Hey Matt (Letters Between Lovers)

I promised I would only talk of true love if it really existed.
I promised myself, when I was young, that I would only love someone if I knew they would never break my heart.
I waited so long for that person to come.
I never found them, I never knew you were my break from my tight grip on reality.
I always loved you.
Ever since I could first realize love.

Hey Matt,
Do you remember, when we were younger?
That was freedom.
I wasn't stuck with all this. My past.
But you, you're not a mistake.
Even though I left you in the dust for so long, you waited.
When I was with someone else, for what was supposed to be eternity.
You waited.
So maybe my mistake,
To end that,
Was never really a mistake at all.

When we were younger...
Of course I remember that.
I've always loved you, even if you didn't love me back.
I followed you,
We were best friends.
But I kept quiet. About how I felt.
And then one day, you left me.
The next thing I know, you're gone.
Taken from me for life.
That hurt, more than anything I've ever felt. More than when I was shot in the chest,
with a bullet that I took on for you.
Maybe that's what made the hurt go away, knowing that you were safe.


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