Hi, My Name Is...

Dear Sweet Nothings:


Hi! My name is innocence


You remember me

Held your hand as you laughed,

As you cried,

As you played.

Chained linked with the possibilities that once were endless



Hi, my name is doubt

I’m the glasses you created

Crafted by the understanding that simplicity is SO outdated

I sharpened what once was out of focus

Out of view

The lies

The flaws

The imperfections

Showed you the questioned you didn’t dare ask

Answered those questions

Believed those questions


Saved you from disappointment


Locked doors not yet opened


Helped you know


Hi, my name is Despair

We’ve gotten pretty close

I’m the friend you wish you never had, yet glad that I’m still here after all this time

I’m the ice

The cold

The emptiness like the silent of night

Sometimes I leave

Conceive that you’ll be free


Knock, Knock

Hi, I’m still here

You try to lock me out, but


Am the one that holds the master key


Hi, my name is Truth

I’m the one in your closet because

Hi, I’m the only monster you can see because

Hi, I’m the one thing you don’t want to hear

And that’s fine because

Hi, I’m still here


Hi, I’m me

The one thing is this whole universe


That I don’t even understand that


Standing here right now


Is me

A mind tortured by me

In self destruction by me

But none of that matters because


Hi, my name is Hope

You know me

You think you don’t, but

I’m the whisper in

The wind in your troubled mind

As you breathe in Innocence

As you breathe out Doubt

As you let in Despair

As you lock Truth out

As you find your mind in the depths of hell

I’m the one that brings the life back into the



I am you

And you

You are still here


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Our world
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