The Hidden Me

The way people see me, is totally different 

to what I really am inside.

The true me is never expose to anyone

but my own soul.

The true me is a girl that lives in a dark alley

a girl that has no sense of what happiness really is.

The people see what i appear to look like,

one who has never shred a tear for anything.

But inside,in the dark alley where i live, i let go of everything

let go of all my pain and misery.

People wonder how i may be so cold hearted

but the truth is, i only hide behind my own curtain.

Letting people see who i really am

may cause my love ones to sorrow.

Letting that happen will destroy what my mother and I try so hard

not to get destroyed.

With out my father with us, my family struggles to 

actually be a family again.

Have to expose myself will mean the destruction of what i really love.


























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