Here's To The Firsts

Remember your first?

No, not the first person you had sex

with, the first person you fell in love with.

They say you remember them 

forever, well I don't.

Or at least I wish I didn't.

I wish I didn't remember the way 

way it felt when he held me.

Or how insane he drove me. 

It was like I was high off of his

cocaine, and I could never come down.

I wish I didn't remember his voice, 

or how he would kiss me.

I wish I didn't remember him

seducing me out of reality.

I wish our souls were never intertwined.

He made me feel like I was in Neverland, where

time never goes, and you could do

whatever you please and go wherever

you roam.

So here's to the firsts.

Here's to the one who almost

made me believe in love.

-Monique Irisa Smith

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