Hey Sweetheart

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 17:31 -- Alyx


United States

There's nothing better than feeling your hand in mine

The warmth of your body creating massive heat against mine

Getting quiet and hearing your heart beat next to mine

Still getting nervous when we go out

Not in a bad way, but because it still feels like I've won the lottery

How did I get so lucky with you

What have I done to deserve your kindness

To deserve the priveledge to see your smile every awakening moment

Maybe if I went back in time and we met sooner

Maybe I could have been there to support you then as well

Give you every bit of love that my heart, body, mind and soul can produce

I'll make you smile at any cost

Hearing your laugh gives me relief

Especially when I thought I messed up 

Or even mad at me

Because I would not want to lose you

I will continue to treat you like you deserve

You're my joy and my grace

My ray of sunshine as some may say

Hearing your heartbeat is as soothing as can be

Hearing your body keeping you alive with me

You are my gift and I am yours

You are what completes my being

All you give me every day,

Is sweet relief that I didn't end it all before you came

Because my beloved sweetheart,

As long as you stay with me and our future family,

There's nothing better than you and me


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