I am
That girl you sat next to in math class
Yeah that was me
I'm the girl who doodled on her paper
That drew flowers instead of
The person who was always late
I am
That frustrated
artist you see in the hallway
Yeah that's me
The one
who rips up her work
The one who is always after the bigger thing
Looking for the next adventure to draw
I am
The avid
golfer you see going to the course
Yeah, that's me
That person who hates golf but still plays
Just to get out the
frustrations of the day
I am
That friend you have that always
Yeah, that's me
That friend who makes
you die laughing
Just so you can get through your day
I am
The rushing New Yorker on the street
Yeah that me
The one speeding walking right past you
The one who still manages
to take in the scenery
I am
The only child in the family
Yeah, that's me
The kid who grew up knowing nothing but imagination
The kid who sees things differently
I am
That special kid that gets extra time
Yeah, that me
The kid who see letters backwards
But still manages to read
I am

The girl from math, the frustrated artist, the avid golfer, the friend, the only
child, the special kid, and the rushing New Yorker.
I am....




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