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She who walks the earth

with scars and bruises,

and no one notices.

No one sees behind, 

the mask she has created.

No one sees behind closed doors

how she waits to break down. 

So no one sees how weak she is, 

how vulnerable she is,

because once you show yourself

to someone your whole self.

They still dont care

What you have been through, 

What you are still going through.

All they care about is

what they are going through.

She has walked this world

with her head held high, 

tears in her eyes,

and still say she is okay.

She asks how you are,

and if you are okay.

She is strong and kind,

but yet still broken and beaten.

She shows no emotions,

so others around her can.

They can count on her.

She is everything. 

She is your shoulder to lean on 

your favorite person to talk to.

She is me and I am her.


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