The Hidden Awe

We can find the awe in everything
even in the darkness 
In the stress of our lives'
In the pain of losing a loved one
In the anger or frustration 
In the sorrow of missing someone 
We are exposed to our emotions 
The little feelings that remind us we are alive
That encourage us to find happiness 
To inspire us to move forward
The awesomeness of our emotions 
keeps us from being boring
Lets us experience different feelings 
Empowers us to write
to dance
to sing
to feel
to inspire others to live their life with passion
Because of emotions we have art
Van Gogh
Edgar Allen Poe
Jackson Pollock  
Maya Angelou
Sadness, anger, oppression, love, heartbreak 
they create awesome works
that inspire us to be amazing
you don't always find awesomeness  
in the sunshine and rainbows
but in the gut-wrenching emotions
that make humans
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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