Hide and Seek – part 2 – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 2 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh's earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing-but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid-bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.

This book tingles every living being's imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid-bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.


21. HAIR
40. I SAW


I thought of nose diving from the 100th floor of the edifice,
shivered incessantly when perched right on the top,
abruptly changed my decision as i stared in deathly horror,
at the fathomless distance between the ground and my silhouette.

i visualized trespassing through amber flames of the bonfire,
as they licked barren arenas of the misty blue sky,
i vehemently changed my outlook; as i actually felt their savage heat,
refrained from venturing even miles near the conflagration.

i perceived chewing brittle shards of broken glass,
disintegrating them firmly with my teeth,
dreaded visions of blood gushing from chambers in mouth engulfed me,
as i formally held a solitary chunk of glass in my palms,
prompting me to dismiss the obnoxious idea from my mind.

i envisaged riding on the silken body of blue ocean whale,
admiring the scenic beauty of the captivating Atlantic,
ghastly images of its canine teeth petrified me in entirety,
with hollow kingdoms of its mouth relishing my bones,
causing me to instantaneously relinquish the fantasy before it took firm roots.

i imagined conversing with the magnanimous princess,
floating high in the clouds with her mesmerizing grace,
i then looked down at the torn lace of my shoe, infinite stains in my vest, the emptiness of my purse,
the visions of blossoming romance died there itself,
and i admonished my mind stringently saying to myself,
that fantasy seldom becomes reality.


Rotten leaves lay in dark corners,
soggy mud was sprawled through acres of land,
rusty barbed wire lined vast expanse of territory,
dull roots of juicy cane plant projected from the mud,
a strong pair of black bull bathed in rain ponds of wet mud slurry,
infinite earthworms popped from beneath cocoons of ground,
long snakes buried themselves in dark holes,
multilegged caterpillar crawled through open skin of wild flower,
a family of untamed rabbit trespassed for nibbling fruit,
the apple trees swayed with gusty currents of humid wind,
as ripened fruits incorporated with natural sweet juice,
fell in paltry amounts from the angular wood branch.

the golden Sun rose behind the V shaped hill,
cast its first burning rays on the fertile land,
gradually awakening the husky farmer,
tossing in blissful fantasies of sleep,
to start his routine ploughing activity for the succeeding day.

the mesmerizing sunlight took its toll on him,
he looked drowned in jubilation amidst the tall cultivation of sugarcane,
red ants greedily sucking his seasoned blood,
as he strained his eyes to devour the breathtaking scene,
of sunshine, scarlet apple, juicy sugarcane, chocolate brown mud,
and gushing waters through gigantic cloth pipes,
it took him a lengthy amount of time to drift into reality,
and when he did, he saw precious hectares of his own land,
floating with wealthy crop, tonnes of haphazardly strewn crimson apple,
he now took a slender pair of shears alongwith bare blades of country knife,
sliced ripened sugarcane crop, blended the ravishing juice oozing,
into his large mouth chambers, thoroughly parched in the dazzling Sun.


The twin horned cow prays to God,
for fear of not producing frosty rich cream milk.

the scorched patch of infertile land prays to God,
for fear of not yielding consumable grains of food.

the large butcher knife prays to God,
for fear of not being able to slain obdurate chunks of meat, a cluster of spruced vegetable.

the devilish chain of mountain prays to God,
for fear of collapsing, when struck my cyclonic wind and rain.

the enchanting elevation of the edifice prays to God,
for fear of being charred by flaming fires, transiting into realms of dilapidation.

the light brown crab on the slippery beach prays to God,
for fear of being trampled to death by bulky soles of inarticulate feet.

airborne birds in the sky pray to God,
for fear of snapping their wings, nose-diving thereby towards the uncouth surface of earth.

the juicy fruit of apple prays to God,
for fear of being pecked by venomous reptile injecting paltry vials of poison.

innocent orphan children pray to God,
for fear of being stashed like truckloads of garbage.

immaculately white satin cloth prays to God,
for fear of developing disdainful blotches and stain.

the lush green blades of grass pray to God,
for fear of being devoured by the roaming stray cattle.

the ornately exquisite mercedes prays to God,
for fear of being brutally bashed by tankers holding grease.

the emerald green waters of ocean pray to God,
for fear of being contaminated by gun powder and residue of missiles.

appetizing slabs of pure chocolate pray to God,
for fear of harbouring an army of red ant and insects.

suspended wires of cable pray to God,
for fear of electrocuting all those in proximity after fresh spells of monsoon.

the croaking frog in the lake prays to God,
for fear of being swallowed by killer lizards on the prowl.

humans existing on this earth pray to God,
for fear of losing their lives,starving like the desert camel bereft of fodder.

i pray to God,
for fear of being seperated from the person i loved, the ones i really cared for.


Man had the ability to walk on articulately carved feet,
man had an uncanny knack of tackling problems.

man had large palms which could be curled into a fist,
man had sharp beads of visual apparatus distinguishing between good and evil.

man had lips which turned scarlet when he chewed green leaves of betel,
man had eardrums detecting the minutest of sound.

man had the capacity to perspire in the flaming Sun,
man had twin pair of nostrils which excreted snores at night.

man had a mass of shiny hair projecting from shaven scalp,
man had finger nails blended with several coats of white calcium.

man had bulging arm muscle raising cotton fabric of his shirt,
man had a bunch of well chiseled teeth biting through the hardest of sugarcane stick.

man had built palaces with silver granite and volumes of red brick,
man had bathed for centuries in water extracted from earths crust.

man had the prowess of memorizing long stanzas of numeric verse,
man had a body which had evolved from the primitive ape.

man had a voice that could be synthesized into melodious notes of music,
man had acquired occult powers by incessant worship of the divine Creator.

man had the infinite power of bringing stars to the earth,
man had ruled over all living and created for centuries since he was born.


I struck my tender fist vociferously against the hard wall,
round globules of indignant anger welled up in my eyes,
mighty pounds of fresh air died a gruesome death in my lungs,
tapered outlines of my toe fingers took a vice like grip of the floor,
crimson blood traveled multiple times faster through my veins,
snow white pearls of my eyes acquired streaks of corrugated scarlet,
dozens of my teeth clenched themselves to form a formidable fortress,
infinite hair on my body stood up in hostile acrimony,
the tiny blob of Adams apple oscillated violently like a parasitic leech,
amber fumes emanated in quick successions from my nostril,
a volley of profound abuse escaped through the luscious envelope of my lips,
gallons of adrenalin flowed intermittently via my kidneys,
feeble muscles of my persona transited to taut balls of anguished fervor,
i gnawed my nails raw of rich calcium,
chewed my thumb for times immemorial,
staring unflinchingly at my adversary who had humiliated me a few hours ago,
had also evaporated traces of exorbitant felicity that i was besieged with.

i couldn't bear it any longer,
my entire silhouette radiated with waves of demonic anger,
prompting me to punch stringently with my rock hard palms,
into the supple core of his solar plexus,
evacuating tons of air trapped in his flatulent belly,
annihilating forever the ostentation he displayed in ridiculing the youth of my age.


Woolen threads of cozy winter wear,
forming bundles of warm noodles,
interstitched to furry proportions,
tasteless and tailored to high degrees of bitter cold,
sheared with large cleavers,
from skins of fat mountain sheep,
wandering in abundance on hilly terrains,
in search of leafy shrub and small prey,
shielding freezing winds in their natural dress,
with woolen sprouts in clusters since birth,
long drooling ears, effusive bleats of denial,
gnarled teeth, stamping of feet on white ice,
diffusing chinaware of snow into fragments,
but alas! at last they succumb to brutal force,
of breathing hearts ,and reasoning brains,
the most supreme form of godly creation,
with trillions of activated brain cells,
decades of smartest existence, as man,
utilizing animal comfort for human greed,
stripping them of their only defense,
to manufacture, snow white cardigans,
long spun robes with internal heat,
royal caps with woolen skin,
well spun socks with breathing pores,
flexible hand gloves deactivating chill,
embroidered scarves with sheets of wool,
and a host of winter wear, to numb cold,
nip it in its frozen buds,
with rich stripped wool of innocent sheep


I toss around with lazy energy,
beads of water run down my mane,
my head burns like a piece of coal,
to conquer life is my ultimate goal,
my feet yield to unsustainable pressure,
trampling cold sheets of marble chips,
aggrandizing my tryst with misfortune,
my close rapport with ill luck.

i gnaw my nails with great tenacity,
firmly tethered to their cuticles,
stuck to red raw flesh,
producing semicircular indentations,
on the nail and mind alike.
my pink tongue dances to,
a pentagon of blatant reality,
an unsubscribed figment of thought,
severing rainbows of desire,
achromatic saliva dribbling from my mouth,
a simple case of flagrant imagination


Black clouds vomited torrential rain,
streaks of lightning blazed through the sky,
bright light transited to doomsday murky,
flaming sun ball jailed within puffs of grey,
heat gods fast asleep in guest houses of monsoon,
as oblong droplets of water tumbled down.
drenching parched fragments of boiling soil,
washing tonnes of dust on tree leaves,
sweeping stubborn layers of noxious debris,
providing free baths to perspiring humans,
sprinkling coolant liquid on scorched birds,
dissipating chemicals from river bed,
depleting fresh whitewash paint off gaudy color,
prompting rivulets of water, to gush from drainpipe,
flooding coastal ocean, swelling domestic river stream,
with sheets of salty water encapsulating low land,
dismantling weak foundations of cheap bamboo,
tearing apart tin roofs from thatched hay,
uprooting tree roots from deep recesses of ground,
the rain continued with unrelenting fury,
sparing none in proximity with earth,
submerging visible land with pools of cloud water,
revealing passionate creation of water,
after arduous spells of steaming summer.


I scribbled innumerable lines of literature with it,
it was still ready to execute a umpteenth phrases more,
being as strong as an ox when it came to decoding thoughts into verse,
even when tested at bizarre limits of endurance.

i sketched glowing peaks of mountain basking in the golden Sun,
weaving articulate outlines of the encroaching shadows,
it yielded to the faintest of my caress; unleashing dark forms with fountain ink,
a true stalwart engulfing me in the times of difficulty.

i even used it for scraping minute blotches of dirt from my ear,
delicately tickling the inner soft skin with insipid strokes,
it obliged pathetically to whatever i did,
didn’t shed a tear from its eye; nor developed a retaliatory hole in its heart.

i filled it with surplus amounts of colored ink,
sprinkling the same with lots of glee on the faces of my counterpart mates,
transforming them into jocular clowns,
with an awe-inspiring caricature of white skin with opalescent paint.

i kept it well stuffed within the interiors of my waistcoat pocket,
lived with it for all night and Sunlit day,
it had fulfilled my insatiable desire to explore the world,
assisted me create the animate;and already burried,
i hardly skipped exiting my place of dwelling,
without the reassuring comfort of my chrome tipped fountain pen.


A trembling little heart,
unable to express itself,
capsized by the will power of others,
waiting to be free from this earthly form,
feeble to posses it,
escaping far away from the graveyard of miseries,
in the midst of tremendous fight for existence,
breaks free at last from the vice like confinement of self introversions,
like the core of the hot earth,
with molten lava gushing out at last,
after years of struggle and unrelenting strife,
which soon after eruption gets cooled by mother earth,
who cant let her surface be full of tears,
for if she starts weeping,
who will look after her millions of sons,
dying every minute of thirst, hunger,and inexplicable pain,
struck with horrendous grief,
with a bleak future ahead,and no bright lights
shinining yo guide them ahead,
leaving them in alone in a world of blood thirst and corruption,
to the never ending tale of gruesome death,
finding the true beating of the heart,
at least momentarily, in a river of gods love to surround,
never saying yes to love, peace,affection and faith,
trailing away from the mysteries of life,
closing sinful chapters of existence forever.


Plastic tube of high quality rubber,
crisscrossed like a reptile across vast expanse of lush green lawn,
fitted tightly to tiny apertures of gushing liquid,
sprinkling even sprays of water on irregular protrusions of land,
washing tonnes of dirt from broad leaf skin,
submerging patches of fallow land in wet pools of nutrition,
milking young seedlings with motherly caress,
filling empty mud bowls for the sparrows to bathe,
quenching thirst of scorched travelers passing by,
rendering baked tree branch unsuitable for firewood,
splashing it fiercely with straight missiles of water,
producing fountains of water when compressed subtly by hand,
a portable instrument for conveying gallons of water,
lambasting the soil with rockets of frothy spray,
flooding vacant crevices of land with buckets of minerals,
whitewashing walls of the stone brick house of years of accumulated dust,
enabling flower buds to blossom after few days of application,
smooth bodied exterior comprising a kilometer of length,
with several offshooting nozzles vomiting droplets of water,
having the potential of being used as a sturdy rope,
lying limp amidst the camouflage of entangled grass,
is my decade old and tubular green garden hosepipe


Snakes slithered harmlessly in lush green terrains of lawns,
swishing their tongues viciously in the autumn breeze,
i stealthily encroached them with nimble feet,
hoisted them in the air, adroitly snapping their venom fangs,
wound them round my neck to relish the tender warmth of reptile garland.

the body of chameleon changed color with surrounding foliage,
its serrations stood erect when tickled by red brick,
as it glared devilishly at innocuous bunch of radiating insects.
i punctured its silhouette with needle arrow,
captured more of its species with meticulous proficiency,
adorned my slender neck with a garlands of dead chameleon.

i evacuated rich oysters from the carribean sea,
pilfered the shells to obtain a plethora of sparkling pearls,
weaved them with ultra thin floss of honey golden,
sprinkling the beads with pungent amounts of rose perfume,
i enveloped my persona with garlands of exquisite glistening pearl stones.

and finally when i engulfed my body in a festoon of her satiny hair,
a celestial fragrance emanating from the natural sheath of black,
my heart underwent uncontrollable convulsions,
finally yielding my entity in complete submission to this inexplicable garland of love.


Brown smoke rose from the tall chimney,
sinister eagles glided creating powerful draughts of wind,
grey lizards swished their tail as they clawed upwards,
dried moisture from the river bank descended on the tapered structure,
engulfing parched skin of concrete with paltry amounts of natural coolant.

high up in the tower dwelt a grizzly haired man,
solitude camouflaged him in totality,
shriveled bones of his body shone prominently,
silky white beard flowed majestically from his facial contours,
adorned he was in godly robes of saffron gold,
each of his finger was studded with a mystical charm,
there lay a crystal globe abreast of him,
which he presumed dissipated entangled enigmas of life.

an affluent man met him with loads of hope,
bereft he was of precious centers of life bestowing vision,
he had groped about in darkness ever since he was born.
the eccentric saint stared at him for long hours,
commanded him to kiss the crystal trophy, containing perfumed mountain shrub and water,
sprinkled all parts of his persona with pinches of turmeric powder,
smeared his eyes with a paste of rabbit whisker and boiled mushroom,
chanted spell bounding rhymes with proficient ease,
swayed like a maniac expending all energy possessed by his wrinkled feet,
the transformation that occured was breathtaking, transparent globules of water welled up in the mans eyes,
blurred outlines of the room became slowly visible,
decades of agony in dark seemed to be fading fast,
he could now see the razor sharp outlines of ducks in the river,
as fresh rays of morning Sunlight caressed him with their full might.


They poured buckets of icy water over him,
drenched his body with steaming hot soup curry,
added pinches of sea salt on his lips,
tickled his eardrum with feckless strokes of bird feather,
left an army of red ant on his body to wander,
tonsured his scalp of thick curls of hair,
pushed and probed his flesh with red hot pokers of wood,
ignited a plethora of wax candle on his chest,
fed hollow regions of his eardrum with a cluster of stinging jungle mosquito,
lambasted him brutal strokes of the snake leather whip,
shouted at deafening voices, beating hands in despair on his flabby chest,
as the unscrupulous giant slept in tranquil peace,
unperturbed by the thunderous commotion stabbing umpteenth parts of his body.

He had been cast a spell by the goddess of sleep,
To lie dormant for centuries till he existed,
Unfazed by all power on earth,
There was not a soul who could wake him up from sleep.

That’s when they executed the following on sudden impulse,
they laid a drum of cooked sweets beside him,
Appetizing fruit juice filled in transparent jars,
Cooked morsels of fish and rice at his feet,
Round pancakes with frosty butter sandwiched in his hands,
they poured a river of pure honey on his belly,
Placed an ornate plate of sizzling turkey caressing his demon lips.

The metamorphosis that occurred placed us in enigma,
Torrential snores of the giant were now being disrupted,
The heavenly aroma of food had thoroughly tickled Cupid zones of his heart,
The smell of boiled toffee exploited his penchant for sweets,
He flinched a couple of times before regaining wholesome consciousness,
And when he stood upright, it was an astounding sight for one to witness,
He stood 100 feet tall, with a long hair cascading down his nape,
The gentle giant now ate the food with gusto,
Devouring occasionally mouthfuls of juice,
Quenching his thirst for the agonizing period of sleep.


Round colored balls of crystal glass,
oval shaped mugs of bone china,
engraved impressions of fish on thermos flask,
tiny cutglass bowls for consuming vodka,
heat resistant specimens of pressure cooker,
heavy safety valves curbing escape of steam,
circular rubber rings sewn with fire proof material,
frozen refrigerators cooling a factory of food,
hi-tech microwave boilers nursing unburnt meals,
hollow iron drums storing yearly food grain,
vibrating grinders for softening curd,
tetra burner cooking range warming milk,
large butcher knives for slicing jackfruit,
sleek bottle openers for releasing tin caps,
penta cavitied toasters for roasting bread,
large alloyed vessels for baking egg,
tri cylinder apparatus for filtering ground water,
slimy water bowls for wiping utensils,
corrugated iron sticks for grilled barbecue,
well spun coarse cloth for rubbing hands and stain,
shady compartments of exhaust vents,
obliterating traces of harsh light,
tin metal dishwasher scraping stubborn dirt,
cane baskets holding a bunch of spoon and fork,
small cuplets filled with
chilli ,pepper ,salt, coriander seed. etc,
multifold light bulbs fastened to ceiling,
with dedicated housewives preparing mouth watering dishes,
and a pitcher of beer on the granite slab,
is a glimpse of the 20th century modern kitchen.


I pedal my bicycle furiously,
at unearthly hour of midnight,
ripping past juicy breeze of the summer month,
with increasing pressure on coiled springs,
compressed in plastic interiors of cycle seat.

frenzied movement of muscular leg,
thorough dismantle of combed hair,
watery mucus flowing through square nose,
body sac filled with pouches of exhilaration,
deactivating tense network of frayed nerve cell,
releasing trapped energies of my mind,
sweat drops of hate oozing out,
venom webs of complication snapping apart,
stale air gushing from wide open mouth,
cleansing dirt from contaminated platelets of blood,
i gradually arrive by the silent river side,
park my sleek bike on angular stand,
securing it with locked chain metal,
descend down the steps of the river,
splash my feet depleted of footwear,
with body blows of wind across my chest,
in the luke warm waters of the holy ganges.


When the crimson crested parrot opened its mouth,
gruff sounds; astoundingly similar to humans emanated from its beak.

when the elephant opened its mouth; hoisting its trunk to speak,
a roaring echo diffused with volatile bursts of emotion.

when the striped black leopard opened its ferocious mouth,
there came out sounds resembling thunder clashing in the sky,
silencing all animated commotion prevalent in the township of jungle.

when the slime painted frog opened its cupid mouth,
disenchanting notes of harsh music flooded the atmosphere.

when the boisterous honey bee opened her tiny mouth,
sounds of infuriating buzzing dismantled the harmony of air.
when handsomely coiled reptiles on the ground opened their venom mouths,
poignant noises of hissing pierced the alacrity of stringent breeze.

when the cow in green pastures opened her amicable mouth,
timid sounds of indolent mooing blended perfectly with the succulent grass.

when the furry sheepskin dog opened its cannine tipped mouth,
gruesome growls expurgated;initiating infinite hair on body to stand.

when a bunch of humans opened their articulately shaped mouths,
there came galloping fast;tales of intellect and imagination.

and when the omnipresent personality of Godhead openedhis mouth,
one could see the entire universe revolving inside,
undulating terrains ,turbulent sea's, flaming persona of the sun, silver silhouette of the moon,
dense tropical forests; sparkling waterfalls of crystal water,
the creator sparingly uttered few words of wisdom,
embodied with the supreme aura of righteousness,
which was still the magical verse centuries after he created man to live and let live.


The crimson grey clouds have an obsessive habit to cry,
inundate barren regions of earth with surplus amount of fresh water.

the washerman has a stringent habit of washing blotted cloth,
scraping tonnes of dirt with adroit strokes of wooden batten.

the city traffic police have an impulsive habit of waving their sticks,
cant help but do so, even when in realms of deep sleep.

the soil has a bountiful habit of giving birth to blades of wild grass,
when fed with paltry amounts of achromatic water.

the sheep on mountains have a routine habit of walking in clusters,
weave their way through interspersed regions of the jungle leaning on one another.

the birds in the sky have extravagant habits of chirping incessantly,
convey the innermost of their feeling via this medium of coherent music.

the saline waters of sea are prone to habits of crashing against chains of rock,
falling with a loud thud on the shore when imparted turbulence by the moon.

the milkman has an infuriating habit of delivering milk in wee hours of the morning,
waking people up from domains of celestial sleep.

the dog has a noninvasive habit of barking vociferously at strangers,
wagging its tail when jubiliant,in criss-cross fashions dismantling the harmony of air.

the venomous snake has lethal habits of consuming baby milk,
injects its poison while relishing the same with slender tongue.

politicians worldwide have chivalrous habits of making promises,
fail to deliver the same when floating high in webs of corruption.

striped lizards have denfensive habits of squirting blood when attacked,
change their color with nonchalant ease to strangulate unsuspecting prey.

i had an unrelenting habit of running till i found paradise on earth,
bathe under the crystal springs of mesmerizing nature,
live in transcendental oblivion sheltered from pragmatic realities of life.


Thick mirrors of transparent glass,
slates of graphite stuck to wall,
big bottles of shaving foam,
flammable containers of liquid spray,
a tetra assembly of royal chairs,
with protruding headrests of cushioned rexin,
fluorescent light rods producing blue light,
arrays of scissors made of stainless steel,
razor switch blades in plastic shells,
brown hairbrush with artificial teeth,
polygonal cans of medicated shampoo,
soft white towels dipped in hot steam,
aromatic hair oil in copper tins,
giant clock hung to wall nail,
electronic hair drier suspended from a jugglery of wires,
wooden boxes of talcum powder,
tantalizing odour of body cologne,
huge paint brush coated with black dye,
rectangular green tablets of antiseptic soap,
flocks of silky hair lying dead on the floor,
offering a wide range of services like,
special shave and shampoo bath,
with an iron safe for stacking currency notes,
and a large tumbler of cool water,
shaping hairy demons to presentable gods,
as i stretch my legs,
in the crowded ambience of the hair cutting saloon.


When i molded long strands of my hair into slender curls,
fastening them with strings of sticky elastic rubber,
with infinite fibers of black cascading down like a fountain,
my manly exteriors transited to those of a daintily adorned teenage girl.

when i submerged the wild mass of my hair in an exact liter of coriander oil,
they slept in tranquil contentment on glistening regions of my scalp,
refraining to budge an inch in stormy sheets of inclement weather,
dying a disdainful death without savoring the true taste of life.

when i sheared bulky loads of my hair with a pair of pocket jacknife,
rustic pathces of my scalp potrayed an alien look,
the humming bees sung merrily on the barren islands,
my head now resembled polished briquette's of coal;sprawled with white powder.

when i camouflaged my scalp with beads of pure silver,
adhering sedately to rudimentary bits of yellow gold,
it appeared as if possesed a dungeon of riches,
with parasitic individuals of the society pilfering through my house of bare brick.

when i tonsured my skull completely of hair,
gently plucking the last bits of floss with my knotted fingers,
my scalp got scorched in acerbic rays of the Sun,
sparkling a pure ivory white in resplendent beams of the moon,
i was a grotesque sight to stare;as people offended me with pools of ludicrous laughter.

when i parted my hair in exact equal halves,
sprinkling the central rift with pinches of crimson vermilion powder,
riveting braids of scented flower with scrupulous proficiency,
i looked strikingly similar to the traditionally living indian women.

and when i finally combed my hair with casual strokes of the serrated brush,
splashing jagged stubs of my beard with revitalizing cologne,
kneading my hair vigorously with piquant extracts of blue whale fish,
i could be sighted unanimously by one and all;as a truly authentic volatile man.

21. HAIR

Bald patches of earth bore olive green hair of silken grass,
which swayed frivolously with swift currents of winter breeze.

snow white rabbits had a furry shock of hard hair,
galloped at electric pace through winding lanes of the valley.

lethal alligators were adorned with a bush of needle like hair,
glided with languid energy through deep waters of the jungle river.

the maple trees possessed wild hair projecting from their roots,
gave birth to a cluster of sweet fruit tumbling down with sporadic outbursts of wind.

pure bed sheets of silk had a plethora of feeble hair,
ready to get brutally crushed at instantaneous contacts of bulky flesh.

the disheveled body of chameleon had sprouts of razor edged hair,
tickled masses of insects,bare walls of brick as it clambered up with difficulty.

long handle of broomstick had infinite hair of cheap cane,
scraped trapped molecules of dust and loiter from remote corners of kitchen walls.

the sparkling surface of ocean had ravishing hair of salt,
struck colossal portions of jagged rock with unparalleled intensity of a wild tiger.

a bundle of crisp currency note had concealed hair of ecstasy,
had the tumultuous power to purchase all animate objects on mother earth.

all humans born had fragile bunches of hair emanating from their scalp,
the same grew into islands inhabited by deceit and lechery,
as advancing years crept,vanquishing immaculate hair of childhood,
into traces of everlasting oblivion.


Hands can spin webs of magic,
some hands can sketch artistically,
some write in majestic fashion,
some can covert molten wax into jeweled statue,
some can rotate pointed spindles,
some can juggle multiple balls at a time,
some can compose exquisite poetry,
some chop living tree with axe,
some can swim through tidal currents,
some can repair dilapidated machinery,
some can create electronic toys,
some plough brown fields of undulating mud,
some distribute amenities of life,
some drive speedy race automobile,
some prepare delicious fodder for survival,
some can excavate oil from tunnels of earth,
some can stitch firmly loose fragments of cloth,
some can dance to beats of high pitched music,
some perform intricate surgery of heart,
some can play enthusing cricket,
some play masterly games of chess,
so far, so good,
but there are hands coated with blood,
stubby fingers ,unshaven hair,
merciless disposition,brutal force,
waiting to dismantle all the good,
tearing apart to complete shambles,
blissful personalities from earth like mine.
these constitute what we call,
hands of mother destiny.


Parrot green buds of nimble grass existed in harmony with the soil,
sprawled with rampant ease engulfing acres of barren land,
when the rain plummeted down from the sky in plenty.

a plethora of birds sailing at high altitudes lived in harmony with the wind,
gliding like small angels with adroit strokes of their wings,
traversing thousands of kilometers with the sky, wind, and light as their savior.

the slimy bodies of fish survived in complete harmony with the sea,
swimming with their silken grace through tidal currents of choppy spray,
procreating their offspring’s in salt tunnels of ocean water,
having the tumultuous capacity of toppling cruise liners,
when inhabiting the colossal form of smoke grey whales.

the rustic stature of a country dog lived in harmony with its tail,
wagging it with uninhibited passion while spotting a friend,
curling it tightly between its legs when attacked by a hostile bunch of humans.

a cluster of animated squirrel existed in perfect harmony with the tree,
traversing through hollow cavities, aided by staccato movements of their body,
munching and relishing sprouts of bountiful green foliage.

freshly extracted pails of cream lived in co-ordinated harmony with the cow,
oozing with melodious rhythm from her ripened teats,
satisfying insatiable desires of consuming unadulterated milk.

millions of humans on earth survived in harmony with Sunlight,
thoroughly dependant on the first rays of dawn to start work,
and pitch dark beams of night to fall in a sedative trance,
a blissfully refreshing, celestial sleep.


When sensitive tunnels in my eardrum stopped functioning,
amicable voices of chirping birds failed to cast an impression,
stringent sounds emanating from vocal chords of my mother,
struck me as inaudibly sedative whispers of the girl i immensely loved.

as rosy pink fangs of my tongue shut down without prior notice,
there were insatiable urges to demonstrate my emotions,
my face contorted with hapless paralysis,
with my whole being plunging into opalescent fountains bereft of water.

when indispensable centers of my vision rebuked to function,
hazy blobs of grayish scarlet inundated my eyeball,
intricate outlines of the moon resembled disheveled chunks of ice-cream,
the catastrophe had marooned me on a paradise of dreams,
divested of the philanthropic power to see.

as my stolid pair of my feet brusquely froze in their advancing tread,
minuscule distances of the city; loomed menacingly as marathon race tracks,
the simplistic idea of walking seemed bizarrely austere,
infinite compartments of my body tugged me towards untimely slumber .

when clusters of my knotted fingers shunned to work,
mystical enigmas in my brain unleashed themselves at frantic pace,
flowery lines of contemporary literature seemed to erupt from my mouth,
with my manual apparatus unable to transform fantasy into written reality.

and eventually when boisterous threads of my heart relinquished vibrations,
gallons of crimson blood flowing transited to deathly blue,
rubicund complexion of my skin developed patches of febrile yellow,
my moistened breath evaporated in its rudimentary roots,
and i bid a tearful adieu to mother earth;which i had inhabited as a man for 50
long years.


I coated roasted bread periphery with surplus extracts of cow butter,
stuffed hollow spaces between twin slices with squashed tomato curry,
baked round crystalline egg to fluffy proportion,
crushed a pair of sour lemon to form appetizing juice,
flooded polished interiors of glass with blood red wine,
sliced infinite biscuits of farm fresh radish,
blended chunks of mustard seed in huge jars of ground well water,
dropped sizzling pieces of goat meat in gigantic foils of silver,
ripped open olive green coconut shell with slender butcher knife,
peeled wild skin of fleshy orange after feeble resistance from the fruit,
decorated the slimy surface of exquisite marble,
with bulky slabs of chilly ice-cream,
sprinkled pinches of pure salt on visible patches of spiceless food,
laid a cluster of hybrid grapes in minuscule baskets of cane,
filled miniature soup bowls with clear paste of noodle and garlic powder,
chopped with deft strokes of skill entangled bundles of cauliflower root,
burnt sugar to chocolate brown in low rising flames of electronic stove,
rubbed green chili sticks with volatile force on my lifeless lips,
opened sliding glass panels of the green house roof,
to let in revitalizing draughts of the mountain air,
reclined and sank in the plush upholstery of king sized chair,
to relish the concoctions and recipe which were simply for morning consumption,
listening to enlightening tunes diffusing softly, from plastic pellets of my portable walkman.


Dragonflies entered entangled mass of my intestine,
black scorpions clambered up conical face,
venom spiders spun silky webs in my mouth,
red termites stung naked patches of my flesh,
colossal pythons embraced me in a strangle hold grip,
wild creepers curled themselves choking concealed arteries of my throat,
sharp blades of sword caressed limp hair on my chest,
concentrated curry of salt was poured on body,
spiked leather whips lambasted salt soaked regions of my back,
flaming embers of coal were placed in my eye,
a cluster of alligator were left berserk to roam beside me,
a ball of pointed thorn was placed before me to eat,
buckets of fuming acid were emptied over my feet,
a plethora of sewage cockroach was thrown on scalp hair,
i had just arrived a few hours ago,
the surface of land was scattered with dead bone and skull,
there was gruesome darkness everywhere, without a trace of dawn and light,
it was raining incessantly, with the rain drops being of pure blood.

weeks elapsed as the torture continued unrelentingly,
a sudden spurt of blindness gushed past my eyes,
strong beams of light emanated from his persona,
a golden aura encompassed his facial contours,
he proclaimed himself to be the God of hell,
enumerated the list of my brutal misdeeds on earth,
charging me with heinous crimes, murder, and assault on the innocent,
dictating orders to subservient followers of tormenting me,
left as abruptly as he had appeared,
leaving me to bear the brunt of what we perceive in common parlance,
as hell and beyond.


There were cubes of white ice strewn on the floor,
melting into paltry amounts of water when licked by Sunlight,
transiting into a solidified mass when kissed by the placid moon,
i entered the room with a hand bleeding profusely,
inserted my palm beneath a slab of frozen liquid,
thereby ceasing the flow of trickling blood,
eliminating stabs of bursting pain with inexpensive plaster of ice.

i was engulfed in a coat of mud slurry,
tonnes of broken debris lined collar and scalp,
ugly sores and bruises projected from several parts of body,
that’s when i decided to step in the steaming shower,
scrubbed myself with huge tablets of antiseptic,
cleansed traces of moisture with blow dryer guns,
despite my valiant efforts,
the blood i noticed was still oozing.

i then applied stingy amounts of my mothers ashes,
which i had diligently preserved years after she died,
a magical transformation took place,
the scenario to witness was priceless and spellbinding,
the stream of flowing blood froze in its roots,
hard crusts of brown now replaced the torn pulp,
tears of gratitude rolled down my cheek,
she still cared for me, couldnt see me in agonizing sorrow,
she was still there with me in my time of distress,
sleeping with a celestial bliss in those grey ashes,
which i had stashed safely within lock proof interiors
of my cherished safe.


I covered my body with pure silk garment,
sprinkled wild shrub extract on countless pores of skin,
shaved my face of the minutest of hair with Flintstone,
oiled scalp root hair till they shone like gold,
massaged my arms with sandalwood paste,
bathed in perfumed water cascading from the mountain,
rubbed teeth enamel with neem tree bark,
adorned eyelashes with wax mascara,
crushed lotus petals with my feet,
polished my nails with rose nail paint,
evacuated moistened sweat with cologne tissue,
slept on king sized bed filled with iced water,
walked through dungeons dripping with grape vine rain,
cut slices of peach with diamond studded knife,
rolled wildly in heaps of talcum powder,
transforming my wheatish flesh to snow white.
licked my lips with slimy tongue,
accentuating their blood red colour,
i then stared in the mirror,
awaiting kingly handsome flashes of reflection,
the thick glass reflector vomited artificial beauty,
echoed that true splendor lies in unbiased love,
residing deep in dormitories of throbbing heart


The steaming island of Sun played hide and seek amidst the smoke grey clouds,
peeping sporadically with stringent tenacity,
filtering with flamboyant exuberance pallid spots of the galaxy,
fumigating dirt and stench with antiseptic rays of dazzling light.

tranquil contours of the moon played hide and seek between brown sandwiches of mountain,
illuminating the gruesome blackness of arid night, stuck like perpetual glue to azure carpets of the sky,
imparting placid waves of passionate moisture to scorched patches of earth.

a cluster of woodpecker played hide and seek in an ambience of foliated trees,
chirping affable rhymes in melodramatic unison,
gliding no invasively past an assemblage of tall hawthorn bush,
taking frequent dips ,submerging their weary in the crystal stream of silken
white jungle water bodies,

truckloads of golden sawdust played hide and seek in an environment of mighty
blowing in feverish exhilaration with torrential draughts of wind,
incessantly covering exposed portions of stainless glass pane,
intruding upon the intricate coat of snow white eye,
enveloping polished arenas of space with blotches of disdainful mud.

articulate webs of conscience play hide and seek with the good and bad,
yielding predominantly to insatiable desires of evil,
succumbing with languid ease to lucrative options of crime,
seldom adhering to persevering routes of immaculate truth,
falling prey to hollow caves of affluence and superficial glamour.


The gigantic silhouette of neem tree rested on hinges of tender roots,
embedded firmly at colossal depths from surface of ground,
anchoring the mighty structure for centuries till it swayed in the breeze.

polished teak doors studded with brass leaned on hinges of pure metal,
thoroughly oiled, lubricated with whale fat grease,
maneuvering with dexterous ease at instants of proximity with curled finger.

pearly white waters of the gurgling waterfall rested on hinges of the bare mountain,
plummeted down the barren slopes at breathtaking speeds,
diffusing into Herculean amounts of frothy spray,
while colliding with the obdurate trajectory of black rocks.

cat combed hives of the humming bee spun their homes on hinges of foliage,
bustled with feverish activity through speeding hours of the clock,
stuffing multiple pores of their tree top den,
with loads of freshly manufactured sickening sweet honey.

a plethora of birds flew with spurts of newly found energy,
resting lucratively on broad hinges of their wings,
relished the supreme freedom of sighting the world from infinite paces above
the ground.

i envisaged of sleeping on blissful hinges of love,
hinges luminating large with vibrant possession,
which could be provided only by unprejudiced feeling,
the person i possessed in mind, body, and spirit,
held captive deep within sensitive chambers of my heart,
the person i cared for above all denominations of the hollow society.


I listened with rapt attention to the sonorous voice,
my feet were locked in recesses of tight boot,
body besieged with several coats of salty sweat juice,
hands trapped in dark realms of trouser pocket,
loose chalk powder smeared on curls of scalp hair,
large palms soaked in a blend of fountain ink and perspiration,
with a carton of paper sprawled before me,
bulky textbook volumes to be read for the day,
i was getting restless by the passing clock second,
as streaks of grey camouflaged the sky,
droplets of fresh monsoon pelted down in savage fury,
large masses of mundane crowd shouted in animated glee,
while me and my counterpart mates absorbed the stringent voice of our history

the situation had risen beyond limits of tolerance,
our hearts throbbed in mounting excitement,
scorched bodies of ours bathed in pools of exhaustion,
each syllable he uttered struck us with magnified intensity,
restless feet trampled the sun baked floor,
while our teeth clusters gnawed every possible inch of object in proximity,
as we formulated mischivious plans of getting respite,
from crowded interiors of the obnoxious classroom.

we collected small pinches of red chilli extract,
ground it into small fragments of powder mix,
hurled it in chorused unison towards the man who taught us in dedication,
galloped out to smell waves diffusing from freshly soaked mud,
as the history teacher held his face in contorted dismay,
admiring the extravagant courage of aspiring youth existing in the brand new


The straw brimmed hat bobbed on the surface of the sea,
sleek motorboats churned through white froth of water,
pearly white shark glided harmlessly beneath a plethora of marine shrub,
the sun blazed violently from behind dirty grey cloud covers,
strong pouches of wind caused the waves to rise sky high,
thereby toppling the hat into deep territories of the emerald green ocean.

high powered torch beams cut tranquil stillness of the night,
the huge mast danced tantalizingly in the breeze,
large walls of timber were coated with wax paint,
conical rooms were fitted with paraffin lamp,
there were a battalion of mice on the kitchen floor,
pungent aroma of maize whisky floated in the air,
a pandemonium of voices rose in chorused unison,
crackling fires burnt on the broad steel deck,
menacing octopus roasted on barbecue grills,
blasting tunes diffused from the programmed loudspeaker,
gentle silver light of the moon engulfed their bodies,
big drops of the salt and mineral struck them in frenzy,
the gypsies were having the time of their lives,
with several hours left before the next brilliant dawn,
and a host of sea food bubbling in red hot steam of the oven,
as the two storeyed house boat gathered spurts of speed,
galloping towards realms of the distantly stretched Black horizon.


Clawed feet stuck to concrete wall,
emanating wildly from my 10 cm body,
propagating sandpaper effect as i run,
traversing few miles of territory,
stealthily encroaching communities of insects,
nibbling spider with my lips,
gulping ants, mosquitoes, swarms of flies,
feasting myself on tender bird egg,
bread crumbs, stale fruit, cheese chunks, i ravish,
inhabiting faulty crevice in decayed plaster,
clinging all night to high voltage bulb,
breeding in pitch dark corners of gutter pipe,
several of my shape i procreate,
with tiny beads of twin black eyes,
shooting a fountain of blood when attacked,
climbing high rise structures devoid support,
i have a lengthy period of survival,
prowling boldly into the cleanest of environment,
flickering my tail when provoked by kin,
possessing the capacity to regenerate it,
i'll trespass in your house with informal ease, I need no invitation,
O! yes i am indeed a dirty brown house lizard


Reacting to wild suggestions of fantasy,
obsessive desires of throbbing heart,
maniacal flow of thoughts going berserk,
impulsive desires gaining momentum,
and rock hard sugarcane stalks melting in dry compartments of my mouth,
i dreamt of the following,
chalking plans to reinforce it at some stage,
as and when,
my feet took complete stranglehold of the soil on which i tread.

a king sized room riveted to tight cane roof,
tall slabs of wall made of white crystal mirrors,
towering columns carved of ultra light metal,
hollow interiors filled with saline sea water,
artificial springs of red liquid cascading down a gallery of rock,
electric grey dolphins gliding with silken comfort,
infinite lotus shrub floating in tranquil peace,
glass aquariums of fish suspended from golden rope,
i would then ride in my sea horse boat,
parading through an ambience of man-made sea,
speeding across undulating currents of condensed salt,
finally plunging myself head on,
into the tap warm waters of my created ocean,
swimming with the underwater fish for as long,
as my breath could last within dark brown jackets of my lungs.


If i lived in a house blended with ripened banana,
clusters of the fresh green fruit extruding in abundance from the roof,
i wouldn't have to cook my meal; surviving handsomely on slices of sugary white pulp.

if i resided in a house made of invincible steel bereft of corrugations,
and the beds being of molten iron curry,
i would seldom fall into bouts of sleep; roaming around wildly in sheer insomnia.

if i dwelt in a house impregnated with fearsome alligator skin,
bold premonitions of the monster encroaching would nictitate in my mind,
prompting me to sweat even in the freezing winter night.

if i occupied a house painted with cow dung plaster,
with fresh cakes of goat manure adhered to the floor,
the preposterous stench would suffocate me to unwarranted death.

if i slept in a house made of articulate time pieces,
the needle hands ticking in obstreperous unison,
i would continue to inhabit this earth with a niggling consciousness of evanescent time.

if i occupied a house with symmetrical holes in the roof,
with barren spaces impersonating clerestory windows,
water would cascade down torrentially in the monsoon,
transforming my abode into a sea of fresh liquid.

if i established my entity in a house juxtaposed with slabs of yellow gold,
also an incessant cascade of sparkling silver from the tall roof,
i would be sure of wasting the remainder of my life counting the affluence i possessed.

and if by chance i procured a house in sacrosanct realms of heaven,
with fairy god mothers flying around,
the philanthropic personality of almighty ready to converse with me all day,
i would consider myself as someone blessed with the most cherishable house of all.


It occurs all day and night,
through hairy pipes of soft flesh,
contracting and expanding the lung apparatus,
consuming vital oxygen from atmosphere,
bellowing crisp draughts of air in blood,
inflating belly pouches for flash seconds,
imparting vibrant energy to pounding heart,
embracing throat windpipe with soft cushion,
prompting production of waste in chambers of gas,
reinforcing body defense to disease,
radiating natural air conditioning in flesh stuck to skeleton,
regenerating worn out tissue cells,
purifying dark red liquid flowing through veins,
filtering shell stones from kidney sac,
heating cheek and ear when done rapidly,
reinvigorating intricate parts of brain,
occurring in gasps, shallow inhalation, puffed sensations,
even at work while in deep waters,
impossible to be stopped for more than a minute,
an involuntary reflex possesed by all living,
striking against sticky nasal foreign matter,
while entering the body,
is the beautiful and reliable human breath.


Dusty demeanor of the stone transited to sparkling grey,
as big crystal drops of rain fell in frenzy from the sky,
diffusing into multiple bubbles of clear froth,
evacuating streaks of dirt from morbid exteriors,
abandoning it with glowing tinges of torrential rain.

dilapidated walls of the tumble down hut transited to fortified enclosures,
as whirlwinds of silver sands struck them with brutal force,
steel grey waves of the sea deposited gallons of water,
and coconut trees shed their leafy clothes in plenty,
enveloping bare shivering walls of the coastal mansion,
with loads of compassion and benevolent warmth.

pitchers full of frosty milk transited to solid jelly,
when injected with volatile currents of frozen air,
placed on bulky slices of transparent ice,
exposed to bitter cold conditions of alps laden with snow,
the luke warm cow milk found no remorse,
yielding to vagaries of weather,magical prowess of frozen water.

hearts in tumultuous agony transited to fainter shades of sorrow,
as a person sobbed hysterically losing refined degrees of control,
saline tears rolling down his victimized cheek,
filtering colossal burdens from spaceships of mind,
releasing a flurry of emotions cascading down as salt water,
revitalizing him of the overwhelming distress and the mountain of misdeeds,
he lay listlessly sunk deep beneath.


I felt good while swimming in choppy waves of the tidal sea,
diving underwater to have subtle glimpses of the aquatic fish.

i felt good gnawing at the rudimentary apple protruding from the tall tree,
ripping apart succulent chunks of the fruit with boisterous fervor.

i felt good plucking dead grass from nimble soil of earth,
tickling my ear with a blend of humid mud and spongy tufts of grass.

i felt good when i drank pure extracts of violet grape vine,
slept like a demon relinquishing the agonies of routine life.

i felt good when i stared at the enchanting demeanour of the sky,
spent all night counting innumerable numbers of resplendent stars.

i felt good when marooned without aid on an desolate island,
leading life in solitary calm, catching small fish with thorny sticks of wild bush.

i felt good when i perceived my childhood in transparent fossils,
visualizing myself clinging tightly to the plump silhouette of my mother.

i felt good when clambering steep slopes of the mountain,
pilfering the loose soil with large treads of my rustic feet.

i felt good when sprinkled with bountiful amounts of lotus spray,
rolled on stone cold arenas of floor with my body clad in royal silk garment.

i felt good when whistling indigenous tunes sitting on my mud house roof,
coating barren walls of my dwelling with cakes of cowdung plaster.

i felt good working with scrupulous care; perspiring in the fuming Sun,
being thoroughly applauded for the onerous tasks i had accomplished.

i felt good in close proximity of her tender arms,
her Luke warm breath drifting down my nape,
the mystical spell of her love embracing me in a vice like grip forever.


i stood beneath the gurgling waterfall plummeting down the mountain slope,
with icy coats of air slapping my face,
felt tingling sensations creep all over my exhausted persona,
drowning me in an ocean of unfathomable euphoria.

I stood beneath blazing roof of the fiery Sunball,
A swarm of flies buzzed incoherently in my ear,
Blistering carpets of heat stabbed fragile pores of my skin,
As I bathed in the vicinity of the open street in ponds of perspiration.

I stood beneath the dense camouflage of leafy tree,
Melodious rhymes of the cuckoo entangled frayed nerves of my mind,
Rain showers of water diffused from the clouds,
I slept on the bed of wet jungle weed with colored grape fruit strewn beside me.

I stood beneath a roof of pure silk cloth,
Ultra thin threads of floss tickling my nostrils,
The aura of luxury encapsulating impoverished zones of my mind,
Drifting me temporarily away from pragmatic realities of life.

I stood beneath the mystical idol of God all life,
Praying incessantly without reprieve,
Refraining from cumbersome work and daily tasks,
Visualizing quintals of grey notes to cascade from the statue,
My reverie was abruptly broken ,
I heard in disdain the message floating loud and vibrant,
The idol admonishing me to perspire and bleed,
Shed costly tears in abundance, develop stains of mud on my immaculately
white shirt,
To pay the rent for the iota of space I occupied on mother earth.

40. I SAW

I saw big shards of glass hurtle down the multi-floored building,
i saw well oiled elevators bounce on cushioned spring,
i saw sparkling river water transit black at Sunset,
i saw spongy tufts of grass with gold patches of castor oil,
i saw thin needle levers of watch complete clockwise journeys,
i saw hungry street dogs devour chunks of left over meal,
i saw steaming hot tea extract being poured in tapered glass mug,
i saw expensive ball point refill full with condensed ink,
i saw sandstone palaces basking in silver light of the moon,
i saw boiled candy sweets in air tight bottles of blue crystal,
i saw coiled python skin crushing its prey to death,
i saw snow white shoes with jet black knotted laces,
i saw emerald green coconuts containing ripened sweet water,
i saw shabbily attired beggars with bruised metal bowls,
i saw twin winged aircraft rolling on the carpeted tarmac,
i saw an army of ant with food grain stuffed in their antenna,
i saw gigantic fluffs of cotton leaking from dwarf potted plant,
i saw barrels of kerosene stacked neatly at the grocery store,
i saw a bunch of hard banana projecting from forked tree branch,
i saw towering church spires with king sized bells of brass,
i saw blood red wine adhering to polished interiors of champagne bottle,
i saw power propelled water craft churning through the sea,
i saw barbaric Tarzan swing merrily on twined bamboo roots,
i saw dark grey lizards on infinite spots of house wall,
i saw splendid portraits of articulately carved Indian God,
i saw wooden bridges with side margins of puristic ivory,
i saw hunch backed camel strolling through parched terrain of the desert,
i saw frozen balls of snow tumble down slopes of the Swiss mountain,
i saw ultra light butterflies float gently in moisture laden air,
i saw brittle hen eggs simmering in intense fury of the gas flame,
i saw fat cubes of molten cheese stored in cool comforts of the freezer tray,
i saw square shaped sodium bulbs burning incessantly through the night,
i saw gold rings studded with several diamonds cut in semicircular shape,
i saw acres of farm land with straw stuffed statues of gruesome scarecrow,
i saw a cluster of tiny wooden sticks coated with fillings of fire lead,
i saw tablets of pink soap lying dormant on chipped slabs of marble,
i saw toy fairy dolls with twin pairs of sapphire blue eyes,
i saw heaps of black charcoal stashed within open spaces of timber wood,
i saw live shows of stars in the London planetarium,
i saw pools of achromatic saliva decaying in vicinity of hospital bed,
i saw mammoth footsteps of elephant feet embedded in loose soil,
i saw the stars twinkle in exuberance at the onset of twilight,
i saw the sea waves rise to a crescendo as clouds wept torrential rain,
i saw menacing vultures tearing away flesh stuck firmly to tender bones,
i saw tantalizing black cloth fluttering in the rustic breeze,
i saw streaks of deathly silver flash across the ravishing sky,
i saw beads of multiple pearls pop out from humid recesses of oyster shell,
i saw denim grey whales toppling huge assembly of concrete ship,
i saw carved blades of ceiling fan flood the ambience with fresh air,
i saw the gardener sprinkle tepid water on bald patches of mud,
i saw the ambulance zip across the city at electric speeds,
i saw gutter water oozing out from neglected pores of sewer drains,
i saw the humming bee depositing gallons of sickening sweet nectar,
i saw the cricket ball soaring high in the mass of lowly suspended cloud,
i saw snake leather purse inhabiting pockets of cotton trouser,
i saw gaudy colored posters projecting from air-conditioned cinema halls,
i saw a battalion of soldiers marching through territories of upright thorn,
i saw people beating drum with long sticks of sliced bamboo,
i saw bundle of holy thread crisscrossed on sweaty palm,
i saw frogs croaking noisily at amazing depths of the century old well,
i saw wild shrub grow on barren landscapes after initial spells of rain,
i saw sail boats containing fish tied to pier abutments,
i saw the pouched kangaroo take volatile leaps through the jungle,
i saw the mesmerizing idol of lord Buddha in stone and studded gold,
i saw bicycle tyre trampling tons of compact earth road,
i saw exquisite curtain drapery obscuring harsh rays of midday sun,
i saw dark green leaves of full grown lotus flower,
i saw the steep slope of the hair raising valley,
i saw crumbs of bread slice roasting in heat compartments of the toaster,
i saw icy bed sheets of lake water,
i saw the mighty snatching wealth from the feeble and weak,
i saw brutal terror prevalent in minute quarters of the globe,
i saw the earth burdened by evil doings of fellow beings,
i thought i had seen enough,
my mind was bursting like a volcano with traces of hot lava,
it was time to put brakes on weird mental imagery,
reinforce intricate body mechanisms with,
holistic amounts of blissful sleep.


When i walked barefoot on a cushion of jungle thorn,
the blazing sun boiling moist portions of bald earth,
with blistering waves of heat stabbing naked spots on my skin,
i felt a rich gravy of blood trickle at rapid pace from my sole.

when i walked barefoot on dying embers of seasoned lumber
sparks of red coal flying sporadically in the air,
a blend of grey ash and mud stinging my tender eye,
i felt like a slaughtered chicken with tumultuous numbness enveloping my body.

When I walked barefoot on frozen coats of ice,
Icy winds of snow caressing my unwashed hair,
With mercury dipping an abysmal low below freezing,
I felt blood in infinite veins of my body starting to transit into a solid curry of
cold water.

When I walked barefoot on a large slab of cake,
The heavenly aroma of crushed cherry tickling starved hair of my nostril,
An icing of molten sugar now juxtaposed with my toe nail,
I felt concentrated waves of euphoria descend down my entity.

When I walked barefoot on the luxury coffin holding one of my kin,
Ghastly blows of sorrow encompassing my trembling body,
Hysterical sobs emanating from dormant regions of my throat,
I felt as if the world had come to a mute standstill,
The creator had promptly vanished,
leaving me deserted, to face the worst agony walking barefoot.


I wanted to paint ornate flower petals with spring water,
swallow the residue of perfumed liquid dripping down its stalk.

i wanted to paint blue chipped marble floors with freshly extracted cow butter,
roll violently in the grease for several days on the trot.

i wanted to paint chicken flesh with hot ginger curry,
boil it in steaming water blended with a plethora of vegetable.

i wanted to paint bare walls of the castle in crimson color,
engrave mystical designs on it with my uncut fingernail.

i wanted to paint tall poles of the maple tree with extremely saline sea water,
lick as long as my tongue could last, spicy patches of tree shivering in the breeze.

i wanted to paint my toenails with brilliant red dye,
dance on the sun with blistering light filtering through delicate pores of skin.

i wanted to paint my hair with golden honey,
expose them to the atmosphere for the birds to feed.

i wanted to paint barren patches of land with blades of lush green grass,
sprinkle the infertile land with gargantuan amount of goat manure.

i wanted to paint white canvas with swashbuckling strokes of feather brush,
draw a sketch depicting blissful territories of the globe.

i wanted to paint immaculate walls of her heart with my thick blood,
pray that the scripture lays imprisoned for decades till we exist.


I wanted to be a part of the kingly orchestra,
dance wildly all night flexing dormant muscles of my body.

i wanted to swing in silky webs weaved of spider thread,
drown in the saline ocean amidst an ambience of grey whale.

i wanted to devour large chunks of unripened banana,
roll in silver sands with awesome amount of rain tumbling down.

i wanted to smell the sugary aroma of brilliant red rose,
bathe in shower taps oozing an incessant flow of golden honey.

i wanted murky clouds soaked in sandalwood to tickle hair in my nostril,
swim through frightening deep areas of the water pool.

i wanted tonnes of salt in the food i consumed,
walk on sparkling floor smeared with rich quality grease.

i wanted a compact wrist watch studded with roman numerals,
sleep all night in a cane straw house high up in twined branches of neem tree.

i wanted to plunge into the dark valley with a parachute attached,
sip violet grape juice at painstaking speeds from the crystal glass.

i wanted to gallop across mighty currents of African wind,
feed the fishes in the tank with minuscule grub and crushed bone.

i wanted to help all in distress and afflicted with pain,
earn gargantuan amount of wealth to achieve the same.


if i were God,
i would put sea in land,
gold liquid in blood veins,
send rain with currency notes attached to droplets,
transform all humans to aquatic fish,
having a mermaid like disposition,
living in all equality with bundles of salt,
rebuke the sparse few, left on land,
for their plethora of misdeeds,
charging them with the highest treason,
sweeping them away like piece of dirt,
with cheap broomsticks of twined bamboo.
then there would be,
no poverty, indiscreet trampling of deprived,
no panic stricken, aggrieved , mutilated,
no innocent assaulted ,
by powerhouses of wealth and illegitimate pride,
no shivering in chilly winters,
no dying of sun strokes,
no scope for inflicted brutalism,
no supply of hazardous narcotic,
absolute prohibition of life ending liquor,
manufactured in dilapidated breweries,
complete harmony amongst all tribes in flesh,
beheading sinful chapters of mutual racism,
dulling the nerves of rampant blood shed,
elimination of traumatized anecdotes,
of premature death,
through vehicular clashes,
air, water and rail collisions,
no mammoth crowds flocking for ,
oil, petrol, gas, essential fodder for survival,
no palaces for some,
and unbaked cow dung plaster huts for others,
uprooting all kinds of glamour ,
reinforcing it with simplistic existence,
no indecent portrayal of stalwarts,
sacrificing personal lives, releasing us from jaws of captivity,
no inflation, unauthorized storage of food grain,
no urchins left like garbage,
in clammy interiors of unkempt orphanages,
i would evaporate every trace of crime,
with complete equality nestling in all quarters,
all this and a host to follow,
as i wish and pray fervently,
if only i were God.


If only sunshine replaced gloomy nights of winter cold,
if only tufts of grass replaced barren patches of infertile land,
if only cars replaced filthy exteriors of tumbledown bus,
if only tropical juice replaced beer mugfulls of contaminated water,
if only yards of silk replaced yellow rolls of threadbare cotton,
if only compressed honey biscuits replaced hard loafs of bacterial bread,
if only petroleum extract replaced illegal sales of noxious kerosene,
if only hi-tech computers replaced quintals of school paper stationary,
if only white sparkling marble replaced unpolished fragments of cheap tile,
if only silver spoons replaced their counterpart mates engraved in thick plastic,
if only mirrors replaced morbid walls with crumbling plaster,
if only exquisite snake leather replaced large purses of inferior suede,
if only golden sodium lights replaced dim emissions of fluorescent tubes,
if only luxury air-conditioner replaced Luke warm air draughts of ceiling fan,
if only fecund soil mass replaced colossal plains of scorched sand,
if only varnished mahogany replaced plaintive sheets of ordinary wood,
if only balls of white snow replaced dry laden winds of boiling heat,
if only gold coins replaced all kinds of stone strewn on the ground,
if only affluence replaced poverty residing in all domains of the globe,
then we would seldom pray to the supreme Creator,
his quota of responsibilities thus fading into oblivion,
each of us would then transit to super gods breathing for eternity,
in a strife free world bestowed with undeserved riches


Tender green tufts of emerald green sponge,
riveted firmly to fertile landscapes of earth,
dancing to sedate tunes of swashbuckling breeze,
growing at rapid paces in a blend of manure and fresh water,
feasting on nutritious rays of unadulterated sunlight,
greedily devouring tap water sprinkled at spaced intervals of time,
glowing sedately in artificial lights of sodium bulb,
submerged in ponds of placid moonshine,
a bountiful warehouse of red ant and earth worm,
the green grass meadows were a breathtaking sight,
oblivious to the vagaries of jet paced life.

Cows grazed quietly trampling the grass cushions,
Long beaked cranes nibbled at pieces of left over corn,
Wild pigs gulped loads of untreated sewage,
Petite fleshy ducks floated in tank water,
Thoroughbred horses galloped in enclosures of wire mesh,
Athletic rabbits leaped with long strides of feet,
Wide winged eagles glided harmlessly through the sky,
It all seemed set for yet another day fading,
When finally the amber ball of sun hid behind the mountain,
Encompassing the tranquil green pastures with,
Tarpaulin covers of pitch dark night.


If we held back our thunderous laughter,
boisterous episodes of joy would get crucified in dungeons of sorrow,
accompanied by hysterical sobbing at times of ecstatic jubilation.

if we held back our breath for more than few seconds,
the body would feel choked and suffocated,
we would inadvertently release the same with exhilarated sighs and gasps.

if we held back saline tears from dribbling down,
we would become brutally cold to pragmatic realities of death,
would soon become insane and misfits to exist in the society.

if we held back outrageous anger from expurgating out,
outbursts of violence would strangulate our heart,
leading to imprisoned feelings of savage vindication.

if we held back our sneeze from diffusing out into frothy spray,
crusts of moist mucus would get deposited in our nostril,
causing inevitable sensations to occasionally finger our nose.

if we held back our coats of nails from growing tall,
they would forcibly find a way to flourish,
piercing through the plethora of sophisticated armory placed beside them.

if we held back our speech from making obstreperous noise,
the fleshy organ of our tongue would decay, trapped between a cluster of teeth,
dying a natural death in hollow ambience of mouth.

if we held back dazzling yellow pools of water in our bladder,
the spongy caricature of body would feel overwhelmingly restless,
the liquid would spasmodically gush out after few hours of feckless control.

if we held back unsurpassable feelings of holistic love,
there would be frugal purpose in this life to exist,
we would simply waste precious years bestowed upon us to breathe as humans.


Thick shock of jet black hair,
sprawled languidly on white domes of hard mass,
stuck to skin with offshooting pores,
sprouting from umpteenth prickly roots,
sizzle in hot rays of the Sun,
heating their periphery with flashes of fire,
scorching patches of flesh on which they stand,
with readily absorbed natural solar energy,
hairy follicles shine in radiance,
parted to high degrees of comfort,
compressed by electric hot wind guns,
blowing air over silky strands,
shaping them to angled perfection,
with abundant supply of white allergic powder,
sliding down the black stalks,
filling virgin cavities with white plagued dust,
an obnoxious termite for the natural sheath of black,
an alien relative of disdainful proportion,
resulting in premature wearing of hair mass,
shrinking, shrivelling, withering, the most precious component,
of breathing souls ,
the only solution being,
mega sized hollow glass bottles,
tightly corked and transparent,
filled with aromatic hair oil.


In order to wipe sweat trickling down my nape; I used a large bandanna,
in order to wipe blotches of mud from my demeanor; I used a soft towel,
in order to wipe scalding tea from my shirt; I used a colossal palm leaf,
in order to wipe invincible stains of crimson betel; I used stringent antiseptic,
in order to wipe agglutinated paint from the wall; I used a blend of water and salt,
in order to wipe tons of sawdust from the pellucid glass; I used a fluffy brush of handsome cotton,
in order to wipe sumptuous grape vine from the barrel; I used my tongue,
in order to wipe oleaginous grease from live grass; I used micro thin bristles of brush,
in order to wipe disdainful sewage from earth; I used a pair of dry twigs to incinerate,
in order to wipe saline tears from her eyes; I used my strong palm,
in order to wipe immaculate chalk from the blackboard, I used a rosewood duster,
in order to wipe incongruous thorns from the mystical grave; I used a forked pickaxe,
in order to wipe blood oozing profusely from my wounds; I used a concoction
of whisky and sponge,
in order to wipe erroneous blunders in pronunciation; I used the dictionary,
in order to wipe mascara from her dainty eyes; I used my luscious red lips,
in order to wipe my bowels clean of debris; I used a well spun sanitary towel,
in order to wipe brackish footprints of my triangular feet; I used soft detergent,
in order to wipe flakes of white powder from my scalp; i vociferously used an
extract of medieval roots,
in order to wipe venomous poison from her cheek; I articulately used my teeth and withdrew,
in order to wipe moisture from sequestered interiors of my home; I made use of fumigating Sunlight,
and in order to wipe the heinous sins I committed this existing life; I took birth for infinite decades,
harnessing the void created with my precious blood


In every bit of white enamel engulfing teeth; there sleeps calcium,
in every bit of morbid stone; there sleeps a radiant crystal,
in every bit of green grass; there sleeps a blissful dew drop,
in every bit of scorched sand; there sleeps a penchant for rain,
in every bit of blood strewn on the floor; there sleeps tumultuous pain,
in every bit of scalp hair emanating; there sleeps white flakes of dandruff,
in every bit of time piece wound on the wrist; there sleeps hands of hour and unleashing minute,
in every bit of dazzling sun ball; there sleeps indispensable beams of stringent light,
in every bit of the century old mansion; sleeps compressed briquettes of dust,
in every bit of satiny web lingering from the wall; there sleeps an innocuous spider,
in every bit of sapphire blue sky; there sleeps an innocuous cloud,
in every bit of castor seed oil; there sleeps a ravishing fragrance,
in every bit of copious saliva; there sleeps an army of germ,
in every bit of woven gold mattress; there sleeps a royal king,
in every bit of poetic verse; there sleeps an enigmatic meaning,
in every bit of scarlet rose; there sleeps a wrinkled petal,
in every bit of pachyderm feet; sleeps polished nails of ivory,
in every bit of mother's heart; there sleeps perennial affinity,
in every bit of fiendish monster; there sleeps perpetual animosity,
and in every bit of the omniscient Creator; there sleeps magnanimous love.

The End .


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