Her Dream

The stars in the sky
The notes made from pieces of wood put together with some strings
A spotlight shone on a single little girl 
Smiles formed at the thought of being the center of it all
Twinkling eyes at the thoughts of the happiness that would be me
That's all I wanted
Back then it was such a simple dream
I'd work hard and get into that spotlight and no one could say otherwise 
I'd sit with my grandfather, my mentor, for hours 
Letting the melodies out of my mouth
The tunes of a little girl 
Trodden upon by the story that is called reality and forced to think realistically 
The little girl who only wanted to live and breath the stage 
The little girl who knew she wanted nothing more then to sing 
Not caring if people listened or not 
Was that such a hard thing to ask for?
Is a little girls dream so easy to crush that no one gives it a second look as she cries out "mommy mommy I want to sing"
Can you sit there as the tears fall down her face as her mother looks to her and says...
"You're not good enough to"
Her dreams came crashing down as if they were the twin towers on nine eleven 
Her tears cascaded down her face as if they were Niagara Falls
Even to this day many years after their fall,
Music is the only thing that heals her broken soul
Singing is the only thing able to set her free from the chains set upon her by her family and the restrictions given to her because she wasn't "good enough" 
Now she sits here and taunts them all
Proving them wrong one step at a time
Each brick is being rebuilt as she pushes her way higher and higher till she gets to where she wants to be
She no longer listens to her mother saying to think 'realistically'
No longer smiles when her family tells her to stay in the states 
No longer jokes about how she 'wishes she could sing' 
Instead she looks towards the future, 
And runs straight ahead
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