Hide and Seek – part 5 – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

Copyright © by Nikhil Parekh

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 5 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh's earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing-but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid-bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.

This book tingles every living being's imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid-bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.




When i sedately pinched an opalescent balloon filled with tons of gas,
pricked it with ultra thin needles coated with scorpion sting,
gave it a volatile punch in its solar plexus,
the colossal ball of swollen rubber burst with obstreperous bangs,
now resembling deflated skin of threadbare junk.

when i boisterously pinched the shell of juicy water melon,
ripped apart the fruit with adroit strokes of the butcher knife,
kneaded the blood red pulp, applying unrelenting pressure with palms,
squashed the residue in compressed interiors of knotted cloth,
a stream of crimson red juice tumbled directly into scorched regions of my throat.

when i placidly pinched the striped skin coat of a sleeping leopard,
tickled his upright ears with silken camouflage of Falcon feather,
left a plethora of red ant to wander around his slimy nose,
kicked his rear playfully with swashbuckling strokes of my feet,
the beast roared ferociously, jolted from arena's of blissful sleep,
devoured me like an insect, relishing a meal of soft tender bone.

when i vindictively pinched blissfully asleep tunnels of my heart,
poked my ribs with icy cold vegetable of carrot,
turbulent voices advocated my penchant for everlasting freedom,
a mystical aura radiated from my wheatish face,
i wanted to smile with pumped exuberance for the remaining quota of life,
before blending my ashes with the mundane playground of earth.


When i feel happy and bustling with youth,
the atmosphere sprinkled with petals of palpable emotion,
i embrace semicircular pillars of white stone with a vice like grip.

when i feel besieged with waves of despondence,
inflated bubbles of energy pierced with daggers of revenge,
i stare nonchalantly at clouds swimming in the sky.

when i feel exhausted with mounting tasks of the day,
clothes soaked wet in pools of dripping sweat,
i suspend my feet in salty water of the ferocious sea.

when i feel pangs of hunger striking walls of long intestine,
dreary body frame succumbs to an unnatural siesta ,
i stretch my mouth palette wide to swallow large chunks of roasted potato.

when i feel tickled rolling in languid blades of grass,
grey lizards traverse rough barks of live tree wood,
i inhale air in lungs, scream in ecstasy flexing vocal chords deep down my throat.

when my fingers swell with incessant clinging to fountain pen,
mental imagery fluctuates in relation to school text load,
i massage both palms vigorously with herbal turmeric balm.

when i fly in the aircraft at unsurpassable heights from ground,
the flight steward serves tall beer mugs of juice,
i feel like floating in blue air of the bare sky,
with my body strapped firmly to chords of parachute.

when i feel the world frantically running after me,
there exists no peace at all quarters of the city,
i enclose myself in soundproof walls of my submarine,
listen to melodious tunes of Egyptian music.

when i envisage the poor shivering in icy winds of winter,
stunningly rich trading wealth in polished glass walls of the kingly casino,
i feel like distributing minuscule fractions of their affluence,
to my human counterparts on the brink of extinction.


They floated like inflated gas balloons,
bounced to and fro between the earth and sky,
leapt from amazing height of the castle tower,
drowned deep in remote galleries of the blue ocean,
walked through crackling flames producing blistering heat,
ate needle thorn with coats of salt for evening supper,
drove their cars suspended in air ,evading cumbersome jams,
closed their breaths for abnormal hours without traces of suffocation,
transformed the patches of earth on which they tread into sticks of gold,
held out their hands for scorpions to sting,
took bath in fuming acid at the rise of handsome dawn,
inscribed the names of their beloved on flesh with rusty knife,
chewed the hardest of bone with nonchalant ease,
devoured atom bomb shell like flavored candy cakes,
scored cent percent marks in every single grade,
bludgeoned their way, unhurt amidst an ambience of indiscreet gunfire,
swam with the elegance of a white shark through the red sea,
were invisible in the brightest sunlight of the day,
danced all throughout the night without a single spell of enchanting sleep,
they had existed since millions of calendar year,
in secret domains beyond silver grey outlines of the rain cloud,
even before the first sign of life wept on this earth,
some millions years prior to man's creation,
their awesome power was simply unparalleled,
they always wore satin robes of spotless white,
they christened themselves as angels of the sky


i wore spiked shoe with projecting porcupine thorn,
tread on the brittle surface of the frozen lake,
breaking the harmony of the agglutinated chunks of ice.

i wore a demon mask having scores of Dracula teeth,
attached a hair wig composed of fiery needle,
roamed in zebra striped suits, traversing the busy streets,
thereby scaring groups of innocent children.

i wore trousers made of threadbare rope,
encapsulated my chest in jackets of rich straw,
held wine jars in my hand containing pure incense stick,
sat down to meditate with routine traffic whistling past my eyes.

i wore a plastic coat made from stale polythene,
triangular cap of cane possessing an army of irregular holes,
nailed a big plus in the center of my broad chest,
catered to a host of patients as the visiting doctor.

i wore a suit stitched in exquisite quality silk,
sparkling boots made of snake python leather,
sprinkled my persona with gallons of whale perfume,
pinned an enchanting red rose to my immaculate tie,
sat with overwhelming peace in the plush interiors of the American coffee shop.


I stood for marathon hours under the blistering Sun; accomplishing a battalion
of tasks with the arid breeze slapping my cheek,
When I came back home; I instantly pacified my insatiable thirst consuming a
glass of cold water.

I ran long distances on a track of consolidated mud; with pumped exuberance
bursting through my fragile muscles,
Infinite strands of my hair engulfed by golden sweat; I then submerged my
forehead in a glass of water to rejuvenate my pulsating temples.

I clambered up steep slopes of the mountain using the full power of my wrists;
with a crunching sound emanating from my bones,
As an inevitable aftermath; I swooned on the ground midway in exhaustion;
opened my eyes the instant I was sprinkled with a glass of water.

I rolled ecstatically in a curry of voluptuously wet mud; incorporating my
demeanor with streaks of brown blended with abashing black,
Poured a glass of water with vigorous tenacity on the same; to get rid of the
disdainful dirt.

I lay unconscious on the ground; after diligently fasting all day; exhaling
shallow gasps of breath at intermittent intervals;
Displayed the first signs of recovery; after a glass of water was meticulously
impregnated in my body.

My voice sounded pungently shrill and hoarse simultaneously; with blurred
notes of music diffusing when I sang,
Although I was cheered with boisterous claps; received a plethora of
accolades; when I opened my mouth after drinking a glass of water.

Streams of blood oozed profusely from my wounds; as I lay on the road after a
ghastly accident,
The flow however ceased dramatically; after I drenched my bruise in a glass of

I wrote unrelentingly under the dim light of the bulb; with my dainty fingers
tiring as a manifestation of the onerous effort,
However my hands were as fit as to decimate a brick wall; after revitalizing
them with a glass of water.

I lived my life in penurious circumstances; with meager emoluments of affluence to my credit,
However to all who visited my dilapidated dwelling; I never failed to offer a glass of water; gratifying their thirst; prompting them to shower blessings on my impoverished soul.

I commenced my day in brilliant sunlight consuming it with relish; imparting
radiant tenacity to my silhouette,
Retired for the night uttering a silent thanks to the Creator for all the goodness he created; admiring the richness embossed in that innocuous looking glass of
warm water.


A writer without a pen; is like a dog deprived of its magnanimously furry tail,
A writer without a pen; is like the jungle woodpecker without a beak,
A writer without a pen; is like a musician without a melodious voice,
A writer without a pen; is like a cluster of fish deprived of saline water,
A writer without a pen; is like the celestial body of Sun bereft of brilliant rays,
A writer without a pen; is like the colossal persona of blackboard without
colored chalk,
A writer without a pen; is like the desert without astronomical amounts of scorched sand,
A writer without a pen; is like the cow stripped of its angular horn,
A writer without a pen; is like the exquisite sedan divested of aromatic fuel,
A writer without a pen; is like a red ant without its poignant sting,
A writer without a pen; is like a well laid concrete road without congested traffic,
A writer without a pen; is like a bird without its pair of indispensable wings,
A writer without a pen; is like warm quilt without stuffing if wool,
A writer without a pen; is like a grandiloquent chess board without carved pieces,
A writer without a pen; is like a wrestler without bulging muscles,
A writer without a pen; is like a computer without a plethora of programmed chips,
A writer without a pen; is like the scintillating sword without a sharp edge,
A writer without a pen; is like a rustic panther without its vociferous growl,
A writer without a pen; is like an oyster without immaculate pearl,
A writer without a pen; is like the preposterously huge blue whale without teeth,
A writer without a pen; is like black thunderous clouds in the cosmos without pelting rain,
A writer without a pen; is like sticky puddles of glue without adhesive power,
A writer without a pen; is like a bank vault without crisp notes of currency,
A writer without a pen; is like the sacrosanct Bible without umpteenth parables of holy literature,
A writer without a pen; is like man existing on earth without mystical traces of love,
Therefore it is my vehement plea to all writers treading on the soil of this earth,
Lift the contraption of pen and ink in your philanthropic hands,
Voraciously inundate blank sheets of paper; with infinite lines of effusive literature,
Thereby portraying the power of your thoughts; transmitted with great efficacy
by the innocuous pen.


The race horse inexorably needed red radish; with succulent green leaves,
Before he could fall into a slumber; rest his tired body with paltry hours of
nocturnal sleep.

A fleet of birds impregnated their nests with bountiful fillings of twigs and grass,
Cuddled their offspring with quills of ruffled feather; before retiring for night sleep.

The pot bellied tortoise receded its head way back in its obdurate shell,
Gulped down handsome pints of water; before shutting his eyes and going to sleep.

The venomous spider; trapped a plethora of insect in its battalion of arms,
Traversed across the periphery of its silken; before clamping its legs and
falling asleep.

The preposterously huge whale; hunted down gargantuan amounts of small fish,
Transforming the ostentatious silhouette of the luxury ship into pieces of floating log; before transiting to realms of deep sleep.

Slithering reptiles in the densely cloistered jungle; stung innocuous people by the campfire,
Stealthily devouring fresh eggs laid by bird mother; before they retreated in their den to sleep.

The disdainful leech; sucked infinite amount of blood,
Stuck intractably like the strongest of glue; languishing a bit before falling into
a snooze.

Stray donkey's on the road; obstreperously wailed their tale of daily woes,
Stood on their hooves; with their heads lowered down in shame; before embracing night sleep.

The hunchbacked camel in the desert ambled at languid speeds,
Stored colossal amounts of water in its belly; before he bent down on the sand
to sleep.

Hordes of mosquitoes stung scores of people; mischievously grinned,
Extracting robust blood to gratify their gluttony; before going to sleep.

And an army of humans on this earth; perspired onerously under the Sun all
blistering day,
Earning fodder to sustain precious life; inscribing a place to dwell on the
surface of earth,
Before they eventually retired for the night; to blissfully snore and sleep.


I wanted to flood barren sheets of paper with infinite lines of embossed literature,
I wanted to flood the sprawling lands of desert with awesome amounts of slippery sand,
I wanted to flood the dry beds of the seasonal river with lots of fresh water,
I wanted to flood crystalline blue patches of the bald sky with diabolically grey clouds,
I wanted to flood stripped branches of the autumn tree with a battalion of lush
green leaves,
I wanted to flood dilapidated crevices of the mansion wall with coats of
scrupulous paint,
I wanted to flood profusely oozing wounds on the body with antiseptic powder,
I wanted to flood undulating slopes of the colossal mountain with scintillating sheets of snow,
I wanted to flood hollow burrows of the red ant family with bountiful chinks of italian bread,
I wanted to flood the eyes of people who were blind with indispensable sight,
I wanted to flood shattered panes of window; with arrays of pellucid glass,
I wanted to flood dismally empty tanks of the sedan with reinvigorating petrol,
I wanted to flood the fathomless well beside my house with surplus quantity of animate frog,
I wanted to flood the lungs of a dead man with bountiful and clean air,
I wanted to flood long stretches of the cable wire with white currents of electricity,
I wanted to flood naked patches of skin displayed with sacrosanct garment,
I wanted to flood the rusty nails lying dispersed on the ground with lots of resplendent color,
I wanted to flood the magnanimous persona of saline sea with a flurry of ravishing waves,
I wanted to flood the morose faces of individuals in anguish with blissful smiles,
I wanted to flood the mutilated silhouette of the crippled with inevitable bone,
I wanted to flood the empty bowl of the impoverished with life yielding food,
I wanted to flood the picturesquely embellished jar with fragrant rose,
And most importantly I wanted to flood the tenderly tangible heart of my
beloved; with overwhelming love.


If I used acerbic tree twigs instead of the corrugated comb to part my hair,
The outcome would be ludicrously funny; with several strands of follicle settling wildly on my scalp.

If I used steaming acid instead of water to clean my persona in the morning,
Blissful patches of my radiant skin would transit to a ghastly brown; as an aftermath of the acrimonious effluent.

If I used pure nectar instead of soap to wash my face,
There would be a battalion of red ant crawling all over; injecting small vials of sting in my blood.

If I used a quilt embossed with thorns to sleep; instead of one with furry cotton,
A myriad of spots in my body would bleed; rendering me tossing and turning all throughout the chilly night.

If I used raw coal tar instead of sandalwood mascara to embellish my eyes,
They would incessantly water; with a host of foreign bodies invading their dainty ambience.

If I used water logged cloth instead of Sun dried sticks to light a fire,
The conflagration would fail to incinerate; with paltry draughts of smoke produced as a ramification.

If I used a flat plate of porcelain instead of a mug to consume a barrel of fresh milk,
The liquid would clumsily spill; with frugal droplets of the concoction being able to enter my mouth.

If I used my hands to walk instead of my sturdy feet,
I would inevitably lose balance; toppling on the ground; appearing to be one from the acrobatic circus.

If I used red chili in food; instead of Commensurate amounts of salt,
The taste buds in my tongue would irredeemably burn; with my bowels relinquishing taste forever.

If I used all my love for a girl with overwhelming affluence; instead of the one who desired me truly from the heart,
She would feed me with sumptuous food no doubt; while keeping me tied in chains of rebuke and insult till the time I live.

And If I used infinite hours in the day worshipping God instead of doing something for those afflicted with distress,
The Creator himself would admonish me to perform benevolent deeds;
Assisting people camouflaged in cloud covers of anguish and sorrow,
Which would be the greatest prayer I could dream of offering to him.


I buried myself deep into an island of loose sand; sprawled in abundance on the solitary street,
Warm moisture clinging to mud; like the vise like grip of a mother,
Blended profusely with an agglomerate of loose stone and fish shell,
Perspiring voraciously in the sweltering heat of the stringent day,
Loads of contaminated debris neatly aligning its periphery,
Frigid particles of soil flying high and handsome in violent puffs of wind,
Rustic chameleons slithering harmlessly past rotund rocks settled in the clay,
Finely crushed sand glittering like an opalescent mirror in the flaming Sun,
Multi legged roots of the uprooted tree; lying obsolete amidst a mountain of earth,
The conglomerate of golden sand shimmered magnanimously in the hostile beams of Sun.

A plethora of earth worms tickled intricate zones of my ear,
Red ants in clambered up my bare chest; stinging my supple flesh,
There was perennial darkness encapsulating my silhouette,
I breathed heavily in a dense ambience of mud and slippery fossil,
There was no scope for vociferous noise; I barely possessed the power to whisper,
Incessantly blending my hands in the mystical wetness; I tumultuously fantasized about lush green lawns on the pastoral slopes,
Ostentatious palaces of pure sandalwood; fighter jets flying at swashbuckling speeds,
Unrelenting rain pelting down showering solid medallions of glistening gold,
I suddenly felt thoroughly exhausted; parched regions of my throat wailed exorbitantly for cool water,
Infinite hours of sleeping under sand had sapped indispensable energy from
my bones,
Eventually prompting me to dismantle the web of silver granules,
And as I audaciously stepped out in the brilliant light of the moon,
I was a sight to be ludicrously stared at; evoking a volley of incoherent laughter from the pedestrians,
With every arena of my persona being submerged in disdainful coats of mud,
Obnoxious molecules of sand extruding from a battalion of territories in my body.


I had a cavalcade of ostentatious cars following me every second; with melodious tunes emanating from the sleek music systems,
The upholstery was plush; the ambience was besieged with a pungent aroma of
wild scented flower,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to hold my hand; make me frivolously smile.

I had a furry quilt made of the finest quality satin; adhered to a bed embossed with pure God,
Embroidered carpets sprawling on the colossal walls; with the majestic panther
skin hanging limp from the ceiling,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to sing enchanting rhymes; tickle me in
my ribs; make me go to sleep.

I had grandiloquent pool of water in the interiors of my palace; with the waters appearing emerald green in the full moonlight,
An aquarium of exquisite fish blended with crystalline pebble; with profoundly
embellished life boats floating on the surface,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one to splash water on my face; swim with rejuvenating euphoria beside me.

I had the most succulent of violet grapes lying on corrugated silver; with blood red apple juxtaposed in clusters,
Ravishing glasses of immaculate milk; the most piquant of green chili; with commensurate proportions of Italian chocolate,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one in vicinity to converse with me; feed me the food with congenial warmth.

I had a piano studded with the most resplendent of diamond; a jugglery of musical instrument lying in exorbitant quantity,
A slender necked violin leaning on the wall; enmeshed with a myriad of chiseled wire,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was no one in proximity to listen to the enchanting
music when I played.

I wore a bullet proof jacket encompassing my chest; with scintillating swords
protruding gallantly from my back,
A luxuriously emollient suit camouflaging the same; snake leather shoes concluding my kingly attire,
Yet I felt lonely; as there was none in the surrounding; able to listen to my throbbing heart.

I had amassed sumptuous wealth in the tenure of my life; with currency of all kind cascading down my persona,
Armed forces parading around the formidable castle I inhabited; an ocean of golden honey plummeting down from the window,
Yet I felt lonely; as I couldn’t purchase her intricate heart with all the affluence I possessed; hold her captive in the prison of my gold.


The stray dog on the street had an inevitable instinct to wag its bushy tail
when ecstatic,
Garrulously bark at irate trespassers; who hurled irregular stones at its shriveled persona.

The leotard skinned cat; had an insatiable instinct to lap vigorously at frosty milk,
Purr in its ubiquitously pungent voice; when tickled intensely in the ribs.

The twin horned cow; had an involuntary instinct of swishing its slender tail;
to drive away buzzing flies,
Laboriously chewed loads of grass; before preparing to snooze on the bare tarmac.

A battalion of ants on the floor; had inborn instincts of walking in groups,
Injected their acrimonious sting; the moment they sighted bare flesh in proximity.

The birds soaring high in sapphire carpets of satin clouds; had effusive instincts of chirping melodiously,
Did so at the onset of every evanescent dawn; and the unveiling of stormy night.

The slimy frogs residing in shallow realms of the cloistered pond; had a disdainful instinct to croak,
The instant tumultuous showers of rain; pelted down from the sky in fury.

A cluster of animate roses emanating from brown soil; had a perpetual instinct
to diffuse fragrance,
Sleep with its articulate petals closed; as vigils of dusk strangulated bright light.

The serrated brown lizard on the wall; had a vindictive instinct of spurting blood from its eyes,
The instants it got provoked by kin; envisaged signals of being mutilated.

The frivolous monkey perched up in the entwined branches of tree; had mischievous instincts to imitate,
As he cast his eyes on surrounding organisms; scrupulously emulating their plethora of emotions.

And humans breathing air on sacrosanct soil of the universe; had a natural instinct to love,
Mutually interact; spreading waves of harmony, bliss, and compassion,
Procreating infinite numbers of their own kind,
Irrespective of cast; creed; religion and the hour of day they were born and witnessed first rays of brilliant Sunlight


I wanted to be your tenacious palms; when you wanted to climb the steep mountain,
I wanted to be your intricate eyes; when you desired to browse speedily through condensed literature,
I wanted to be your formidable teeth; when you wanted to passionately chew hard chunks of sugarcane,
I wanted to be your feet; when you felt exhausted; with marathon distances yet to be covered,
I wanted to be your knotted fingers; when you wished to inundate immaculate sheets of paper with infinite lines of script,
I wanted to be your skin; when you felt the blistering heat of the Sun; the steaming breeze burning your flesh,
I wanted to be your breath; when you felt suffocated; gasping to inhale in claustrophobic cabins of the aircraft,
I wanted to be your memory; when you needed to scrupulously retrospect the past,
I wanted to be your laughter; when you danced around the room in stupendous exultation,
I wanted to be your stomach; when you were afflicted by monotonous constipation,
I wanted to be your rosy tongue; when you felt like boisterously screeching; expanding your lungs to top capacity,
I wanted to be your bones; when you felt dreary ready to collapse on the ground,
I wanted to be your nails; when you felt like inevitably scratching mundane paint from wall,
I wanted to be your confidence; when you were confronted all alone by a gang of unruly thieves,
I wanted to your inspiration; when life seemed cumbersome at every footstep; with the tyranny of fate besieging you every second,
I wanted to be your ability to fantasize; when you desired to of to blissful sleep,
I wanted to be your ravishing hair; which swirled with mesmerizing grace under
the fully opalescent moon,
I wanted to be your blood; flowing unrelentingly through your ocean blue veins,
I wanted to be your sweat; oozing profusely when you laboriously executed a plethora of household tasks,
I wanted to be your effusive tears; when you felt like sobbing in tribulation,
And over and above all; I wanted to be your heart; which was purer than the
most exquisite of gold; loved me more than anybody else inhabiting this earth.


The nimble blades of grass sprouting from soil; wanted sumptuous sunshine for
The boisterous squirrels clambering on the tree; wanted a
The reptiles slithering mystically through a labyrinth of blend of insect and large succulent leaf,
The frogs croaking in discordant cacophony; wanted blotted ponds of water to bathe and make merry,
The mystically radiant reptile slithering through jungle bush; wanted
innocuous trespassers; to sting,
The pearly white mushrooms growing rampantly in the fields; wanted tinges of disdainful dirt,
The hunch backed camel traversing through the abysmally hot desert; wanted revitalizing refreshments of water,
The uncanny spider spinning its web with dexterity; wanted to devour unsuspecting prey entangled in vicinity,
The ostentatiously inflated persona of balloon; wanted to soar at unprecedented heights in the air and fly,
The diminutive body of matchstick; wanted to incinerate mammoth buildings and produce fire,
The majestic leopard galloping through the forest, wanted to capsize its prey; pulverize it to pieces,
The ubiquitous birds flying in the sky; wanted to reach back their nests before the onset of perilous night,
The ravenous waves of the sea blended perfectly in full Sunlight; wanted to rise high; collide with the jagged rocks and eventually die,
The brown eyed looking impeccable goat; wanted to consume lots of corn
and produce frosty milk,
The sniffer dogs running at swashbuckling speeds through the city streets; wanted to hunt nefarious criminals; annihilate traces of their entity,
The gigantic lizard on the wall incessantly changed its color; wanted to entice its prey; pretending to be like a dead twig,
The pot bellied ducks quacked for indefatigable hours in the day; wanted scores of opalescent fish to relish,
The monstrous sized tortoise with its neck well camouflaged; wanted a plethora of worm,
The frivolously sculptured domestic cat; wanted to insatiably sip at hidden bowls of milk,
The obnoxiously detestable cockroach violently fluttered its antenna; wanted to safely sleep in the clammy and untidy realms of the gutter,
The diabolical demon in fairy tales; wanted to munch humans like ants in his mouth,
And till the time I existed on this earth in the form of a human being,
I wanted to unrelentingly love; make the world a better place to live in,
With celestial blessings of the Creator; to assist me in every step of my benevolent endeavor.


If I had a thousand bricks stashed beside my persona; I would utilize them all to construct an invincible house,
If I had a thousand fishes slithering for life in my vicinity; I would put them back into the saline sea,
If I had a thousand burnt needles in my palms; I would embellish them with ice candy; incorporating them on the surface of chocolate cake,
If I had a thousand pens full of fountain ink; I would inundate the blank demeanor of paper with a battalion of literature,
If I had a thousand apples embossed with brilliantly radiant skins; I would peel of the same at lightning speeds and cupidly devour the imprisoned juice,
If I had a thousand cars aligned right outside my driveway; I would traverse through the steep hills with a cavalcade of soldiers following me,
If I had a thousand cubes of cheese strewn haphazardly beside my nose; I would nibble at a few distributing the rest amongst a plethora of red ants,
If I had a thousand pieces of flocculent cotton; I would juxtapose them together; then sleeping in tranquil calm on the conglomerate of my innovative bed,
If I had a thousand hunter dogs; I would engage them in tracking nefarious criminals; reprimanding the culprits severely for their compendium of misdeeds,
If I had a thousand balls of immaculate marble; I would bang them on the ground to produce a deafening noise; roll with sheer exhilaration on the same,
If I had a thousand cakes of deplorable cowdung; I would smear them on the walls of my house; sparing a few to splash around mischievously,
If I had a thousand legs; I would sleep; at the same time walk; clambering up
the treacherous terrain without perspiring in the Sun,
If I had thousand eyes; I would clearly sight disdainful traffic in front as well as in the rear; alongwith the twinkling stars in the sky,
If I had a thousand dreams; I would keep sleeping all Sunlit day as well as in the starry night,
If I had a thousand tongues; I would eloquently speak the language of each city in the world with nonchalant ease,
If I had a thousand arms; I would embrace all whom I revered without feeling drearily exhausted,
If I had a thousand moons; I wouldn’t need a mirror to gaze at my reflection; instead would admire my intricate silhouette in the celestial body,
If I had a thousand glasses of poignant brandy lying on the shelf; I would consume it regularly with unprecedented jubilation; and would always refrain from contracting a cold,
If I had a thousand guns; I would use them to assassinate traces of crime inhabiting this earth,
If I had a thousand leaves of red betel; I would chew them incessantly thereby coating my lips with scarlet color,
If I had a thousand cameras; I would use them all to snap the picture of the ones I cherished,
If I had a thousand twigs of wood; I would stack them meticulously to incinerate a crackling fire; relishing the gratifying warmth all throughout the chilly night,
If I had a thousand biscuits of gold; I would blend them to form exquisite pieces of jewelry; purchase the best quality of Persian silk,
And if by the grace of god I had a thousand lives to live in; I would unrelentingly love the girl of my dreams; the very girl I today passionately cared for.


If I had your love; I would be able to light blazing fires in icy water,
If I had your love; I could impart life in dead blades of insipid grass,
If I had your love; I could bring the celestial stars back on terrestrial land,
If I had your love; I could flood the scorching soil of the desert with cool reinvigorating liquid,
If I had your love; I could transform mundane mud into gold,
If I had your love; I could make the colossal aircraft fly without wings,
If I had your love; I could make the ceiling bulb shine without electricity,
If I had your love; I could make disdainful stones glitter like exquisite diamonds,
If I had your love; I could make those bereft of indispensable sight; blissfully see,
If I had your love; I could embed the hearts of brutal criminals with perpetual love,
If I had your love; I could blend the sapphire clouds existing in the firmament of sky in the balcony of your living room,
If I had your love; I could construct a house with frigid chunks of decayed paper,
If I had your love; I could make a computer function without intricate programmed microchips,
If I had your love; I could drive a car at flamboyant speeds without petrol,
If I had your love; I could inundate the immaculate white canvas with resplendent streaks of vibrant color,
If I had your love; I could smolder the heat in an crackling fire without an extinguisher,
If I had your love; I could emboss the parchment of bonded paper with infinite
lines of calligraphy with a concoction of my blood,
If I had your love; I could make a dumb man speak like he was the finest orator,
If I had your love; I could produce a rainbow in the gargantuan cosmos without
If I had your love; I could conquer the tallest summit of the mountain with unprecedented ease,
If I had your love; I could win the mightiest of battles without a sword,
If I had your love; I could submerge myself in fuming acid without getting ruthlessly burnt,
If I had your love; I could live without food and water for marathon hours on the trot,
If I had your love; I could stroll casually without clothes amidst the freezing winds of the snow clad alps,
If I had your love; I could make a snake bite without injecting its deadly poison,
If I had your love; I could make individuals sleeping in dead corpses awaken with robust life,
If I had your love; I could annihilate the deadliest of obstacles that confronted my way,
If I had your love; I could drink the most lethal of poison and still dance boisterously on the open streets,
If I had your love; I would feel endowed by the Almighty as the most fortunate of all existing; and If ever by stroke of hapless fortune relinquished life; I would yet
feel alive.


If my hands were made of pure stainless steel;
I would be able to dismantle the most obdurate of stone; shattering the most acerbic of glass,
At the same time; I would be deprived of the intricate ability to sketch and paint.

If my legs were composed of glistening steel; fortified with surplus fillings
of iron,
I would be able to trample fearlessly through blistering oceans of lava; kicking mighty barricades of wood hampering my way,
At the same time; I would relinquish the ability to handsomely walk and run.

If my skull was blended with invincible iron; embedded with an amalgamate of strong cement,
I would be able to withstand the most tenacious of blows; rupture brick walls by my mere caress,
At the same time; I would emancipate the ability to majestically fantasize and think.

If my eyes were made of impregnable steel, embellished with an exterior coating of brass,
Hot needles of coal wouldn’t make an impact when inserted; and they wouldn’t bleed,
At the same time; I would abdicate the power to see; produce volatile tears of empathy.

If the nails on my fingers were made of polished steel,
I would be able to scratch the hardest of wall with nonchalant ease; dig deep fathomless holes in rock ground,
At the same time; I would lose the right to poke my mother.

If the house that I lived in was composed of steel juxtaposed with shards of blotted chrome,
I would sleep all night without the tension of burglars intruding in,
At the same time; I would be deprived of the ravishing scent of grass; and the
gusty winds of nature.

If the clusters of my teeth were made of formidable steel,
I would be able to crack the hardest of coconut; gnaw incessantly at raw slices of unprocessed bone,
At the same time; I would feel embarrassed to smile; kiss my beloved with passionate fervour.

And if my heart was made of high quality resistant steel,
I would be able to withstand the most voracious of body blows; sustaining life
even at high altitudes in the air,
At the same time; It would fail to beat violently when I was supremely in
love; and reminiscing nostalgia of past pain.


I liked the way; the jugglery of bones moved in the body,
I liked the way thunderous clouds in the cosmos produced sheets of torrential rain,
I liked the way in which fish swam articulately swishing their silken fins,
I liked the way; in which handsome horses galloped down the plateau at swashbuckling speeds,
I liked the way; in which fluorescent bulbs diffused gaudy lights on the street,
I liked the way; in which steaming brown filter coffee was poured melodiously in bar mugs,
I liked the way; in which intricate zones in my eardrum reacted ecstatically to vociferous sound,
I liked the way; tones of literature was juxtaposed on immaculate bond paper
of books,
I liked the way; in which gleaming sheath of Black hair cascaded down effeminate shoulders,
I liked the way; in which the railway engine obstreperously chugged through
solitary arenas of desert,
I liked the way; in which a plethora of bamboo sticks were used to construct fortified enclosures for dwelling,
I liked the way; in which golden particles of saw dust flew haphazardly in the austere breeze,
I liked the way; in which the princely panther clambered tall trees with nonchalant ease,
I liked the way; in which scores of glowworm radiated mystical rays at the onset of twilight,
I liked the way; in which the crystal waterfall plummeted down the slopes at tumultuous speeds,
I liked the way; in which small cubes of ice rolled down the slope; eventually transiting into a mighty avalanche,
I liked the way; in which enchanting shapes were sketched by synchronized strokes of the paint brush,
I liked the way; in which those dying of thirst; quenched their thirst drinking
gallons of spring water,
I liked the way; in which ostentatious cars sped down the valley at rollicking speeds,
I liked the way; in which people bounced on an island of pure jelly; catapulting a few feet above ground,
I liked the way; in which the cricket ball was hurled over the fence with overwhelming tenacity,
I liked the way; in which innocuous toddlers played incessantly in pools of wet mud,
I liked the way; in which the philanthropic politician helped clusters of individuals afflicted by distress,
I liked the way; in which the voluptuous nightingale flooded the atmosphere with mesmerizing rhyme,
I liked the way; in which crisp flakes of popcorn tumbled in unison from the wending machine,
I liked the way; in which man toiled to unprecedented limits in order to retain his self esteem,
I liked the way; in which young hearts throbbed violently; falling prey to inevitable love,
I liked the way; in which tender patches of my skin developed disdainful rash when stung by harmless nettle,
I liked the way; in which the flag patronizing my nation fluttered high in the wind,
I liked the way; in which people bereft of sight; still had a zeal to live; relying solely on the sense of hearing,
I liked the way; in which acrimonious rays of Sun fumigated all the filth on earth,
I liked the way; in which colossal mountains trembled due to onslaught of the earthquake,
I liked the way; in which pellucid mirror of glass reflected my authentic image,
I liked the way; in which the tranquil moon shone on my eyes when I was in
realms of deep sleep,
I liked the way; in which all the tangible and intangible existed; under a single roof; blended with harmony and love,
And over and above all I liked the way; in which God created man; from which hailed my very own ancestors,
Who in turn bestowed upon me the power to like and dislike.


I used it to sketch undulating peaks of the snow clad mountain,
It willingly obliged; dexterously embossing intricate lines on the canvas of naked paper.

I pressed it to scribble magnanimous lines of English literature,
It did the same at swashbuckling speeds; without flexing my fingers to onerous limits of endurance.

I incessantly chewed its nimble body; while harnessing my mental machinery in
top gear,
It didn’t even wail a faint cry; after being thoroughly mutilated with a plethora of indentation.

I used its sharp point; to tickle my friends in the sensitive cartilage of their ribs,
It gratified my desire to tease; without lamenting the loss of its angular tip.

I viciously moved it in spongy mud; engraving mystical designs symbolizing rustic art,
It did so with copious ease; inspite of getting disdainfully dirty with coats of soil.

I revolved it vigorously to stir the sugar in my tea; to commensurate amounts,
It executed the job to meticulous perfection; bearing the tyranny of being scalded by boiling water.

I rubbed it voraciously against itching regions of my scalp; to get reprieve from allergy,
It accepted this preposterous behavior; in the stride of a chivalrous knight.

I rotated it wildly in the breezy atmosphere; rhythmically striking it against a table of polished wood,
It seemed to be unruffled; remaining as stoical as ever maintaining its sordid composure.

I held it articulately to shade vacant avenues of the map topography,
It did so with overwhelming zeal; transforming monotonous white into shades
of enchanting slate grey.

It had served me sumptuously on many a perspiring occasion,
Helped me immensely in my perennial conquest of becoming a writer,
Alas ! I had just the capacity to give it a solitary award,
As I chiseled its steel grey mouth manually with a sharpener,
Crisply saluted my friend in times of distress; existing in the compact form of
a lead tipped pencil.


Life without a purpose; is like a luxury liner maneuvering wildly through the ocean without a rudder,
Life without a purpose; is like a creeper growing up tall without a brick wall for support,
Life without a purpose; is like a aircraft flying high in the sky without a skilled captain,
Life without a purpose; is like an unruly classroom without a learned teacher,
Life without a purpose; is like a drunkard man traversing through the streets hurling
a volley of expletives,
Life without a purpose; is like a river flowing berserk without side embankments,
Life without a purpose; is like a intricate necklace of beads without a finely chiseled supporting wire,
Life without a purpose; is like a submissive population reeling under the tyranny of dictatorship,
Life without a purpose; is like a crackling fire blazing without enclosures to prevent it spreading,
Life without a purpose; is like a flamboyant car without a steering wheel,
Life without a purpose; is like a stealthy spider swirling around wildly in its web,
Life without a purpose; is like a stray dog growling for food; mercilessly snatching the same from others of its kind,
Life without a purpose; is like mesmerizing rose growing on bountiful
meadows; bereft of fragrance,
Life without a purpose; is like lovers courting each other without tying sacrosanct threads of matrimony,
Life without a purpose; is like a lion gulping his food without scrupulously chewing,
Life without a purpose; is like the moon in the sky without scintillating shine,
Life without a purpose; is like road of raw concrete without obstreperous traffic,
Life without a purpose; is like the most voluptuous of face without a frivolous smile,
Life without a purpose; is like an intricately chiseled brain without an ocean of thoughts,
Life without a purpose; is like eating sumptuous food; without relishing the same,
Life without a purpose; is like an inherited rich man; without having the cognizance to spend his affluence,
Life without a purpose; is like breath inhaled in the body; without being sensitively felt,
Life without a purpose; is like palpable heart impregnated in the chest; without having the capacity to throb,
O! yes life without a purpose; is like living life listlessly; although being
actually dead.


When I stared unrelentingly into broken shards of irregular mirror,
The reflection that emanated was grotesquely distorted; with my nose appearing
to be broken at a myriad of places.

When I sighted my face in a thick sheet of mirror stained with a crimson slurry of blood,
I resembled the diabolical devil; with ghastly streaks of brutal red embellishing my forehead.

When I viewed my persona in a sea green mirror; hoisted towards blazing
light of the Sun,
Intricate features of my body appeared evidently blurred; and a bunch of hair on my scalp looked like blades of grass.

When I held a mirror painted with black; abreast twin pairs of my crystalline eyes,
I felt as if I had been divested of vision; with an ocean of perpetual darkness striking me at blinding speeds.

When I attempted to picture my silhouette; in the translucent mirror of the
emerald sea,
The image appeared preposterously hazy in the primordial stages; disappearing
at instants of boisterous waves transiting into frothy spray.

When I tried to spot my demeanor in the immaculate mirror of moon,
The reflection appeared overwhelmingly clear; but soon got obliterated by a cluster of black clouds.

When I audaciously attempted to view my outlines in the blistering mirror of the flaming Sun,
I inevitably failed to do so; as the acrid beams of light decimated all
my capacity to see.

When I tried to distinguish my color in a mirror camouflaged in frosty milk,
I inexorably looked like a clown; with my dexterously chiseled features transforming to fat smudges of white.

When I endeavored decoding my face in an absolutely Pellucid mirror,
I could sight it as it was sculptured at the reigning moment; without traces of emotion and empathy.

And eventually when I attempted to see my face in the mesmerizing mirror of my
beloved's eyes,
This time though the reflection which diffused was the clearest of all; and I sighted a blissful smile on my lips,
Which was a perennial signal that we loved each other; as much as we feared to die.


A smile on your lips comes absolutely free; spreading waves of unsolicited exhilaration in my persona,
A smile on your lips looks mystically enchanting; resembling sweet coats of molten nectar,
A smile on your lips accentuates your immaculate teeth; portraying your mesmerizing grace,
A smile on your lips gives me loads of renewed hope; instantly assassinating all
the anguish I face,
A smile on your lips reveals your boisterous nature; encompassing me completely in supreme exultation,
A smile on your lips impregnates me with hope; prompting me to overcome a battalion of dismal failures,
A smile on your lips makes me walk fast; keep up pace with the uncouth speed of mundane world,
A smile on your lips looks ravishing in the tenacious moonlight; instigating me to stare unrelentingly in your sapphire eyes,
A smile on your lips sculptures your face to resemble a fairy; bestowing upon my dreary soul a plethora of riches,
A smile on your lips makes me oblivious to time; and hours unleash themselves into days without traces of boredom,
A smile on your lips reinvigorates my exhausted bones; encouraging me to walk for marathon distances in sweltering heat of the Sun,
A smile on your lips makes me feel exorbitantly special; placing me several shades above the common pedestrian,
A smile on your lips makes me ostentatiously dream; sequestering me from harsh
realities; blending me with ostentatious walls of the palace,
A smile on your lips incorporates me with tumultuous confidence; making me
extravagantly speak at business meetings,
A smile on your lips gives you that frivolous look; melting my stringently
compact composure; instilling my demeanor with inevitable desires,
A smile on your lips makes me feel flying high in thin clouds; incessantly constructing a building of dreams,
A smile on your lips reinstates my belief in mankind; inducing me to be philanthropic towards my fellow beings,
A smile on your lips pacifies soaring temperatures of viral fever in my silhouette; alleviating the soreness in my intricate throat,
A smile on your lips makes me incorrigibly feel I am real; have a definite purpose while existing on this earth,
A smile on your lips distinguishes you from the solitary girl; granting you the invincible status of being holistically alive,
So for heaven sake sweet heart; wake up from the realms of unconsciousness and please smile.


It was as ravishing; as the black bear trampling indiscreetly through the dense
foliage of the jungle,
Humming incoherent tunes in a poignantly husky; while in its quest for concealed prey.

It was as scintillating; as the crystal blue patches of the pellucid sky,
Which basked in overwhelming joy; when caressed by stringent rays of the magnificent Sun.

It was as fertile; as the lush green tendrils of spongy grass,
Which spread like wild fire in pelting showers of rain; danced vibrantly to tunes
of music and air.

It was as voluptuous; as the ornately embellished pink petals of lotus,
Blossoming perennially when their counterparts died; impregnating venomous
beetles in their womb.

It was as opulent; as the yellow biscuits of pure gold,
Which retained their color even at unfathomable depths beneath soil; could purchase all the tangible existing on earth.

It was as immaculate; as white pearls incarcerated in oyster shells,
Embedded since centuries immemorial in the sea; having the mystical prowess of producing a sparkle in the eye.

It was as invincible; as the colossal grey silhouette of the tropical elephant,
Decimating strong trees with its mighty trunk; pulverizing small bush and ant
with its iron feet.

It was as boisterous; as the flaming red Sun in the firmament of gargantuan sky,
Fumigating disease on earth with its acerbic rays; imparting reprieve from darkness to those in tribulation .

It was as flexible; as the euphoric wings of violet butterfly,
Perching handsomely on solitary corners in the night; flying as nimbly as an aircraft all day.

It had incorporated in itself; minuscule tinges of all existing color,
And It didn’t fade a bit with the unveiling of time; instead fortified to mammoth proportions as life progressed,
O! yes, the rainbow of love was the most mesmerizing thing to blend with; till the time we blissfully lived.


She wanted to reach the summit of the mountain in a royal aircraft,
While I wished to walk on the scorching streets barefoot; basking in the full

She wanted to drape her demeanor with fabric of the richest quality flocculent
While I desired to camouflage my body in rags; and stare unrelentingly at the moon.

She wanted to use the most luxurious soap available; to scrub her dainty skin and face,
While I was quite contented washing my hands with natural mud; use twigs of the tree to brush my teeth.

She wanted a compact swimming pool to dip into; sedately swim; with an enclosure of crystal sequestering the same,
While I fantasized about plunging into stormy waves of the ocean; relishing the
scent of salty spray.

She wanted clinically processed milk in late hours of the morning; to be
served by her bedside with sizzling hot scones,
While I had an insatiable urge to garrulously devour large pints of milk directly from the rustic cow.

She wanted a striped umbrella to walk blending with her queenly gloves; irrespective of sunshine or rain,
While I ingratiatingly desired to drench my silhouette completely in
showers from the sky.

She wanted a grandiloquent watch wound tightly to her wrist; with its luminous
dial; radiating glow,
While I vehemently resisted contraptions on my hand; relying exorbitantly on the positioning of the Sun and stars.

She wanted to use a concoction of honey and rose to wash her cascading hair,
While I vigorously rubbed my hair with raw lime; annihilating remnant traces of abhorrent dandruff.

She wanted to play intricate games of billiards; chess and cards; within the plush interiors of her palace,
While I simply went berserk; bursting with waves of euphoria at executing swashbuckling strokes with my baseball bat.

She wanted a cavalcade of cars pursuing her wherever she went; a battalion of
cameras to snap her photograph,
While I wanted to be left solitary on the street; uttering a volley of expletives when provoked.

She wanted the cool air of air-conditioner to incessantly pacify her heat,
While I was quite contented to feel the stringent summer breeze blow wildly across my face.

She wanted a fresh vase of flowers to embellish her room; throughout the
tenure of the acerbic day,
While I roamed about in the jungles; hunting large fish; caressing my lips to
the pungent aroma of blackberry shrub.

She wanted to be a glamorous model; with a plethora of people admiring her
ostentatious jewelry,
While I simply detested the high society; was supremely ecstatic when given a chance to mix with innocuous children.

She wanted to love me like a commodity; besieging my neck in a straps of leather;
While I had this overwhelming desire of guarding her against evil; wiping her tears when it mattered the most,
We were actually; excellent illustrations of conflicting personalities; God had ever created on this earth.


When I smeared my lips entirely with brilliant scarlet paste,
they looked voluptuous and mesmerizing; but they produced obnoxious blemishes on whatever I kissed.

When I applied stringent white chalk powder on the intricate periphery of my lips,
They looked comically distorted; enticing innumerable individuals to bestow upon me a plethora of frivolous smiles.

When I dipped my lips in an infectiously sweet mixture of molten jaggery,
They looked tantalizingly intense; with a battalion a red ant clambering with euphoric fervor to devour the same.

As I stuck my supple lips to fresh acrylic paint projecting from the chiseled wall,
They appeared stitched to each other in a vise like embrace; depriving me of the indispensable ability to speak.

When I applied a curry of black pungent mud on my articulately sculptured lips,
I resembled a bedraggled ragamuffin on the street; with pedestrians mistaking my identity for a homicidal beggar.

When I rubbed my lips in lush green blades of wild grass,
They acquired a poignantly slimy texture; prompting me to obstreperously sneeze.

When I submerged my lips in steaming hot frosty milk,
They developed peels of innocuous milk; and I looked like an organism having just taken birth.

When I painted my luscious lips in a concentrated extract of carbon ink,
The outcome was ludicrously funny; I seemed like a novice at writing literature; and the stains were intractably cumbersome to remove.

When I applied a blend of cement and water to my lips,
They amalgamated together like a solid rock; and it became virtually invincibly to separate them.

And eventually when I passionately kissed the lips of my beloved,
There were thunderous fires igniting frigid arenas of my persona,
My lips now looked enchanting after marathon hours of being lackluster, and for the first time I uninhibitedly smiled.


When a conglomerate of thunder clouds collided in the cosmos,
Infinite splinters of water pelted down in fury; gently bruising naked patches of my skin.

When multiple balls of bulky glass clashed with tumultuous fury,
Acerbic splinters of jagged mirror pierced with hostile fervor through my skin; prompting crimson blood to flow.

When I dexterously sliced colossal chunks of tree lumber with my serrated pickaxe,
Pulverized splinters of saw dust flew in unsymmetrical unison; inundating my eyeball with series of allergy.

When obdurate balls of round steel smashed tenaciously with each other,
Minuscule splinters of metal settled haphazardly on my scalp; with obstreperous cacophony tickling my eardrum.

When I pricked the gargantuan balloon with a rusted pin; tones of air blew out at overwhelming speeds,
Soft splinters of rubber descended down on my feet; and I slipped while walking inadvertently on the same.

When menacing masses of ice tumbled down the mountain; they formed a monstrous
Which diffused into incommensurate splinters after striking the ground; stabbing my flesh like a quiver full of arrows.

When I shook a barrel full of fermented cream vigorously in the air,
Decayed splinters of milk splashed disdainfully across my face; with a stench of rotten rat emanating; besieging all in proximity.

When I placed a mammoth elephant tusk in amicable contact with circulating
blades of the ceiling fan,
Bountiful splinters of powder blended with small bone infiltrated into my nostril; making me vociferously sneeze.

When I entered the unscrupulous ambience of the darkened cloth factory,
Irascible splinters of cotton fiber camouflaged my cheek; instigating me to voraciously scratch.

And eventually when the immaculate crystal of her splendor; burst with a bang
over my forehead,
A myriad of victimized arenas in my silhouette; relinquished pain instantly,
Wounded avenues of my heart and soul perpetually healed; after being injected with splinters of her unprejudiced love.


Shaking a cluster of hair vigorously; was a symbol of euphoric ecstasy,
Moving the feet unrelentingly; was a symbol of acute nervousness,
Punching the fists vehemently in placid air; was a symbol of impetuous indignation,
Opening the lips partially towards the moon; was a symbol of celestial dreaming,
Fluttering the eyelids viciously; was a symbol of flirtatious mischief,
Clenching the fortress of teeth in a grimace; was a symbol of incorrigible anger,
Whistling incessantly to tunes of unheard music; was a symbol of frantic fantasizing,
Biting the supple nail coat of calcium from fingers; was a symbol highlighting sheer contemplation,
Beads of cold sweat uncannily trickling down the forehead; was a symbol of intense fear,
A battalion of crimson pores emanating from tender skin; was a symbol
of contracting disdainful measles,
Excruciating pain in the bones while hoisting the bucket; was a symbol of distressing fracture,
Frequent sensations of emptying the bladder; was a symbol of anticipatory excitement,
A plethora of goose-bumps diffusing from soft flesh; was a symbol of shivering in austere cold,
Waking up with startled jerks a few hours after midnight; was a symbol of witnessing a ghastly nightmare,
Obstreperously swallowing gargantuan gulps of cold water; was a symbol of insatiable thirst,
Gasping for precious breath after long sprints of running; was a symbol of tumultuous exhaustion,
Unruly stubs of hair projecting from the disheveled face; was a symbol of refraining to shave,
Intractably staring at piles of glittering gold in the treasury; was a symbol of malicious cupidity,
Licking the lips voraciously after consumption of meal; was a symbol of fulfilling gratification,
Dancing exuberantly till the first rays of new dawn; was a symbol of overwhelming jubilation,
Sleeping for marathon hours extra even after the rising of dazzling Sun; was a
symbol of lackluster life,
And the violent beating of heart; blended with feelings of uninhibited passion; was a symbol of instantaneous love.


When I stepped on the tranquil surface of opalescent moon,
The temperature that engulfed me was up to levels of sustainable endurance; though I felt a trifle uneasy.

When I trespassed through the territory of blistering Sun,
The temperature was astronomical degrees above boiling; transforming my supple
flesh into briquettes of charred ash.

When I walked through densely sprawled meadows of the wild forest,
The temperature that encompassed my silhouette; was stringently fluctuating;
with the perilous night air stabbing my chest.

When I tread on the snow clad summit of the jagged mountain range,
The temperature prevalent dipped abysmally below freezing; instantly solidifying volatile blood in my veins.

When I plummeted marathon feet under the surface of sky blue sea,
The temperature I encountered was disdainfully cold; and I felt imprisoned;
draped in a jugglery of water jacket blended with my facial mask of transparent glass.

When I ambled languidly through the scorching soil of the vast desert,
The temperature that existed was abnormally erratic; with hot winds piercing me in the day; and equally cold air strangulating my breath at night.

When I audaciously entered the cock pit of an aircraft,
The temperature inside was tailored to ergonomic degrees of comfort; with the
pilot emanating hostile stare towards my demeanor.

When I ran at rollicking speeds through an island of molten lava,
The temperature in vicinity was like sizzling cakes of overburnt stone; chapping the dainty soles of my feet in entirety.

When I rolled ecstatically on infinite blades of grass; laden with a fresh cover of glistening dewdrops,
The temperature that radiated; sent shivers down my spine; being a bit too exaggerated for amicable comfort.

And eventually when I embraced her body in my arms; with a vise like grip,
The temperature this time; was splendidly perfect; incarcerating the two of us in bondage of perennial love.


The blood flowing in her intricate veins; was as red as flaming ball of Sun in the cosmos,
Got instantly agitated when she sighted me; talking vociferously with another of her kind.

The skin covering her tender bones; was as Resplendent as the pelting showers of rain,
Stirred insatiable desires in my soul; when I sighted her dexterously leaping the skipping rope.

The nails embossed on her dainty fingers; were as soft as a mystical fairy,
And she used them to tickle me incessantly; at moments when I was perplexed
with life.

The cluster of teeth in her palette; were as white as the Goddess of pearly moon,
With which she cast amicable smiles at me; keeping me in bubbling spirits
all throughout the day.

The twin pairs of eyes in her sockets; were as crystalline as the scintillating waterfall,
They were studded with gargantuan traces of empathy; wept hysterically when I was in pain.

The coverings of her luscious lips; were like the succulent fruit of water melon,
Voluptuously enticing me to kiss; blend my passionate warmth with her in entirety.

The petite pair of feet she possessed; were like the gentle river trickling through the forest,
Coherently synchronized themselves to beats of music; danced uninhibitedly when seeing me in jubilation.

The hair on her scalp cascaded down full length; like the waterfall plummeting
from precipices of the mountain,
Which she further embellished tying bunches of fragrant flower; swirling them at full speeds towards my face.

The earrings in her fleshy ear lobe; resembled sweet fillings of nectar inhabiting the bee hive,
Jingled with melody as she walked; enlightening the island of despair in my eyes.

And above all things that mattered; she had impregnated in her chest; an
immaculate heart,
Which throbbed vehemently when witnessing my silhouette; the heart
that was 100% mine.


The instrument indispensable to stay happy was to stay contented,
The instrument indispensable to feel warm; was to consume a pitcher full of sizzling tea,
The instrument indispensable to unrelentingly fight like a true stalwart; was courage blended with lots of brawn,
The instrument indispensable to swim in the choppy waves of ocean; was dexterous swirling of the hands and feet,
The instrument indispensable to produce ravishing fragrance; was the ornately embellished crimson rose,
The instrument indispensable to uninhibitedly laugh; was to be tickled voraciously in the intricate ribs,
The instrument indispensable to quench thirst; was crystalline sacs of mountain water,
The instrument indispensable to decode accurate time; was a compactly studded wrist watch,
The instrument indispensable to run a computer; was a plethora of coherent microchips,
The instrument indispensable to run marathon distance at swashbuckling speeds; was the tenacity of the leg,
The instrument indispensable to fly a kite at astronomical heights in the sky; was a pliable and slender string,
The instrument indispensable to fumigate infection and gloom from distant corners of the globe; was dazzling rays of Sunshine,
The instrument indispensable to hysterically sob; was the salinity in the eyes juxtaposed with tribulation ,
The instrument indispensable to inundate blank canvas with rustic streaks of color; was a articulately sculptured paint brush,
The instrument indispensable to produce loads of salubrious milk; was the mother cow,
The instrument indispensable to inculcate overwhelming strength in the body; was to perseveringly work and consume food,
The instrument indispensable to produce fiery sensations in the palms; was
to vigorously knead them,
The instrument indispensable to feel miserably cold; was to stand on the summit of the mountain bereft of any clothes,
The instrument indispensable to produce itching in the scalp; was abhorrent dandruff,
The instrument indispensable to produce blazing fires; was a wildly strewn pile of baked twigs,
The instrument indispensable to produce torrential rain; was a conglomerate of black thunder clouds,
The instrument indispensable to illuminate a cloistered room; was waves of white electricity,
The instrument indispensable to produce fetid smell; was a mountain of orphan sewage,
The instrument indispensable to produce mesmerizing tunes; was the eloquent and mystical nightingale,
The instrument indispensable to produce pools of ghastly blood; was the nefarious nozzle of the automatic gun,
The instrument indispensable to provoke violence; was discriminating illusions of religion,
The instrument indispensable to produce sleep; was feeling exorbitantly exhausted,
And the instrument indispensable to live; was incessantly love; and incorporate the same in the hearts of the commoner.


When I swam in the blistering ocean of golden Sun; infinite arenas of my body
got disastrously charred,
Indispensable centers of breath in my body got strangulated; and I relinquished breath with great gasps of disbelief.

When I swam in the molten ocean of iridescent moon; there was a temperate
warmth that engulfed my persona,
The immaculate white color submerged me in entirety; and I felt uncannily distraught as gaseous clouds obliterated my gaze.

When I swam in a tank of bubbling acid; there were incoherent screams that emanated from my mouth,
The radiant complexion of my skin transited to briquettes of coal; and the color of my luscious lips now resembled that of my scalp hair.

When I swam in a river replete with frosty milk; I cupidly devoured huge mouthfuls of the same,
I emerged out exuberantly fresh after the swim; only to be attacked by a battalion of red ant and fish.

When I swam in icy streams; accumulated at the base of the snow clad alps,
The formidable fortress of my teeth commenced to repulsively clatter; and I vociferously sneezed my nose; after a few seconds of my swim.

When I swam in volatile electricity; my demeanor got stabbed with a volley of
brutal shock,
Clusters of hair stood on my intricate scalp; and I stared dumbfounded at the
scenario in utter bewilderment.

When I swam in a silver ocean of slippery mercury; I rolled for marathon
distances without flexing my jugglery of muscles,
Although when inadvertently some of it slipped into mouth; the blood abruptly
froze in my veins; with my persona transforming to a deathly crystal blue.

When I swam in blotted water blended with traces of obnoxious sewage; a fetid
stench flooded my nostrils,
A fleet of disdainful cockroach clambered up my shirt; and the municipality
dumped me like a piece of discarded garbage.

When I swam in a curry of chalk powder; I had to put onerous effort to keep afloat,
There was a severe itching in the moist pearls of my eye; and people mistook me for a comedian of the highest fraternity.

And eventually when I swam in bunch of her silken hair; I felt drowned in the
savage sea of her perpetual love,
I wanted this swim to go on for times immemorial; and I found this to be the most perfect swim.


I wanted the speed of life to be like swashbuckling blades of the ceiling fan,
When I was bustling with euphoric fervor; in the prime of youth.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the withered leaves of autumn,
When I was imprisoned in desolation; with traces of the world far away from my

I wanted the speed of life to be like slowly dribbling honey,
When I felt secret avenues of energy fading; and my feet felt drearily exhausted.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the mesmerizing and eloquent cuckoo,
When I brusquely got up from sleep; at the outbreak of evanescent dawn.

I wanted the speed of life to be like slithering reptiles traversing through bushy outgrowths of the jungle,
When I was intensely engrossed in artistry and captivating romance.

I wanted the speed of life to be like hostile blood leaking in fury; from fresh wounds,
When I felt my persona submerged in pools of belligerence; my fists clenched and clusters of my teeth grimaced like a formidable fortress.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the transparently reflecting mirror,
When I felt circumspect to confront loads of tumultuous sorrow.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the garrulous tongue,
When I felt like incessantly chattering; disrupting the synchrony of stillness with my voice.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the turbulently flowing Ganges,
When I contemplated on dipping my demeanor into Luke warm water; and having a bath.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the plummeting showers of torrential rain,
When I set out to conquer the world barefoot; basking in the spirit of adventure.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the majestically gliding eagle in the sky,
When I envisaged about the harmony of thought; the blissful symmetry of existence.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the shrill ringing of the telephone,
When I nostalgically reminisced the conversations I had with my beloved on telephone.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the painstakingly trespassing desert camel,
When I was on the threshold of succumbing life; and I had relinquished the tenacity of youth.

I wanted the speed of life to be like the brilliantly burning bulb,
When I was on the course of reaching stupendous echelons of invincible stardom.

And I wanted all speeds of life to be transferred to my fellow beings in acute distress,
The moment I left for my heavenly abode; to rest perennially in celestial arms of the Creator.


When I tried to cross swirling waters of the river on threads of fragile paper,
The contraption disdainfully broke midway; and I hurtled down at astounding speeds to blend with the cold water.

When I tried to clamber up the mighty edifice on threads of molten wax,
I miserably failed in my daunting attempt; with the slurry of candle sucking me to the ground bottom.

When I hoisted myself on long thread of burnt plastic; frigidly dangling from unsurpassable heights of the mountain summit,
The thread snapped into multiple fragments midway; and I plummeted down, into a concoction of wild stone and shrub.

When I tried to make merry; swaying on a swing impregnated with threads of mushroom,
Cupid desires made me nibble at the fruit, and I fell with thunderous thuds on the floor, intermingled with the debris of the broken swing.

When I tried to visualize my entity in coagulated threads of shattered glass,
The reflections appeared grotesquely distorted; prompting me to frivolously laugh at my demeanour.

When I tried to incinerate a crackling fire with threads of soggy cotton,
The conflagration refrained from burning; and there arose weak flames of amber camouflaged in clouds of smoke.

When I tried to entangle my slender wrists from a jugglery of invincible iron thread,
The outcome was abhorrently disgusting; my hands bled prolifically pulverizing my futile attempts of escape.

When I tried to perform the artistry of tight rope on a flaccid
thread of chocolate candy,
The cable snapped like scores of matchsticks; when caressed by
gentle draughts of air.

When I tried invade through silken threads of the rustic spider web,
Surplus arenas of my body got embossed with sticky cream; with the creature injecting paltry vials of poison in my flesh.

And eventually when I got bonded with incorrigible threads of her love,
A plethora of apprehensions in life got mystically pacified; onerous difficulties in life transited to lucidly simple,
My entire silhouette was draped in cloud showers of perennial love,
And let me tell you friends; this thread of our celestial love was resistant to decay; didn’t break for centuries immemorial.


I used it to scrape streaks of blatant dirt; adhering languidly to my neck,
Rubbed it vigorously against my bare skin; the instant I felt petulant sensations of itching.

I dipped it in a barrel of aromatic paint; keeping It immersed in a concoction of flamboyant color,
Slapped it hard against the barren wall; inundating her surface with reinvigorating opalescent color.

I used it as a broomstick to swipe off tones of obnoxious dust; applying tumultuous pressure on its fragile persona,
Buried it deep beneath the ground for few seconds; to evacuate pugnacious worms.

I caressed it gently against my nostril; applying its noninvasive hair to my lips,
Produced a deafening sneeze soon after; as an inevitable aftermath of the application.

I held it high In the air; clenching it tightly in my rubicund palms,
Swirled it unrelentingly in right angled patterns; using it as a contrivance for seeking indispensable help.

I melted it in crackling fires; transforming its body into a shriveled wire,
Painted the same with pure gold; winding it dexterously against my slender neck.

I used it to wipe my effusive tears; holding it in close proximity of my intricate eye,
Pressing it against my heavy eyelids; to gently massage exhausted arenas of my brain.

I rotated it wildly in the arid autumn breeze; trying to assassinate a fleet of ominous mosquitoes,
Trying to impregnate waves of uncanny terror in all insects hovering around; perched innocuously in dark corners.

I fitted its head with a metallic cap; embossing it with fluorescent color,
Even had the audacity to fix it in my pocket; substituting nicely for my fountain pen.

My toothbrush however looked the best; when coated with a flimsy layer of germicidal toothpaste,
Scrubbed onerously against the periphery of my disdainfully yellow teeth; imparting them a scintillating shine.


It was sweeter than the supremely sweet chocolate candy,
It was more pungent than fresh slices of green chili,
It was shriller than the mesmerizing chirping of jungle nightingale,
It was more captivating than a thoroughly animated game of cricket,
It was darker than the most opalescent of pastel color,
Its sting was infinite times more than austerely venomous beetle,
It was more obdurate than the strongest piece of rotund stone,
It was denser than the bountiful bunch of hair riveted to scalp,
It was more transparent than the most scintillating of pellucid glass,
It was thornier than the bushiest of desert cactus,
It was more sparkling than the most polished of marble floor,
It was cooler; than the most efficacious of air-conditioner,
It was saltier than the saline waves radiating from the persona of colossal ocean,
It was crisper than the most poignant of edible biscuit,
It was brighter than the golden rays of the brilliantly dazzling Sun,
It was more fragrant than the tantalizingly aromatic crimson rose,
It was more picturesque than sprawling mountain ranges embossed with perennial
It was more flexible than the most malleable of tree rubber,
It was whiter than the purest of pearly cow milk,
It was more vociferous than the thunderous waterfall colliding with jagged rock,
It was more stringent than the teacher slashing an innocuous student with a leather cane,
It was softer than the satiny quilt stuffed with loads of flocculent cotton,
It was more sharp than the acerbic edges of broken glass,
It was sleeker than the articulately moulded race sedan,
It was more salubrious than the tastiest of consumable food,
It was more tenacious than sporadic currents of electricity traversing through
cable wires,
It was more handsome than a scrupulously embellished; pampered prince,
It was more volatile than the most radioactive of atom bomb,
It was more enigmatic than the most mystical of historical scripture,
It was more profound than the accepted axioms of contemporary science,
It was more prolific than the athlete with the most number of football goals,
It was more immaculate than the palpable heart of a life rendering mother,
It was more enticing than the most ravishing of malt whisky and Caribbean rum,
It was faster than the speed at which the aircraft sped through placid carpets of
cool air,
It was more intricate than the most coherently synchronized poetic verse,
It was more supple than the most succulent of ripened water melon,
It was more effusive than a stream of tears cascading down tender cheek,
It was more intense than scarlet blood trickling down raw wounds,
And it was more omnipotent than any offering made to the All-Mighty,
O! yes the thing; that has made me scribble infinite lines to describe,
Was none other than incorrigibly imprisoning true love


The mammoth elephants in the forest; made a thunderous noise; bellowing
rambunctious wails of sound from their trunk,
Inundating the placid ambience with obstreperous cacophony; I still slept
peacefully; with my hair drooling over my eyes.

The unruly traffic on the roads chugged smoke blatantly; honking unnecessarily
in wee hours of the night,
Permeating the carpet of air with incongruous noise; I still slept like a horse; thoroughly lost in the realms of dreamy fantasy.

The bedraggled urchins on the street shouted vociferously; flexing their lungs to monumental capacity,
Striking the cricket ball hard; with a glass pane shattering occasionally; I still slept unperturbed; with the furry blanket over my head.

An army of obnoxious mosquitoes hovered in the vicinity of my intricate ear;
buzzing incessantly tunes of insipid exasperation,
Evacuating precious blood from my succulent skin; I still slept like a prince;
with innocuous saliva oozing from my mouth.

The indiscriminate party of burglars marauded my house; pilfering all the
wealth they could their hands to,
Making a flurry of conspicuous sounds in the process; I still slept like a gigantic whale; with heavy snores emanating from my partially opened mouth.

Herculean drops of rain water struck against my kitchen window; accompanied by
sounds of stringent thunder and lightning,
With turbulent wind gushing right past my face; I still slept like a tortoise
with its head receded way inside its stomach.

Irate trespassers punched the doorbell with passionate fervor; incessantly
doing the same with renewed gusto,
Piercing the atmosphere with disdainful noises of the monotonous alarm; I
still slept with an enchanting smile on my lips; thoroughly oblivious to sound.

There were communal riots going on in the street below; a plethora of shops
were submerged by pugnacious fire,
Hordes of people fled their dwelling; ran berserk for their lives helter-skelter; I still slept like a drunkard; rolling languidly in my inebriated state.

Multiple buildings shook as an aftermath of vicious tremors; infinite walls of
solid concrete incorporated prominent cracks,
The entire structure reverberated with the unleashing impact of earthquake; I
still slept like a dead log; with my eyes formidably shut to the proceedings.

It was at that very moment she entered my room; her perpetual fragrance
tickled my conscience,
The aura of her magnificence rekindling my impoverished soul,
There took incredulous transformations in my body; and I woke up with a
startled look on my face; staring unrelentingly into her mystical eyes; and I didn’t sleep thereafter.


When I sliced volatile wire; impregnated with white currents of electricity,
It spewed out a volley of poignant sparks in tandem; I was stabbed with
several impacts of shock; falling like a lifeless pigeon on the ground.

When I sliced open obdurate tree bark; embossed with a cluster of rustic root,
A slurry of succulent white juice oozed out in emollient abundance;
and the tree wept in hidden anguish.

When I sliced the belly of the colossal mountain; infinite tones of mud leaked out in frenzy,
A cluster of earthworm and rabbit got dismantled; and the once bombastic structure now resembled a beggar in torn rags.

When I sliced open the skin of emerald watermelon; rosy pink juice cascaded
down with spontaneity,
The fruit looked ravishingly voluptuous like never before; with scores of brown seeds tumbling down.

When I sliced decayed bones freshly excavated from soil; a finely crushed
chowder of calcium flew directly in my eyes,
The scenario appeared grotesquely despicable; with nostalgic memories of centuries ago besieging the cool air.

When I sliced through the heart of a concrete wall; a series of blatant cracks spread fast like wild fire,
The structure now looked insipid and fragile; a battalion of red baked bricks came plummeting down; and broke my scalp.

When I sliced scintillating biscuits of yellow gold; an amber tinge incorporated the edge of my knife,
The currency proliferated itself with each stroke of mine; and soon I had more pieces of gold than when I commenced slicing.

When I sliced through an ocean of loose sand; the blissful assemblage got thoroughly distorted,
Bountiful splinters of silver soil hurtled towards my eyes; and there was profuse tearing that incorrigibly followed as an inevitable aftermath.

When I sliced open a balloon incorporated with salty cheese; and a fountain of water,
An incoherent design of white dots then inhabited my face; scores of flies and cupid ants stuck like true stalwarts to my demeanor.

And when I sliced my heart open with the most sharpest of blade; crimson blood
gushed out at exhilarating speeds,
It contained bold traces of the girl I immensely loved; the celestial image of
the mother from whom I was born.


When I burnt a cluster of succulent green leaves; torching the same with the
poignant matchstick,
There arose a faded green smoke in the air; causing my intricate eyes to profusely tear.

When I burnt solid crusts of white wax; holding it in the brilliant candle flame,
Infinite streams of hot liquid ran down my palms; diffusing into grey smoke; embossing them with blotches of burnt black.

When I burnt gigantic sheets of plastic with my cigarette lighter; there emanated clouds of achromatic smoke,
It look marathon hours to burn; producing the most unbearable stench I had ever smelt.

When I burnt mountains of brown mud; igniting the same with hot embers of coal; the colossal structure simply refrained to burn,
There arose dying wisps of smoke in the atmosphere; and the tumultuous heat produced made me flee and run.

When I burnt enormous bundles of white cotton; after submerging the same in
disdainful kerosene,
There were clouds of black smoke engulfing all in proximity; with occasional
flufs of distorted cloth entering my eye.

When I burnt lush green grass sprawled on the meadows; inducing sinister
current from a copper wire,
There arose frigid blue smoke; incarcerating the air; which repulsively tickled my nostril; making me puke out consumed food.

When I burnt live cables of electricity suspended on the streets; firing a volley of lead bullet,
There arose white smoke in the air blended with golden sparks; and I ran like a panther; for fear of being electrocuted.

When I burnt fetid sewage decaying in an oblivious heap; with blazing sticks of fire,
There arose crimson smoke in the air; and the odor was so obnoxious; that it
entered through my ears when I closed my nose.

When burnt a close compatriot of mine; placing his lifeless form over a bundle
of dry rosewood,
There arose a wheatish smoke in the air; I reminisced all his actions; and the nostalgia made me cry.

And eventually when I burnt myself; immolating my demeanor with pure gasoline,
The smoke that arose in the air was brilliant red; and the fragrance was the most emollient of all; as it contained profound traces of her heart; portraying the
essence of our love.


I ambled languidly on my rooftop terrace at evanescent dawn,
Invisibly faint rays of light gently caressing my silhouette; a chilly breeze blowing across my soft ear,
The cuckoo gave loud chirps; a blend of resplendent birds soared high in the impeccable clouds,
I felt dreariness besieging my exhausted eyes; and soon dozed off lost in realms of a mystical reverie.

I woke up with startled jerks; stupendously bewildered by dazzling light of the
full Sun,
Splashed my face several times with cold water; trying to audaciously stare into the crimson ball of fire,
Although I miserably failed in my attempt; as the astronomical proportion of heat burnt my scalp,
And I submissively sat down reading the crisp newspaper; in remote dark corners of the terrace.

The crystal sky now displayed the midday sun; blazing down viciously in full fury,
Sweltering hot currents of breeze now blew across the window; virtually melting all in proximity to water,
As I incessantly consumed large pitchers of sweet liquid; refrigerated to freezing ice,
To get temporary reprieve from the distressing agony of the Sun God.

A few hours later dusk strangulated the exorbitant heat; radiating serene pink light,
The eagles in the sky were now returning back to their dwelling; densely foliated trees rustled vivaciously in the gusty wind,
The atmosphere was impregnated with obstreperous voices; as children played in the silver sand,
I stood in mute silence; leaning on periphery of the colossal water tank; as I
witnessed the mesmerizing sight of the Sun going down.

As the seconds zipped by; dusk unveiled itself into starry night,
The sky now; was entirely obfuscated from the Sun; looked enchanting with a cavalcade of stars,
Emanating mystical light; illuminating the darkness with a bountiful sparkle,
I watched her innocuous features; the beauty of her form a few feet below;
thanked the Creator for putting her to sleep,
Incorrigibly vowed to spend many more days on my roof top terrace; as her
sighs now converted into deafening snores.


When I pricked a large bubble impregnated with acid; infinite droplets of fumes flew all over my persona,
Transforming my glowing skin; into complete shambles of pathetic brown; and I emitted a few tears unable to bear the anguish.

When I pricked minuscule bubbles of soap emanating from the bathtub; a pungent
spray flew in my eyes,
It was as if someone had hurled tones of chili powder; and the interiors of my eye developed a severe red allergy.

When I pricked rotund bubbles incorporated with honey; sweet globs of liquid
fell on my face,
I felt nice in the beginning; but it soon became a disdainful nuisance; as clusters of stinging ants clambered up at fast pace.

When I pricked plastic bubbles looking thoroughly inflated; a sudden gush of
stale air rushed across my lips,
There was a deafening roar produced that inundated my ears; and for the next
few minutes I was unable to decode sound.

When I pricked bubbles filled with crimson blood; my immaculate clothes
acquired blotches of red,
A sickening smell encompassed the ambience; and I felt like vomiting out
consumed food; wanting to eliminate the process of death.

When I pricked bubbles compactly filled with frozen ice; tiny nuggets of ice
cascaded down my neck,
Umpteenth hair on my body stood up due to impact of the bitter cold; and my
teeth started to violently clatter.

When I pricked frothy bubbles wafting out of a stray dogs mouth; a fountain of
water gently caressed my face,
A fetid stench arose in the air; and I knew I had an overwhelming chance of contracting deadly rabies.

When I pricked bubbles drifting from the periphery of sizzling hot tea; blistering sprays of water collided with my face,
Scalding sensitive arenas of my silhouette as they trickled down my chest; also my body smelt of tea leaf for remainder of the day.

When I pricked bubbles generated by the ravishing sea waves; salty foam struck
me stringently in my face,
My eyes started to profusely water; with an inevitable sensation to scratch painstakingly developing all throughout.

Eventually when I pricked the colossal bubble of our perennial love; there was
a rainfall of fragrant water; that imprisoned us in bonds of immortal embrace,
And there were many more such bubbles which proliferated every unleashing
minute; uniting us for the present and many births to unveil in the distant future


He babbled incoherently at innocuous pedestrians traversing through the streets,
Clenched his fist high in the air; barking a malicious volley of rustic expletives,
Spat loads of colored saliva on the ground; blending superbly with the loosely sprawled mud,
Danced languidly listening to the slightest of music; eventually collapsing in a bedraggled heap on the ground,
Swayed frivolously at fair skin; only to be slapped with fervor on his bearded cheek,
Occasionally stumbled badly on sharp pieces of stone; hurtling at fast speeds to get a taste of disdainful soil,
Scratched his hair in wild rhapsody; with a ravishing hunger in his blood shot eyes,
Took deep breaths every once a while; as if getting strangulated by bouts of suffocation,
Wailed passionately; vociferously proclaiming his unrelenting misery and tyrannical pain,
Was thoroughly oblivious to his boisterous surrounding; lost in realms of sedative fantasy,
Had lost all appetite for cooked food; relinquished to chew and eat,
Looked waywardly towards the sky; trying to decipher his blurred destiny,
Rebuked his children severely at home; at their most innocuous of provocation,
Kicked acerbically intricate furniture in vicinity; dismantling the sanctity of
household to threadbare junk,

Illegibly scribbled few lines of script; making a ridiculous mockery of calligraphy,
Slapped his wife with tenacity on her ear; for disobeying his dictatorial rules,
Audaciously revealed startling facts about his life; which he had embedded
deep within his heart,
Was saved by the scruff of his neck on umpteenth an occasion; from high powered cars; and monstrous traffic,
He had completely lost the dignity to speak; the ability to stand firm on his knees; distinguish the light illuminating air from darkness,
In the end; he collapsed in a disheveled heap on the ground; awaiting the first rays of brilliant dawn to terminate his sleep; wash all traces of the barrel of red wine; he had obsessively consumed the previous night


Granules of silver sands drifted into my eye; tormenting them to the threshold of irritation,
Wild draughts of wind blew across my face; almost annihilating all the hair inhabiting my scalp,
Black wisps of clouds hovered disconcertingly close to my persona; circumventing me from all sides,
Scraps of strewn paper; threads of innocuous cotton rose high in the breeze; settled nimbly on my freckled nose,
Frothy waves of the sea struck me with tenacity; diffusing into pearls of ravishing foam,
Gigantic lizards slithered harmlessly on the soil; gallivanting their way upwards into the crevices of the tree,
Rustic leaves of the foliated trees swirled violently; occasionally dropping on the ground with a thud,
Infinite blades of grass got dismantled from their roots; lay massacred in a pathetic heap,
Bountiful amounts of dust adhered to immaculately polished windows; the sparkling exteriors of statues transited to blotted and scarred,
Metallic signboards in the street fluttered turbulently under the midday Sun; belting under pressure,
Fleets of birds in the sky glided ecstatically; without generating effort from their aerodynamic wings,
Scores of rusty iron nails entangled themselves from crevices; rubbed themselves vigorously against sandpaper corrugations of the wall,
The bells in the church chimed incessantly; striking their fangs tenaciously against pallid bronze,
Slender needles of the tower clock revolved haphazardly; displaying
erratic fluctuations of time,
Hordes of mice retreated hastily in their burrows; shriveling to half of their original size,
The potbellied tortoise sunk way beneath into its shell; profoundly contented with its perennial warmth,
Steaming coffee cascaded all over into a rampant spray; as I tried to pour it dexterously from the kettle,
A battalion of fish tried to escape from the boisterous waves of the sea; find some respite from the torrential reverberations of the water,
Tightly fitted contemporary caps were swept like rolling pins from scalps; the crisp demeanor of my office shirt developed a plethora of crease,
I simply relinquished all power to open my eyes; hoist my head towards the sky; and her breath seemed closer to me like never before,
As the wind blew at swashbuckling speeds; inundating the stillness of atmosphere with the euphoria of vibrant adventure.


They blasted it with the most pugnacious of explosive; planting corrugated
sticks of dynamite around its periphery,
It bravely bore the onslaught; didn’t sway a single inch; instead fortified its roots firmly into the ground.

They fired a volley of bullets from my compact pistol; caressing the air at
swashbuckling speeds before striking the wall,
It stood unperturbed like a handsome prince; and there was not the slightest
of indentation.

They hurled at it colossal buckets of fuming acid; drenching its demeanor with
blistering liquid,
It refrained to change its complexion; and sparkled even more after the aftermath.

They incessantly sprinkled it with disdainful petrol wildly bursting from hospices; then ignited the same with a blazing torch;
It however refrained to catch fire; shimmered mystically under the pearly moon.

They attempted to chop it down with their acrimonious axe; indiscriminately
slashing at its body,
It neither bled nor wept; while the axes after a while seemed to be
thoroughly battered and bruised.

They dug the earth to fathomless depths; feeding its foundation with a
battalion of parasitic termites,
It resisted their ominous attack; the termites after several days felt exorbitantly exhausted and eventually slept.

They tied it with chains and iron shackles; tugged at it with from all sides
exerting tumultuous strength,
It didn’t utter the slightest of whisper; neither did it move a centimeter; proving their vindictive attempts worthlessly futile.

They left a fleet of hostile vulture to devour it; pulverize its persona to threadbare rags,
It remained as stoical as ever; and the birds flew away without trying to invade and harm it.

They then banged and pummeled it with their fists; as a manifestation of their anger and frustration,
Used all paraphernalia they could lay their hands on to dismantle it; it still stood like rock unmoved by the proceedings.

It had withstood the severest of test on umpteenth an occasion; without yielding to pressures of ostentation and society,
And grew more formidable, as the prejudiced tried to crush it; the dictators tried to capture it; and the opulent tried to purchase it,
It had remained as fresh as a new born for centuries unprecedented; it possessed the immortal blessings of God,
O! yes it was indeed the one and only invincible pillar of love.


When I punched a bag replete with mud; overflowing to the brim with bountiful
food grain,
There flew tones of dust in the still air; of which some it settled on my nose;
partially obscuring my vision.

When I punched an inflated balloon in its midriff; infinite molecules of gas escaped in fury,
There was an obstreperous sound produced; which almost ripped apart intricate
arenas of my eardrum.

When I punched the colossal sized melon with my fists; the shell broke open
into incommensurate halves,
A myriad of fleshy splinters flew everywhere in the air; and the slimy juice languidly cascaded down my immaculate face.

When I punched the solid baked brick; exerting tumultuous pressure against its navel,
Shards of disdainful concrete entered my crystalline eye; along with a series of fracture that enveloped my knuckle.

When I punched the heavyweight champion in the solar plexus; there was a myriad of fetid sweat droplets that stung me with alacrity,
His esteem got thoroughly provoked; and he pulverized me to dust displaying his overpowering brawn.

When I punched biscuits of pure gold; glittering impeccably in the enchanting
My fingers acquired faint tinges of yellow; and I profoundly regretted the wastage  that I had produced.

When I punched the venomous reptile that hung from the tree; trying to
frivolously fondle with its skin,
The monster bared its fangs in vindication; hissing vociferously and eventually inserting its deadly poison in my flesh.

When I punched the assembly of scintillating mirror; it diffused into a myriad
of minuscule fragments,
My reflection now appeared comically distorted; and droplets of crimson blood
oozed from my palms as an aftermath.

When I punched the power horn in the truck; applying unrelenting pressure from my wrists,
There was a deafening noise that was produced; instantly overpowering the
natural ethos prevailing in atmosphere.

And finally when I punched my heart; using the full power of my hands,
There echoed only once voice; there seemed only one face; and there seemed
only one God; and all of them were my mesmerizing beloved.


I sprinkled bountiful water on the cluster of tree leaves; granting their surface a scintillating radiance and shine,
Yet they developed disdainful blotches of dust on their persona; as the rustic wind blew in wild draughts.

I polished the marble with moulds of wax and feathery sponge; continued to do
so until it glistened,
Yet it developed a series of blue blotches; as the toddlers unwittingly spilled globules of writing ink.

I wore a crisp cotton shirt entwined with threads of white silk in the morning; meticulously wiping of all the dirt with my snake brush,
Yet it developed a blend of obnoxious blotches; as the tyranny of Sun and perspiration overpowered me in entirety.

I voraciously scrubbed the wall using a lather of antiseptic foam; scrupulously cleansing all the unwanted grime,
Yet it developed infinite blotches and irregular scars minutes later; as the
cars traversing blew a load of contaminated gutter water.

I tenaciously rubbed the interiors of the cloistered well using battens of steel; made sure that the grease and stale algae was thoroughly annihilated,
Yet the surface developed blotches of black mud along with a fleet of incorrigible termite; as a few nights passed by.

I rigorously scraped all the mud from the Temple bells; making their demeanor
sparkle in the midday Sun,
Yet they developed a plethora of blotches juxtaposed with ghastly stains; as
scores of devotees incessantly rang them creating a pandemonium.

I delicately chiseled streaks of condensed clay from my fingernail; to render
it with a salubrious complexion,
Yet it developed painted blotches stuffed with trapped particles; a few hours
after I consumed my meal of boiled rice.

I stringently brushed my bare bruise with a concoction of medicinal balm and
ointment; to eradicate prevailing infection,
Yet it developed hostile blotches; seconds later when it was exposed to acerbic atmosphere.

I adroitly brushed off briquettes of soil from my pet dogs skin; bathing him
in a tub replete with soapy foam,
Yet he developed irrevocable blotches of green on his skin; after rolling uninhibitedly in the grass.

It was now the turn of my beloved; I made her stand in the most blistering of
fire; the most savage of oceans; the most lecherous of society,
She withstood the test with tumultuous endurance; escaped without a single
indentation on all occasions; facing an army of acrimonious tests in her life,
And the most astounding thing was; she didn’t acquire any scars; her heart was
as pure as gold; her character immaculate and her conscience was free of the remotest of blotch.


The light diffusing from the sun was stupendously dazzling in the morning;
gaining profound intensity by the onset of afternoon,
Although as the hours zipped by; the same Sun set behind the mountains; with
its brilliant rays now transiting into pathetic Black.

The light emanating from the moon was an immaculate white; subtly illuminating
the darkness of the night;
Although as the first hours of dawn stealthily crept in; the moonlight simply faded; without leaving a single trace.

The light radiating from the high voltage bulb was wholesomely flamboyant;
piercing with stringent velocity through particles of gloom,
Although when I merely caressed the switch with my fingers; it abruptly shut
up without the slightest of struggle.

The light diffusing from the volcano was belligerent and hostile; torching all
the animate that came in proximity,
Although when the tremors subsided; the same sparkle got submerged in clouds
of insipid smoke.

The light emerging from traffic signals appeared scintillating; blending
perfectly with the flurry of traffic traversing the roads at nights,
Although the contraption failed to produce the same effects in the morning;
when the natural shine of the sun overwhelmingly took over.

The light originating from the stars was silvery in complexion; besieging the
ambience with an enchanting mysticism,
Although when came the next morning; there was no sign of the light as well as
the galaxy of prominent stars.

The light ejecting out from the mountain stream was a juxtaposition of several
colors; as the sunrays punctured it,
Although it vanished into oblivion as nightfall took its toll on the day.

The light arising from the computer screen was creamy and fluorescent;
enticing the mundane man with lots of ease,
Although when I punched the button to a position of closure; there was a dull
background of gray that flooded my eyes.

The light emitting from the sky was sapphire blue; with blissful tinges of golden,
Although the same was sighted as ominously black; with the thunder clouds
hovering around.

And the light of our love was as everlasting as the fragrance of God,
It radiated a perpetual immortal glow; which neither faded in darkness; not
disappeared in the brightest of light.


When I was drowning in a sea of grease; I felt severely asphyxiated,
Indispensable breath seemed to be relinquishing my body fast; I also felt the
unbearable stench inundate my nose.

When I was drowning in a sea of blood; I felt a sickening feeling strangulate
my intestines,
There was a deathly red color that camouflaged my vision in entirety; and the
desire to live now seemed to be dwindling in my persona.

When I was drowning in a sea of fuming acid; umpteenth pores on my skin got
horrendously charred,
I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer; the heat finally overpowered me choking my breath.

When I was drowning in a sea of silvery sand; clogged balls of mud stuck
intransigently to my silhouette,
The colossal burden of soil seemed preposterously bulky to bear; and I emancipated breath with loud sighs and groans.

When I was drowning in a sea of red wine; I initially relished the aroma and
ravishing taste,
However as minutes unleashed themselves rapidly; the same elixir became a
profound nuisance; and I succumbed disparagingly.

When I was drowning in a sea of obnoxious petrol; the gasoline left me
helpless with a piquant feeling,
I prayed to the creator for granting me reprieve from my plethora of misdeeds;
but in the end halted my cells from functioning after entering rampantly in my

When I was drowning in a sea of pressurized gas; the vapors initially made me dreary,
Painstakingly catapulted my demeanor to heights of complete unconsciousness; and leading to ghastly death.

When I was drowning in a sea of white electricity; a battalion of insidious sparks caressed me with vindication,
I got instantly electrocuted; and didn’t even have the time to reminisce my past.

When I was drowning in a sea of hatred blended profusely with corruption; nefarious deeds of the society plundering heavily on my conscience,
I forcefully closed my breath refraining to live any further; although the world did give me a slim chance.

And eventually when I was drowning in a sea of love; her eyelashes tickling my forehead,
The incense of her love igniting undiscovered passion in my body; I lived; and
not only did I live; I now dictated and preached the same to all I encountered in the tenure of my life.


When I applied it on the morose painted black wall; it highlighted a vivid contrast,
The surface suddenly acquired a gaudy complexion; captivated stringent attention
of the roving eye.

When I smeared it on the surface of the airfield tarmac; it bifurcated the entire terrain scrupulously into zones,
Made life immensely simple for the pilot; giving adequate options to the pilot to maneuver his winged bird.

When I mixed it with plain pellucid water; it transformed into a curry of
immaculate starch,
And I was easily able to whitewash the periphery of the dilapidated mansion; with magnanimous strokes of my serrated brush.

When I threw it nonchalantly on the earth; it inconspicuously blended with the soil,
Impregnated the mud with innocuous tinges of sparkle; looked spotless in the assemblage of infinite dirt.

When I released it high in the air; it cascaded down painstakingly,
Eventually settling and juxtaposing with my hair; rendering my features to appear comically distorted.

When I hurled it at unsuspecting individuals; they acknowledged my gesture with frivolous smiles,
Although they inevitably scratched their eyes with their palms; as the granules caused pertinent irritation.

When I applied a frugal amount of it on my rosy tongue; it looked as if covered with snow,
Although some of it managed to infiltrate into my nose; and I thunderously sneezed.

When I voraciously rolled in it; inscribing wild designs with my fingers,
I resembled a talented cartoon from the Disney world; and the neighboring children laughed till tears rolled down their cheek.

When I washed my hands; vigorously rubbing it all over the skin of my fingers,
They came out meticulously clean; with the last traces of grime now completely

But I think that my chalk powder served me the best; when I moulded it into a
composite bar of handsome chalk,
Used it for imparting judicious knowledge; sketching a conglomerate of love symbols with it on the crystal blackboard.


My eyes felt overwhelmingly revitalized; with their focus seeming to be crystal clear,
The network of bones in my body seemed to be well oiled; with that extra ounce
of energy incarcerated,
The breath flowing through my nostrils was holistically pure; without the
slightest trace of impurity,
Sweat glands under my arms had started producing fresh perspiration,
The mass of curly hair on my palms had stood up alert; with pungent alacrity,
There seemed to be melodious sounds congruously humming in my eardrum; as an aftermath of nocturnal dream,
Scarlet blood circulating through my veins had acquired a lighter tinge; and now flowed with pumped exuberance,
Dried crusts of dirt lined my eyelashes; which I wiped off ecstatically with my nail,
A serene calm now besieged my stomach; after onerous turmoil of the previous day,
Languid yawns now occurred; impregnating my demeanor with robust spurts of exhilaration,
The flesh circumventing my chest glistened all the more profoundly in golden
rays of the Sun,
New buds of taste had sprouted in clusters on my tongue; producing tantalizing
sensations in my mouth,
The fortress of my teeth seemed to be fortified and strong enough; to masticate the hardest of coconut shell,
There was a perfect co-ordination between the mind and brain; a perpetual harmony which harnessed constructive thought flow,
Bouts of intense infuriation had dwindled substantially, replaced by the tendency to gently caress the grass and care,
The clouds had never seemed so blue before; and the Sun had never seemed as dazzling as I could spot it now,
There was passion to work; gleeful run and perspire profusely in the heat,
My voice reverberated loud and stringently from my throat; blended with a perfect crispness to project authority,
All the laziness now seemed to have vanished into thin oblivion; with the last trace of dreariness thoroughly annihilated,
Mind you there was no mystery behind this; I had slept like a hooded monster
last night; with thunderous snores piercing the stillness of air,
And as the first rays of dawn hit my eyes; I possessed unprecedented strength to fulfill my duties; love with reinvigorated vigor the ones I ardently admired.


When I wore a bangle of pointed thorns on my wrists; they got apathetically scarred,
A series of raw bruise developed with the unleashing hour; and ravines of warm blood trickled down my fingers.

When I put on a bangle of live reptile on my hands; it tickled me voraciously,
The venomous creature hissed enchantingly for a while; eventually striking its
perfidious fangs indiscriminately in my flesh.

When I wore a bangle of dead frog on my wrists; there wafted an unbearable
stench in the atmosphere,
Also the skin in proximity with the contraption developed a plethora of
infection; catering to a host of abominable insects.

When I wore a bangle of sea shell on my wrists; it initially imparted me a
majestic look,
But the exhilaration soon faded; as a fleet of slimy worm came crawling from the inside recesses.

When I wore a bangle impregnated with ravishing honey on my wrists; it
glimmered tenaciously in the midday Sun,
Although after a few hours I found; the obstreperous humming bees encircling
it perceiving it to be their hive.

When I wore a bangle of insipid grass on my wrists; the frigid blades tickled me pertinently,
And every now and then; I had to scratch my flesh; executing overwhelming force of my finger nail.

When I wore a bangle of jingling metal on my wrists; it glittered profoundly under the creamy moon,
However it provoked me to the threshold of irritation; as it produced cacophonic noise; every time I moved my hand.

When I wore a bangle of pure gold on my wrists; it incarcerated the attention
of several pedestrians,
The penurious could hardly believe their eyes; immediately chalked astute plans of actions to steal it.

When I wore a bangle of elephant teeth on my wrists; it highlighted richness blended with rustic tradition,
Although I felt pervaded with remorse for the colossal beast; nostalgically reminisced the agony it must have felt while dying.

And finally when I wore the bangle of our love on my wrists; all my apprehensions vanished into minute oblivion,
My hands; my persona; and the coordination of my senses all got astronomically reinvigorated; and they seemed to be gaining strength as each day unveiled into perilous night.

The End .


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