Here's to the New Year

Here's to the New Year
For one filled with hope
Where we conquer the fear
With which we couldn't before cope.
To a year full of promises we mean to keep
To finally getting a good nights sleep.
Here's to a new dawn
One filled with a brighter sun
A day to face with out a yawn
And filled with joy and fun.
To a day for us to be reborn
After being battered and forlorn.
Here's to the new life 
And the promises to change
To persevering through last year's strife
And outrunning terror's range.
To all the things that caused us pain
That they might at last bring forth gain.
Here's to the New Year
Filled with great unknowns
To have many days of cheer
And a light to us shown.
Here's to the hope of a better tomorrow
One filled with hope instead of last years sorrows.
Here's to the future me
To never forget the past
That I might always see
How God has built me to last.
Here's to a New Year filled with laughter 
And to living life happily ever after.


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