The Hero Speaks

Cold, dark, night,

Black and Blue.

Such a fright.

So much to do – 

Everything will change tonight


Now they meet

A flash of light

The blaze of heat

This epic fight

Will change everything tonight


Red and White

Split the sky

As blinding as 

Their deafening cry

“Everything will change tonight!”


It’s a new day now,

Dirt settles to the ground,

The screaming gale dies

And everyone gathers ‘round 

This is a new moment in time.         


One emerges from

The scorched earth below

Like a Hero, only some

Were close enough to know,

Had brought forth this moment in time.


The Leader glows while

He reaches out toward

The others who smile

Hopefully. Awaiting their reward,

Which is their moment in time


A speech now comes

Rolling off the tongue

Of the mouth 

Who brought them here – 

This is His moment in time

The Hero speaks…


“This night we will always remember,

so terrible but great.

Our Revolution

Ended the institution

That kept us from out fate.

This night was long in late December,

And the battle kept on ‘til late.

In the start was much confusion

But, we have put an end to disillusion.”


The Hero cried,

“Now finally, we all are free!”

The Hero lied.

He rose to take the Golden Seat

That once he swore to destroy.

The others’ hearts froze

With knowledge that

It all had been a great deceit.


Their fight – in vain.

Their moment – hardly came.

In the night everything had changed.

But now they all could see,

This day would live in infamy


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