He's It

Falling asleep with someone is comforting, Waking up intertwined is gaiety. But trusting someone is hard and trusting yourself is the hardest.Lips on that bottle, crying until your smell was no longer lingering,Life became transparent.My future was clouded over by confusion, regret, and pity Making decisions isn't a strong suit of mine, I may not be perfect but the bruises on my skin show you are not either.The bottle became the beginning of the end,My ultimate downfall of our misconception.Who needs to walk when drowning the idea of you is too sweet to swallow. Graduation day, the day students are free, a time to be aliveI was still dead on the inside, unable to feel and unable to celebrate;I was still trapped in your embraceThe desperate text messages, Late-night calls,All became overbearing with time.The brightest day of my life had been numbed by some Whiskey and tears.I walked, and walked, walked until my legs became numb and tired. Now I have walked myself into his arms.One who cares enough to love,Driving me to successThe finish line. 

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