You can look at me

And think you seen all that need to be seen

But the truth is you cant even see the half of me,

See i hide behind a mask that sucks in the real me,

So when you see the smile that always upon my face

You only see a mask that covers up the pain.

When you see the girl that seems to not care about what nobody says

Inside she secretly cares when it comes to certain things.

When you look at me and see a girl that always stands tall

You dont see that inside i fall.

So now you might think that im just a insecure girl

But isnt it true that everybody hides behind some kind of mask?

Mines might be music,

Or my poems,

Others might be make-up,

Or their clothes.

You see in this world everyone quick to judge,

So you hid behind a mask,

So you can meet society rules.

Cause everybody wants to belong

And nobody wants to be alone.

So you put on a mask so for even just for a moment,

You can feel like you belong.

Whether its with a group of friends

or maybe just one,

With your boyfriend

or girlfriend,

Or maybe you just to want to feel wanted.

Then again maybe you just want to fit in with the world.

See it easy to be different,

If you have somebody by your side.

But being different alone,

Is the hardest thing that can be done.

So you hide.

For many different reason,

Not even just to fit in,

Maybe cause you feel like noone will care.

So again you hide.

Your feelings,

Your real cravings,

and the real things you love,

because noone wants to be pointed out as the outcast in the world.

Some people hid all of them,

other just a certain part,

but we all hide something.


I hide behind my music,

My smile,

My laughter,

Because even though im happy,

Im not always that way.

Cause there just things i dont show or tell,

Maybe to a few people,

Or maybe to none at all,

But i know the truth,

And you do too,

Not about my situation,

but of yours,

Cause while you read this,

Or listen to someone read it,

You think about your secrets,

And what you kept hidden.

And just for a moment you feel like someone understands,

You feel like you belong.

But we both know that doesnt mean we're going to shout all our secrets out to the world.

See i wrote this poem for you,

Just to let you know your not alone.

Because everybody hides,

Including me.

Including her.

Including him.

Including the world.

See we're all hidden,

And we're hiding something,

Including you.


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