The Hero

Your story isn’t over;

It’s the beginning of a new chapter;

A new chapter where you are the hero

But still your own villain;

Even though you have fought with yourself your whole life;

You are the hero;

The battles you have fought with yourself

Are now the battles you have won;

All behind you, all just broken bits of your past

And who you once were;

You are the hero;

Not everybody gets a second chance

But this is your story;

Your creation;

You can finally have the happy ending you deserve;

All of the pain, finally behind you;

All of the scars, finally healed;

But you’re still your own villain,

And only heroes, can have a happy ending.


(Just to make sure it isn’t missed. The poem deals with suicide awareness with a large emphasis on the semicolon project. Semicolons, obviously, signal that the sentence is not over just yet. Periods adding finality to the sentence. The semicolon project uses the semicolon as symbolism that your life isn’t over, used mainly for those who have struggled with depression and thought about ending their life but have carried on past their struggles and continued to fight. For my final point of explanation, throughout the poem I used semicolons to show that the person being discussed is still fighting. At the very end, the period even being there ends the sentence, I think you can guess what that symbolizes. If needed, read again now that you have the explanation.)


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