I hide to stay safe

I hide to not show

The real me that no one knows


I hide to not lose my friends

Ironic I know, but my true self I don't want to show

I know they judge because I judge too 

But I only judge when I see untrue


I don't like to critic

But I know when someone is fishy 

I get this vibe that is strange

But 100% of the time it's right and I don't know why 


I try to stop and not show the real me

But in the the long run someone gets hurt and I feel crappy

It's almost like my job to help out when I'm not needed

I try to warn others but they just don't seem to care

Then they feel pain and life goes downhill from there


I hide to not push my friends away

I know when life gets rough they don't want me to be tough

But that's the only way I know how to show love

All I do is care, but apparently they want to sit in despair


I hide, therefore I'm invisible

Maybe that's better than being judged for a gift that I find whimsical 






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