Her uniquely coloured hair, 

Her icey blue eyes. 

No one really knows, 

Her life is full of lies. 

Her smile looks so real, 

But she knows she's just a fake. 

Everyday she wonders, 

How much it will take. 

She goes to school, 

With a perky smile. 

Nobody really knows, 

She's been cutting for a while. 

Sure she may laugh, 

With all of her friends. 

But she knows already, 

That it's all just pretend. 

She's so full of pain, 

So full of heartbreak. 

She tries to let it go, 

But it doesn't want to shake. 

She's sick of all the whispers, 

Sick of all the hurt. 

The only 'friends' she has, 

Only treat her like dirt. 

She just doesn't fit in here, 

She's in the wrong place, wrong time.

She tries to be normal, 

But it's too much of a climb. 

She wants to stand up, 

She wants to be heard. 

But no one listens to her, 

They think she's just a nerd. 

Her screams are mere whispers, 

Her cries can bring death. 

She tries to run from it, 

But she runs out of breath. 

She surely likes to smile, 

Her cries she likes to hide. 

In morning she's always happy, 

But at nightfall she's always cried. 

She has been pushed,

By all the bullies there were. 

Hidden under her hoodie, 

No one really knows her. 


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