered my breath; there were no signs at all of broken bones or deadly fracture.

Well I think the time is conducive to reveal the secret that lay imprisoned in my heart,
I had worn large rings of coiled springs completely encompassing my back,
Flocculent foams of Dunlop compactly fitted to my persona; with satin balls of cotton clinging like a new born to my cheek,
The cotton and coiled springs had saved me on umpteenth an occasion; granting me a chance to live and profoundly admire the beauty that I saw.


I asked the road; the things that perturbed her the most,
She replied saying; that she was mutilated every unleashing minute,
By the juggernaut of trucks; and cloud showers of swollen rain.

I asked a cluster of fish in the monsoon river; about the ultimate fantasy of their lives,
The answer that followed was studded with arduous lines of brevity,
As they unanimously dreamt of swimming in stormy waves of the ocean.

I asked the domestic lizard to narrate its tale of woes,
It didn’t ponder even for a fraction of a second; curtly saying that it was a paucity of succulent insect that kept her starved these days.

I asked the bleary eyed moon to impassively blurt out its agony,
The celestial figure in the cosmos retorted with a volley of eloquent expletives,
Blaming a fleet of monstrous spaceships; pilfering its exquisite decorum.

I asked the merrily swaying trees; to recount the expeditions of the blistering day,
They retaliated with traumatic screams; with white blood trickling down their entirety,
Rebuking the farmer; who had sliced them down for his daily fodder.

I asked stray dogs in the street about their conditions of blissful health,
They made gallant mockery of my question barking; we aren’t fastidious about food;
All we need is a solitary place to sleep.

I then questioned my tangible heart to disclose its candid feelings,
There were mystical vibrations which shook my entire silhouette,
Beads of cold sweat camouflaged my shock of black hair,
As it responded to my query saying; that it wanted to imprison forever,
Possess for times immemorial the holistic form it loved on this earth.


The air leaking form the air-conditioner was ergonomically cold,
Pacifying tumultuous anger of people; frantically quarreling in the acrimonious summer heat.

The air diffusing from the ground; after fresh spells of monsoon rain,
Possessed a heavenly aroma of unbaked grass; tantalizing the nostrils into a partial stupor.

The air emanating from saline waves of the ocean; was blended with fine spray of sand,
Revived nostalgic reminisces of the evanescent past; impregnating the body with the spirit of adventure.

The air in close proximity with parched sands of desert; was like a sizzling inferno,
Was not conducive to breathe; provoking loud yelps and screams when caressed by nimble pair of feet.

The air prevailing at astronomical heights of the mountain precipice; was astoundingly thin,
Leading to austere problems of suffocation; camouflaging the face with mighty cylinders of oxygen.

The air floating in the dilapidated mansion; was blended with truckloads of dust,
Prompted iterative bouts of sneezing; had an obnoxious stench of dead rat and literature.

The air circulating in the cake shop; was ingratiatingly ravishing,
Inundating innumerable bowels with insatiable hunger; acting as an inevitable stimulant to eat.

The air revolving round the dense foliage of trees; was as pure as an angel,
Expurgating its harmful ingredients into the blanket of leaves; acquiring the sedate calm of shining moon.

The air imprisoned inside a rubber balloon; died a gruesome death every unleashing minute,
Got perpetual freedom in the end; as the contraption burst with obstreperous bangs.

The air that flowed out of humid nostrils; was luke warm in temperature,
Revealing a plethora of passion captivated within the soul; highlighting the zest to lead life.

And the air my mother hissed down my persona; was the most immaculate of
them all,
For it was the very air that had created me; the air that had articulately nourished my arms and feet,
The air which had made me actually witness; the atmosphere I was engulfed by; at the reigning moment.


I wanted you to be my godmother; caress me gently in the night; humming a melodious rhyme to put me to sleep,
Prepare appetizing dishes of corn to gratify my gluttony; wipe the tears of my cheek when I was struck with grief.

I wanted you to be my robust brother; tickling me incessantly in my ribs; make me wholeheartedly laugh,
Defending me against all evil prevailing; obliterating me from the remotest of brutality.

I wanted you to be my absent minded father; riding with me through steep curves of the hill on a horse,
Instilling gargantuan confidence in me while I studied; embedding my tender mind with nostalgic reminisces of the past.

I wanted you to be my innocuous child; crying impeccably as I hoisted you high in my arms,
Melting my heart with your mischievous smile; tugging at my loose beard with your dainty fingers.

I wanted you to be my old grandmother; reciting to me a plethora of mesmerizing fairy tale,
Preparing herbal concoctions to pacify my wounds; admonishing me severely for flaunting with girls.

I wanted you to be my ravishing dreams; tingling dormant arenas of my heart with your stupendous grace,
Radiating perpetual heat in my body all day; leaving your everlasting fragrance close to my soul.

I wanted you to be the blood that flowed through my veins; imparting strength to my fragile muscle,
Purifying every unleashing second as I breathed air; losing refined degrees of control at the slightest of provocation.

I wanted you to be my intricate heart; which throbbed violently when loved,
Imprisoned the deity it worshipped; and was prepared to relinquish life for the ones it really cared for.

I wanted you to be the redness of my lips; which got more accentuated when I rubbed them,
Exorbitantly highlighting the fervor of my thoughts; the insatiable passion I had impregnated in my eyes.

And over and above all; I desperately wanted you to be my wife,
Inundate my impoverished heart with vast oceans of your love; blissfully living with me for this and an infinite lives more to be confronted.


When I sliced volatile wire; impregnated with white currents of electricity,
It spewed out a volley of poignant sparks in tandem; I was stabbed with several impacts of shock; falling like a lifeless pigeon on the ground.

When I sliced open obdurate tree bark; embossed with a cluster of rustic root,
A slurry of succulent white juice oozed out in emollient abundance; and the tree wept in hidden anguish.

When I sliced the belly of the colossal mountain; infinite tons of mud leaked out in frenzy,
A cluster of earthworm and rabbit got dismantled; and the once bombastic structure now resembled a beggar in torn rags.

When I sliced open the skin of emerald watermelon; rosy pink juice cascaded down with spontaneity,
The fruit looked ravishingly voluptuous like never before; with scores of brown seeds tumbling down.

When I sliced decayed bones freshly excavated from soil; a finely crushed chowder of calcium flew directly in my eyes,
The scenario appeared grotesquely despicable; with nostalgic memories of centuries ago besieging the cool air.

When I sliced through the heart of a concrete wall; a series of blatant cracks spread fast like the wild fire,
The structure now looked insipid and fragile; a battalion of red baked bricks came plummeting down; and broke my scalp.

When I sliced scintillating biscuits of yellow gold; an amber tinge incorporated the edge of my knife,
The currency proliferated itself with each stroke of mine; and soon I had more pieces of gold than when I had commenced slicing.

When I sliced through an ocean of loose sand; the blissful assemblage got thoroughly distorted,
Bountiful splinters of silver soil hurtled towards my eyes; and there was profuse tearing that incorrigibly followed as an inevitable aftermath.

When I sliced open a balloon incorporated with salty cheese; and a fountain of water,
An incoherent design of white dots then inhabited my face; scores of flies and cupid ants stuck like true stalwarts to my demeanor.

And when I sliced my heart open with the most sharpest of blade; crimson blood gushed out at exhilarating speeds,
It contained bold traces of the girl I immensely loved; the celestial image of the mother from whom I was born.


The disdainful gutters; expurgated tons of sewage every unveiling day; producing an unbearable stench which infiltrated the fragrant surroundings,
The parrot green blades of grass; expurgated dew drops at the onset of evanescent dawn; shimmering magnificently in the temperate sunshine,
The exhausted body; expurgated a million drops of sweat; slowly trickling down the bushy eyebrows,
The fountain pen; expurgated sapphire ink when pressed; granting intricate shape to a jugglery of words,
The colossal mountains; expurgated droplets of snow in chilly winter; which cascaded down their slopes in unparalleled jubilation,
The mystical nightingale; expurgated melodious sounds as it opened its slender throat; flooding the ambience with its deliciously sweet music,
The ominous clouds in the sky; expurgated torrential rain; quenching the insatiable thirst of the parched ground,
The monstrous trucks on the road; expurgated obnoxious smoke; prompting suffocation in innocuously passing pedestrians,
The sensitive filament of bulb; expurgated brilliant light; illuminating the gruesome darkness in the solitary street,
The animate inhabiting terrestrial earth; expurgated feces as the first activity before commencing the new day,
The lizard on the wall; expurgated hostile blood at the occupants; when provoked and slashed by the same,
The celestial body of the Sun; expurgated sizzling rays; fumigating the conglomerate of dirt on earth,
The bunch of entangled rose; expurgated tantalizing fragrance; tickling the most ruthless of individuals,
The salty waves of the boundless ocean; expurgated dead fish on the shores; killed mercilessly by fishermen and fiery storms,
The resplendent rainbow in the cosmos; expurgated a plethora of colors; glistening in the splendor of pouring rain,
The striped panther philandering through the jungle; expurgated a domineering growl; announcing its presence to all animals in vicinity,
The ones suffering from lethal cancer; expurgated precious blood; struggling every unleashing minute to stay alive,
The eyes of my mother; expurgated tears of incredible exultation when I was born,
The nostrils incorporated in every human; expurgated humid breath; necessary to sustain life,
And the indefatigable heart imprisoned in my chest; expurgated love for the ones it cared for; the girl it unrelentingly loved.


She hurled him high in the air; exuberantly catching him in her safe arms,
Suckled him passionately with her milk; harnessing his tiny form with her warmth,
Played with him incessantly; instructing him how to unwind the soft toy train,
Cleansed his mischievous face frequently of mud and blotted ink,
Held his fragile fingers firmly in hers; trying to inculcate in him the art of walking,
Tickled him voraciously on his belly; which prompted him to incoherently giggle; displaying fresh buds of his newly formed teeth,
Placed him in the bathtub filled with heaps of flocculent foam; thoroughly scrubbing his minuscule silhouette,
Gave him a honey soother to chew; in order to facilitate the metamorphosis of his teeth,
Rubbed his supple body with emollient olive oil; basking him in the full light of the Sun,
Applied black lining of mascara on his drooping eyelashes; to accentuate his huge crystal eyes,
Tied jingling chains to his feet; which produced a tinkling sound as he ran,
Taught him the indispensability of language; with a bulky book of articulate alphabets lying by her side,
Scrupulously changed his yellow diaper; as he had a habit of intermittently wetting,
Sprinkled tons of aromatic powder on his arms; attempting to make his somber complexion multiple shades fairer,
Placed him amidst an island of inflated balloon; which he inadvertently pinched; and was dumbfounded on hearing the thunderous noise produced thereafter,
Fed him with a pulverized curry of milk and fresh corn; at painstaking speeds; for him to digest the same with ease,
Cuddled his shock of curly hair entwining her fingers; combed it after giving him a revitalizing massage,
Took him out in the spongy grass to play; introducing him to a cluster of new children,
Wiped his tears with her tender lips; when he unrelentingly cried; pacified him by singing melodious rhymes,
Kept all doors locked; providing him a formidable enclosure to inhabit; saving his innocuous form; from hideous eyes of the evil,
She loved her baby more than she loved her God;
Gave him his last feed of sumptuous milk; before putting him of to a blissful slumber.


When I dared to touch the fiery and pugnacious ball of Sun; I got instantly electrocuted,
All the animate cells in my body got mercilessly charred; and I was decimated to a residue of finely chiseled black powder.

When I inadvertently touched acid bubbling in the dark crucible; my hands were rendered lifeless by the impact,
Loud screams of anguish echoed from my mouth; water globules rolled down my cheek; as I possessed insipid capacity to bear the pain.

When I touched red chili sprouting from the soil with my hands; there was a disdainful rash that spread on my skin,
Sizzling currents of electricity rain down my spine; succeeded by a feeling of sudden blindness in my eyes; as some of it had managed to enter the same.

When I touched bare wires of light with the rain pelting down; my body shook like a torrential volcano,
The conglomerate of my teeth chattered incessantly; and I fell down on the ground unconscious; inaudibly crying for water.

When I touched frozen ice strewn in abundance on slopes of the colossal mountain range; I felt my blood slightly freeze,
My hands went partially numb with sheer inability to move; and there was no sensation even when I punctured them with hot needles.

When I touched the aromatic elixir of petrol; there arose a deplorable stench in the air,
I was soon battling for life; encompassed in entirety by hostile flames; as someone in vicinity had alighted a matchstick.

When I gently touched the serrated green skin of the alligator; mistaking it for a jeweled fantasy island,
The beast made no mistakes; instead scrupulously dismantled my flesh from bone; before devouring me as a relishing meal.

When I touched wild blades of African grass standing tall at the equator; I felt inevitable sensations of itching besieging my persona,
Blotches of red soon enveloped my innocuous face; small rivulets of blood trickled down; as an aftermath of the raw scratching.

When I touched strongly blended white adhesive paint; presuming it to be frosty milk,
My palms irrevocably stuck to the concoction; and inspite of Herculean effort from my side; I was simply unable to free my grip.

And eventually when I touched her lips; wound my arms around her in an air tight embrace;
All my obstacles seemed to be vanquished; it was as if I was in the middle of a grandiloquent reverie; with the bond of our love growing perpetually stronger; as the minutes unleashed.


I wanted to fly high in the blue sky on the wings of love;
Traversing through balls of white cotton clouds; listening to the mellifluous chirping of birds,
Having a silent peep at the blazing Sun; admiring its enchanting and radiant shine,
Bathing in the unrelenting rain pelting down; trying to catch the tiny droplets in my palms,
Watching atrocious airplanes whizzing past me at electric speeds; invading the serenity of the atmosphere,
Confronting chilly draughts of breeze as I proceeded; occasional flakes of snow caressing my hair,
The horizon appearing just at arms lengths from my body; as if the Sun was ready to gobble me for supper,
Earthly inhabitation infinite kilometers away from my sight; with a panoramic view of the towering mountains,
The innocuous white of my skin transiting to scarlet red; as gusty winds rushed across in fury,
A fleet of twinkling stars staring down at me in pin drop silence; preparing to shimmer in the night,
Thunderous black clouds obliterating me completely from visions of earth,
The only food being; a blend of white and colored air inundating my mouth,
The need for water not arising; in the bitter cold and freezing sheets of wind,
With me somersaulting several times on my back; viewing the sky in ecstasy walking upside down,
A feeling of reverence; feeling the divine Creator in whispering distances of my silhouette,
There was no pollution; adulteration; not even the faintest trace of civilization as I flew,
The open conglomerate of sky and space besieging me in a vice like grip,
Simply not a soul to disturb me throughout the long day; the tenacious light of the moon engulfing me in darkness,
I remembered my close affiliates; siblings; and most importantly the spell binding cadence of her voice,
As I flew still higher in the sky; on the wings of perpetual love.


There was nothing born on earth; whiter than frosty white cow milk,
There was nothing born on earth; saltier than the saline sea,
There was nothing born on earth; redder than the intensely emollient scarlet rose,
There was nothing born on earth; more green than the blades of grass protruding from fresh soil,
There was nothing born on earth; purer than crystal spray of water cascading down the mountain,
There was nothing born on earth; more pungent than piquant slices of red chili,
There was nothing born on earth; more transparent than the human eye,
There was nothing born on earth; more sensitive than the throbbing heart,
There was nothing born on earth; more rotten than raw pig manure,
There was nothing born on earth; more effusive than a flurry of tears dribbling down the cheek,
There was nothing born on earth; more tenacious than resplendently strong beams of the moon,
There was nothing born on earth; more reinvigorating than a glass of natural coconut water,
There was nothing born on earth; more supple than the skin of an innocuous infant,
There was nothing born on earth; more eloquent than the mesmerizing voice of the nightingale,
There was nothing born on earth; more sweeter than succulent sticks of farm sugarcane,
There was nothing born on earth; more handsome than the majestically swirling electric blue dolphin,
There was nothing born on earth; more provoking than a helpless cry,
There was nothing born on earth; more thorny than the king cactus extruding from silver desert mud,
There was nothing born on earth; more slippery than the glistering sand,
There was nothing born on earth; more vociferous than the growl of the panther,
There was nothing born on earth; more dominating than the inner voice of the conscience,
There was nothing born on earth; more benevolent than serving mankind,
There was nothing born on earth; more beautiful than a persons mother,
There was nothing born on earth; more powerful than the Creator,
And there was nothing born on earth; more invincible than true love.


When I wrote her name with light fountain ink; on the naked parchment of white paper,
It appeared almost invisible; failed to portray the fervent intensity of our romance.

When I inscribed her name on the walls; using exquisite quality of floral paints,
There emanated an ethereal fragrance of flower; although it failed to highlight the main ingredient of our love.

When I scribbled her name on the slippery beach sands; using a chiseled twig,
The calligraphy embossed looked amusing; although it soon got washed in entirety by the gushing waves.

When I painted her name on scintillating glass; using vibrant strokes of steel gray,
The printing was so scrupulous and neat; that it miserably failed to depict the tenacity of our relationship.

When I wrote her name on the black board; using a cylindrical stick of expensive chalk,
It appeared clear and bold; although it couldn’t yet provoke even the slightest of sentiment; and the professor soon scrubbed it clean with his duster.

When I embedded her name on a triangular biscuit of gold; using my switchblade knife,
It appeared grandiloquently studded; although it gave our love a look of ostentatious flattery.

When I symmetrically carved her name on the soft tree bark; using the corrugated drill,
It appeared astoundingly clear from a far distance; although it failed to convey our immortality; as the next second a nomad chopped it down.

When I incorporated her name on the voluptuous cake; using an icing of aromatic peppermint,
It looked romantically enticing; although it couldn’t display the essence of our romance; soon lost its charm as a battalion of ants and insets crawled all over.

When I painstakingly penned her name on glittering diamonds; using a solution of shimmering silver,
It appeared kingly and aristocratic; although it failed to highlight the hardships we had undergone to make our love an intransigent success.

And when I wrote her name on my chest; using rusty nails and a gleaming blade,
Pools of blood dribbled down my ribs; rendering me virtually unconscious; but this time it spoke fathomless volumes of our immense dedication,
With each droplet of blood; reflecting the unconquerable tenacity of our everlasting love.


When I banged a ball of spongy rubber on the ground; it bounced a few times with insipid fervor,
Rising a few inches from the ground; displaying a thoroughly lackluster performance.

When I threw a rotund ball of solid stone on polished floor; it bounced negligibly; producing a thunderous noise when it collided,
Unable to rise even a centimeter above the ground; languidly rolling as if about to be indiscreetly kicked.

When I released a ball of pure crystal from unprecedented heights of the edifice; it diffused into infinite splinters of acerbic powder,
There was no question of it bouncing; as it reduced to complete shambles; and the loss incurred was substantial.

When I hurled a ball of obdurate leather on the silver façade of glass; it zipped through like a fiery rocket,
Bouncing with nonchalant exuberance after striking the floor; and there was a rotten fragrance of leather that disparagingly originated.

When I banged a ball of flocculent cotton on the muddy road; it blended magnificently with the ocean of dirt,
It simply refrained to bounce; and flimsy wisps of satin flakes drifted in the air.

When I banged a ball ornately stitched with a plethora of crimson rose petal; there was not a trace of the faintest of bounce,
The blissful leaves were squashed into a miserable pulp; and colored juice dribbled; forming tiny rivulets on the ground.

When I threw a ball of wet mud high in the air; it settled on the ground with a dull thud,
Umpteenth molecules of loose dirt cascaded all over; and the bounce was intensely sporadic before it died.

When I voraciously banged a ball of hot iron against car metal; it ripped apart the intricate demeanor,
Traversing at swashbuckling speeds like a fired bullet; it was too heavy to bounce and virtually sunk deep.

When I banged a ball of malevolent hatred on the floor; it assassinated alongwith itself scores of impeccable individuals,
Propagating enmity in races of mixed color; instigating rampant incidences of uncurbed violence; without bouncing the slightest whisker.

And when I eventually banged the ball of love against the most roughest of surface; it bounced as high as the sky,
Kept bouncing even after striking the ground several times;
It was the bounce of flexibility; the bounce of perpetual bondage and sharing; which had its spirits soaring handsome in the clouds; with the Creator to shower his blessings and perennially protect it.


I felt unrelentingly strangulated; with exhausted blasts of wind emanating from my nose,
Gloominess besieging me with tumultuous force; piercing through my innocuous heart,
An ocean of sweat dribbled down at astoundingly slow speed; trespassing my brow,
The crispness of my shirt; now transited into a completely bedraggled texture,
An inevitable sensation to scratch engulfed my naked skin; and intricate areas of sandwiched between the curly mass of my hair,
A fetid odor wafting from my mouth; permeated the rustically plush ambience,
Incessant shuffling of my feet; made me feel intensely uncomfortable,
Trapped mosquitoes stung succulent chunks of my flesh; inundating my palms with embarrassing blemishes,
My hands felt stiff; starved and thoroughly deprived of the tiniest of movement,
Folds of my skin camouflaging my eye felt heavy; my vision growing disconcertingly blurred by the unleashing minute,
A plethora of jerks rattled the most tenacious of my bone; waking me up every second from my blissful reveries,
that is when I unabashedly shouted in the luxury car , to switch of
the air-conditioner please .


Ominous black clouds in the firmament of sky; showered thunderous rain,
Deluging dry earth with bountiful water; quenching the thirst of umpteenth organisms dying premature.

The densely foliated apple tree; showered clusters of dry leaves on the ground; blended commensurately with dead twigs,
Facilitating the infertile soil to blossom productively; yielding a plethora of vegetable and lush green grass.

The dilapidated ceiling glistening nefariously in the silver moonlight; showered several crusts of decayed paint on the ground,
Impregnating it with a soft cushion; so that the stray rats could seek blissful refuge; and sleep.

The astral body of Sun dancing vivaciously in the cosmos; showered tenacious beams of dazzling light on the earth,
Annihilating inexplicable disease from its non-existent roots; giving the mundane pedestrian a new hope to live.

The metallic pipe suspended in the bathroom had intricate nozzles incorporated; showered ravishing droplets of water when switched on,
Drenching exhausted individuals with revitalizing liquid; cleansing the disdainful blotches riveted to their skins.

The colossal mountains strangulated with mesmerizing white snow; showered icy liquid in peak summer,
Which trickled down languidly on the ground; intensely tickling innocuous toddlers passing by.

The healthy persona of rustic cow; showered tons of milk when deftly caressed on its teats,
Silenced incessantly crying infants when they tasted the same; passionately suckling its young ones just born.

The wildly suspended pungent breeze; showered astronomical amounts of dust as it blew,
Imprisoning gargantuan dust and sand in its flow; vomiting the same on high swirling waves of the ocean.

She stood tall and domineering; way above the rest of the lecherous world; showering me with perpetual cascades of her magnanimous love,
Instilling my impoverished soul with immortal happiness; catapulting me to heights of incredible jubilation.

And the Omnipresent aura of God; showered the earth with us humans; existing in varied color and species,
Bestowing upon us the power to procreate our generations; the unrelenting prowess to create; discover and love.


I was born with a thick shock of curly hair,
Silky strands of light brown cascading down my scalp,
Broad outlines of eyebrow fringe,
They were my pride; cuddled on infinite occasions by my mother,
Glistening in sunshine like pure black shoe polish paint,
Caressing minute regions of my skull in breeze blowing with high velocity,
Mingling once in a while with the delicate periphery of my inverted eyelash,
Sighted as a puffed bunch of dark cushion by all in close proximity,
I always kept them shampooed and scrupulously clean,
Sobbed hysterically in private interiors of my room,
When a cluster of school mates harmlessly plucked a few,
I was obsessed with the concept of evergreen hair growth,
Slept all night with tight fitted shower cap clinging to my garden of hair.

Those whirlwind days of youth had now faded,
Unwanted vigils of old age had crept in at amazing speeds,
Bald patches of skin now sparkled in sunlight,
Resembled rich quality pure wax in pearly light of the moon,
The hair which once inhabited my scalp,
Now lay dumped; perhaps under stagnant waters of the city sewer,
Iterative attempts of washing, scrubbing, oiling, applying medicinal balm had proven futile,
I had finally succumbed to the tyranny of fate,
Nevertheless I still wore fluffy fibers of ant red hair,
Which neither budged nor moved an inch; in the most gustiest of breeze,
Projecting pompously from the artificial plastic of my whisky complexioned hair wig.


It was a semipermeable membrane of curved plastic,
Softened to usable proportions,
Suspended in a pool of viscid tear film,
Enhancing complete visual fitness,
Enriched with optical charisma,
Tailored to a host of curvatures,
Sewn with fibers of crystal gelatin,
Blended with a spectrum of colors,
A maze of wild; sedate; tulip; ravishing designs,
A plastic strip of delightful fashion,
Extinguishing tales of darkened sorrow,
Months and years of faulty vision,
Nerve wrecking tales of groping about in haze,
Impeachable agony of mistaking identities,
Unending oppression of being mutilated,
A lustrous jewel adorning the eye,
An invincible palace of dreams,
Dethroning flashes of black forever,
A tribute to the visual faculty,
My salutations to what a novice knows about,
The scientific way of annihilating visual devastation,
An indispensable product for meaningful existence,
Clinging tightly to the eyeball,
Christened in common parlance as an ultratight and satiny soft Contact Lens


I altruistically stared at the wall,
Pale and white with a few blemishes,
A solid fortress of cement concrete,
Embellished with multiple coats of rich paint,
A silent barrier impregnated with juxtaposed bricks,
Fiery red; burnt brown and black,
The acting alloys of the nonchalant structure,
Firmly sealed to its fecund foundations,
Embedded deep in intricate recesses of mud,
Which cries out loud with every inch of vertical invasion,
Radiating rampantly with discordant ease; with every unfurling minute,
Breaking the harmony of the coagulated network; of trillions of soil molecules,
Rendering them hopeless and haphazardly scattered,
As the morbid structure of creation,
Painstakingly penetrates into deep oceans of dark mud.


The inflated swell of vehicular rubber,
Was with soft rectangular indentations,
Held captive in circular hollow of the tyre,
Traversed speedily along compact metallic roads,
Crushing dry leaves; trampling unkempt wild weeds,
Fixed and stuck to metallic plates,
With radiating spikes; midget spokes of corrugated steel,
Maneuvering sharply across a landscape of barren concrete,
With deft strokes to the driving wheel,
Firm slanted pressure to the compressible gas pedal,
And skillful articulate movement of the gear shit machinery,
The tyre treads raced through wet mud roads,
Leaving behind trails of woven patterns,
Resembling dead sticks of rotten sugarcane,
As a sudden whirring noise encapsulated the atmosphere,
Tons of dust blew; silencing the crux of exuberant activity,
Brakes wailed in cacophonic unison,
Tyre chunks bled against the mass of hardened mud,
Creating asymmetrical rings of disdainful dust,
The main culprit being;
A cluster of iron pins; in hot agony,
Strewn in randomly savage proportions,
Waiting to trap innocent prey of vehicular rubber,
Inserting themselves into the thickened rubber flesh,
Squeezing out macro plumage of air mass; exhausting it to the last drop,
Rendering the spongy sheath of charismatic rubber,
Into distorted piles of mangled junk.


Infinite stretch of white metal,
Running parallel through unlimited access of territory,
Laid on mounds of defined camber,
Spaced at varying distances,
Connected by planks of resistant timber,
Criscrossing flexibly through a maze of routes,
Firmly stuck by tight screw; nut and bolt,
Welded to designer perfection,
In a kingdom of pointed stones,
And shady domains of tree foliage,
Bearing loads of flesh and cargo,
Along with metallic skeletons of speedy trains,
Excreting clouds of smoke as they pass,
Produced in coal chambers of captain room,
The train chugs blatantly,
With horns blaring in obstreperous unison,
Through steep slopes; cloistered tunnels,
Icy cliffs; steel bridges,
A jungle of stations; distant towns,
Embracing sticks of long iron rail,
On a compatible basis; for centuries of blissful travel.


The emerald green cinnamon leaf,
An undulating surface of midget proportions,
Engraved with somber white veins,
A camouflage of edibility,
Wild with rudimentary scent of nature,
Vivaciously luring tiny apertures of consumption,
Into a chewable fiesta; of spicy blended ingredients,
Prompting unanimous chorus of satisfaction,
As globules of water roll down from my crystalline eyes,
Witnessing natures brevity at close quarters,
Tuning my mental machinery; effusive arenas of my demeanor,
To harness the gift of clay and kin.


Brown smoke rose from the tall chimney,
Sinister eagles creating powerful draughts of wind,
Grey lizards swished their tail as they clawed upwards,
Dried moisture from the river bank descended on the tapered structure,
Engulfing parched skin of concrete with paltry amounts of natural coolant.

High up in the tower dwelt a grizzly haired man,
Solitude camouflaged him in totality,
Shriveled bones of his body shone prominently,
Silky white beard flowed majestically from his facial contours,
Adorned he was in godly robes of saffron gold,
Each of his finger was studded with a mystical charm,
There lay a crystal globe abreast of him,
Which he presumed; dissipated entangled enigmas of life.

An affluent man met him with loads of hope,
Bereft he was of precious centers of life bestowing vision,
He had groped about in darkness ever since he was born.

The eccentric saint stared at him for long hours,
Commanded him to kiss the crystal trophy; containing perfumed mountain shrub and water,
Sprinkled all parts of his persona with pinches of turmeric powder,
Smeared his eyes with a paste of rabbit whisker and boiled mushroom,
Chanted spell binding rhymes with proficient ease,
Swayed like a maniac expending all energy possessed by his wrinkled feet,
The transformation that occurred was breathtaking,
Transparent globules of water welled up in the man’s eyes,
Blurred outlines of the room became slowly visible,
Decades of agony in dark seemed to be fading fast,
He could now see the razor sharp outlines of ducks in the river,
As fresh rays of morning Sunlight caressed him with their full might.


The sparkling surface of evanescent water,
Reveals undiscovered exhilaration in a smooth manner,
The impregnable waters had few ripples,
Withstanding the acerbic summer heat,
Cruising along with radiant buoyancy,
Crawling step by step with dreary resistance to hard bed rock,
Into the open crevices of virgin land,
Covering in entirety; barren regions of dry river bed,
To give sedative effects like those experienced,
After massive consumption of lethal tranquilizer drugs.


Before me stretches the gargantuan ocean of blood,
O! helmsman be my eternal companion,
Launch me into it face down,
The turbulent waves of blood shake our boat,
But don’t be afraid my friend,
For at every step there’s god to be,
To wipe the tear drops from our eyes,
And to be our eternal friend.

Our boat is going too fast,
Slow it down a trifle my friend,
To bring it in terms with the actual pace of life,
Where lies agonizing sorrow and grief,
With a thick intensity,
For us to handle with our boat,
Trespassing calmly over it,
For every step that passes by; is a path to the open world.

O! Friend come near; lets prepare to jump,
In the concoction of blood and water that surrounds us,
For we have now left this life far behind,
And are prepared for the time to come,
Do not be afraid of the consequences my friend,
For this world will laugh at you and me,
I can hear the laugh loud and reverberating a few feet behind us,
C’mon lets prepare to jump.


O! Mother why do you shed your costly tears for me?
I’m horrid and of no use to this world,
With every unforgiving minute to my credit,
And the agony of my presence; causing tears to your eyes,
Those eyes which once oozed tears of ebullient happiness and joy,
Newness and excitement,
With the past memories reflecting poignantly in them,
And the most moisture engulfing them; making those tears more costly and inimitably priceless.

Please close your eyes,
For I have not the strength; to see your sorrow pouring out,
Just for the sake of a wretched boy,
Those holy white drops of your pain; purify the area on which they fall,
Creating tremors of faith,
Depicting your immortal glory to all.
Your eyes are so astoundingly beautiful,
Weren’t meant to cry,
But to enjoy the tears of ecstasy gushing out instead,
Every instant; creating sweet rivulets of love,
Away from my unearthly soul,
In a blissful world you would like to live in,
Leaving my disgraceful form; in the hands of the supreme form.

My every unpardonable deed,
Leads me to those pointed thorns, where I await my harsh destiny.
O ! Dear mother please don’t cry,
Don’t waste the wonderful years of your life,
For a coward like me, uncaring, unloving, causing misery to your impeccable heart,
Leave this devilish character,
Far away from your mesmerizing shadow,
Giving those eternal eyes of yours some rest,
But for heaven sake please don’t cry.


This man living was a blessing to earth,
His character truly spotless and bright,
With every bit of immaculate truth in it,
In a great vast and mangled world of politics,
Resolved to serve the nation
And to be a true stalwart cum true knight.

His persevering hand always got up for the right cause,
To crush evil with a strong force,
And gave infinite masses of people renewed hope.
His ideas were as firm as bare unprocessed bricks,
Bore tense enigmatic moments in peace,
And let ghastly crime on earth cease.
A quick glimpse of his wheatish face,
Can reveal a just and fair case.
His steps to righteous success were never stopped,
As they got mighty obstacles chopped.
He pointed to the right way,
Kept people round the globe always gay.
The essence of his benevolent deeds spread far and wide,
Prepares all humans for the onerous bout.
The ashes of his body still depict,
As to where the real freedom of India lives.

34. LIFE

Those dark brown fields of life,
So vast in an entrenchment of their own,
Lost in the syndrome of beauty,
Towering over all heights,
Capsizing the true mettle in man,
Perspiring from the onerous task,
Draping curtains of freshly dug earth,
Leading to dim lights shining ahead.

Those brown fields resemble that orange fading light,
Diffusing into blissful shades of turmoil,
Ebullient with the quenching of time,
Creating bountiful demands,
Abaft with blushes of scarlet red,
Entangling unsolved riddles of life.


I consider the weird tenacity of the intransigent air,
That tickles the envelope of my mind,
Unfolding a whole life of misery,
Involving the trickery of its kind.

The rugged terrains stretched like a shell,
Rings nonchalantly in my mind a good nice bell.
A flower blossoms; a bird chirps,
Bringing my mind the best kind of jerks.
At last I get out of this heavenly dream,
To enrich the taste of the real cream.


When I study the softness and true intimacy of the air,
It encapsulates my mind with an altruistic blare.
The velvety touch, the shadowy grace,
Have evaporated fully without a trace.
The hot and blistering breeze,
Has made the cool atmosphere cease.
The salty scent of air near the volatile sea,
Has always satisfied hordes of humming bee,
And filled innocent minds of school children with lots of glee.
The ravenous smell of the sweet blue air,
Has made man go near it,
For he has in his mind a plethora of thoughts; but no fear,
And as the scorching Sun filters through the sky,
The arid air mass cries aloud,
To get the sympathy of thin wisps of invisible clouds.


The mystic tune of melodious air,
Shimmering brightly in perennial softness,
With breaths of insatiable desire,
Like a golden harp beside me,
Flowing past my eyes; smothering all sorrows,
Entitling its presence to my skin,
With showers of silken delight to follow.

The path of air inside me,
Imprisons me with a wave of hope,
Briskly striding over a mountain of sadness,
Subsiding every iota of pain,
Enveloping my whole being in a languid manner,
Making surplus availability of exuberant thoughts,
To say goodbye to me.

That blazing rumble of soft movement,
Tickles my conscience astride,
Offering its red hot tenacity,
To the liquid of rage inside me,
Penetrating me with slow viscosity,
Determining my fate to go,
Placing me in an abysmal dilemma,
Like the dexterous string of elastic bows.


The vivid moonlight amidst the vast expanse of black,
Mesmerizing with tranquil tunes,
Whispers its sanity below,
To dark and moisture laden sultry air,
Intruding upon the blissful silence.

The spiritual harmony in whitish tinge,
Scrapes away ghastly black petals of malice,
Glistening in quiet contentment,
Revealing non violent signs of complete triumph,
Sprinkling crystalline dew drops of everlasting love.

It invades upon the softness of the night,
Giving rise to springs of spontaneous affinity,
Dreary to a host of artificial emotions,
Blazing its entrance into the world,
With strong mists of belief in self as its lone saviour.


O! that crystal clear stream flowing,
From tall precipices of the mountain; cascading below,
Those granules of spring water resemble love,
Make brand new paths to go,
Forming tributaries of eternal love,
Gushing at volatile speeds into the mystic world beneath.

The twisted path made by river flow,
Emphatic with light yellow tinges and glow,
With absolutely no hindrances to grow.
It imparts the secrete messages of hidden compassion,
Spreading its enchanting touch all over,
To this frenzied exhausted world,
With serene black calmness to follow.

The stream descends down in a placid manner,
With euphemistically soothing gurgling sounds,
Radiating in its splendid beauty,
To spread permanent messages of unbiased love,
To give relief in its arms,
Resembling gargantuan twists and turns of empathy.


The sky with its tinge of heavenly blue,
The sky which is coherent and true.
The sky so beautiful with its purplish face,
The sky that can conquer the human race.
The sky so sweet at lemonade,
The sky that can bring the earth an adolescent grade.
The sky that helps at the time of drought,
The sky that causes newborn seeds to sprout.
The sky that can bring crackling floods,
Doing so can shed a lot of blood.
The sky black and swollen near the river bank,
Hungry clusters of flower expecting all they can.
The drops of pelting water all hope for,
The sheets of rain showers already gone.
The sky with it protuberant legs stretched,
The sky that can get a house creshed.


The celestial placid shape in the sky,
Gains the shape of a question mark,
To give vague and abstract clues,
Depicting conventional meanings of life.

The star configuration gives new life to the door of hope,
Diverting the mind to sacred paths,
Leaving a person in a quandary,
Groping for reasons of non commercial survival.

It gives him a glimpse of his vibrant nature,
Pointing accurately to the heart core of life,
In this space age of computer and robot,
To bring a spiritual upstanding in life.

It sharpens ones outline,
Finely chiseling dormant parts of brain,
Making one mentally sound and fit,
Portraying to the world ones brand new gift.


The gallant star with perpetual shades of white on its coat,
Glitters through the darkness of the amicable night,
An envelope of pitch dark cosmos surrounds it,
Its blessed with a virtue of blatant intimacy,
Staying united amidst a constellation of planet,
Shy and late in announcing its presence in the sky,
The stars all in a blithe,
To give nourishing effects of gliding kites.

The earth’s surface reflected on it,
Goes through the web of exotic desire,
Overcoming thunderous whirlwinds and tumblers of rain,
Standing firmly where no else dares.

The stars take position in a tinge of black and blue,
Sticking to the sky like impregnable glue,
Suction occurs through their entire structure,
The emphatic feeling yet to come.


The wind blows at a soft tune,
As I sit in the full light of the Sun,
Profound with the power to enchant,
Teasing tiny grass stalks with all its might,
Filling stripped cavities of my heart,
With waves of rapturous melody.

The Sun’s light on the sprawling web of green,
Invades the blanket of blissful beauty,
Mesmerizing golden dew drops with its aura,
Like iterative soft caresses of a young mother,
Cuddling her baby with showers of encouragement,
Incorporated with conditions of pure love.

The gleaming sea waters in full flow,
Endowed with sparkling film of salt,
Strike colossal jet black rocks,
Translucent in their perennial strength,
Take the Sun with its dazzling yellow light,
As their constant companion.

The snow clad cliffs make a way,
Weaving their way through a valley of clouds,
Like crystalline shapes of pure wonder; encroaching and puffing solitary spaces of the misty valley.


The stream lit days of peace,
Flow past the agony of time,
So quiet, so serene, so blissful, yielding their touch softly; bit by bit,
Cruising smoothly over the field of messy emotions,
To give life to the tiny molecules of beginning,
In a supreme entrenchment of their own.

Sweet tunes pierce suspended carpets of air,
Gorgeously tranquil and splendid,
Oozing out silent tremors of love,
In circular rings of boisterous feelings,
Far distance away from the trapped world of complications,
In an ambience of mustard green dew drops,
Depicting short parables of perfect excitement,
Precarious with the fading of time.


Panic grips my heart,
As germs of fear enter my blood,
Biting every ounce of enthusiasm,
Every bit of mental strength,
Baffled by the onslaught of those faces,
As I look in sheer disbelief,
At the army of mutilated faces,
In this strange world created by God,
Plunging my whole being into emptiness,
Without a trace of hope; and lord being my saviour.

O! Lord; so beautiful is this world you have made,
Turbulent rivers; high mountains,
Clear blue skies; yellow seas,
Dazzling sights; treacherous heights,
But what form of beauty is this O! Lord,
Unfolding a trauma of ugliness,
The most deplorably dreaded form of a human being,
Circulating spasms of fear in my mind,
Leaving me in second thoughts,
As to what really is mankind.

Acrid Sunlight peeps through the windshield,
Bifurcating shades of yellow and green,
As satiny curls of my dermis go berserk,
My luscious lips produce glowing embers of animated smile,
As stringent rays of palpable dimensions,
Smother the grievances of a scalding destiny,
Stitching adeptly the dungeons of devastation,
Halting boulders of vexation,
Through sweetened fruits of creation.
The vivid network of intermingled light,
Finally blazes across my incoherent eyes,
Prompting me to secure my grip on the driving wheel,
Dousing flames of perverted imagery,
Exorbitantly rekindling my faith in mankind.


Fresh beanstalks of green chili,
Standing upright in fecund patches of clay,
Strewn in crusty jigsaw moulds,
With famished caterpillars in its womb,
Swarms of obstreperous flies buzzing around,
And hordes of white mice sprinting with a squeaking sound.

Water clogs arid balls of cracked mud,
Jutting out fiercely; from hose pipes composed of coarse cloth,
Forming pulpy rivulets; amidst the garnished stalks,
Drenching the untilled land; with pearls of natural nutrients,
Pure and crystalline from the inner core of earth.
The parrot green buds then ripened in quick succession,
Into macro skin coverings of saliently dark green,
The entire camouflage whistled with the win,
Withering the plethora of standing stalks,
Heaps of chili now lay in a mangled wreck,
Giving rise to the Tapered and the Spiciest


Finely chiseled in circular fashion,
White and sparkling in complexion,
Engraved in multiple denomination,
Dexterously crafted to realistic proportions,
Malleable with euphoric scent of obsession,
Spreading indispensable waves of possession,
To living masses with grey matter in utter commotion,
lustrous and eternal with yearly corrugations,
A commodity spearheading all emotions,
Trampling indiscriminately over all temptations,
Reigning supreme above all imagination,
Spinning webs of dreamy sedation,
Placing it to be a landmark of fascination,
Blessed with a virtue of godly personification,
The Currency Coin was eventually garlanded as the kind of all destinations.


Unbaked flabby chunks of dough,
With loosely sprawled fine powder,
Molded into round lumps of bulky wheatmeal,
An unyielding deodorant in its primitive form,
Studded with minute recesses clinging to its body,
Awaiting hybrid flames from unburnt firewood,
To nurture it into a ripened swell of burnt complexion,
Compactly stitched at all sections,
With threads of natural glue,
Compressed into delicious sandwiched bread,
Sewn in perfect co-ordination,
With progressively low rising engulfing fusion,
Emanating from the tiny apertures of gas burner,
Enriching and finally deserting it as a
victorious fragment of Consumption


The leaf gorgeously parrot green in color,
Relishes flamboyant tinges of purple on its coat,
Its face tapered and jutting out,
It reveals to all its natural splendour,
Infinite lines adorn its spongy surface,
Bifurcating oblong zones of its sand paper complexion,
Its real beauty comes pouring out,
As the rainy season begins to sprout.
The beauty which is truly emphatic,
Indicates bent points on its slender persona,
Drooping down in a stingy manner,
To get a fleeting glimpse of the earth,
Which nourished it like a baby from its childhood to its present day youth,
The very earth; of which it has been an integral part for decades of existence.
It sways gently in the hot currents of breeze,
Dead eyes disclosing true facts of life,
Hold no fear; are devoid of vacillating emotion,
Leading a person to astral remnants of an ancient phase.
Its time of perennial joy never ends,
For it always shows its naturally sculptured and angular bend.

The End .


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