To: Her, From: Me


Day 1, I saw your face.


Day 2, I dreamed of you inside my head.


Day 3, I decided to go talk with you.


Day 4, our friendship was bred.




Day 5, I listen to your voice.


Day 6, I became addicted to it inside.


Day 7, when I saw you I rejoiced,


Day 8, these feelings just won't die.




Day 9, I smiled when I saw you.


Day 10, I began to realize my own Lie.


Day 11, you see, I thought you were already taken.


Day 12, my heart slowly began to die.




Day 13, I felt it was over.


Day 14, I avoided you whenever I could.


Day 15, there was this aching,


Day 16, I knew it was no good.




Day 17, my soul crawled back to you,


Day 18, I felt happier than I ever could.


Day 19, my sorrow kept growing,


Day 20, I've stopped moving from where I stood.




Day 21, I thought I saw a love sign,


Day 22, when you hugged me as hard as you could.


Day 23, I felt a light flutter,


Day 24, but I'm sure I had just misunderstood.




Day 25, On my bed I’ve tried to comprehend,


Day 26, of this longing for you that I’m feeling.


Day 27, I knew I was only a friend,


Day 28, but that Hope never stopped breathing.




Day 29, I felt a little 'push' from a friend.


Day 30, I decided to take a Chance.


Day 31, I declared my love with an awkward grin,


Day 32, and miraculously we began our tender Romance.



Day 33, but I was still not convinced.


Day 34, with my mind in denial I was terrified.


Day 35, I questioned you as I winced,


Day 36, but still you never said “Goodbye.”




Day 37, I continued to dive deeper in this ocean called love,


Day 38, but lately you’ve been acting weird.


Day 39, I asked you what you’d been thinking of,


Day 40, but you shook your head and said “Everything is ok.”

Yet, that’s the exact response that I had feared.




Day 41, I saw you down in the hallway.


Day 42, some kids were laughing and pointing at you.


Day 43, as I went to you, they walked away.


Day 44, I kept asking you about what just happened,

...but you refused to give me a clue.




Day 75, I haven’t seen you in school for days.


Day 76, I knew something must’ve gone wrong.


Day 77, I received a phone call from your mother,


Day 78, that you’ve left this world of ours.




Day 79, they said “it’s all because of your stress in school.”


Day 80, as they buried you under this dirt of fabricated lies.


Day 81, I picked up my pencil and decided to write,


Day 82, as I urged those of you who are in hiding to finally rise.




Day 83, I heard how it’s said to be uncool to ask for help,


Day 84, but I tell you that it’s worse to quietly stay down.


Day 85, I understand that you may feel scared,


Day 86, but look deep down in your heart, and think: “Do you really want to live like this?




Day 87, I have finished writing my thoughts down.


Day 88, even without you, I’ve been getting through.


Day 89, in this land that we’ve both once knew.





Day 90, it’s been three months now, but hey...I still miss you.


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