She was beautiful 
She was wrapped in a blanket of beauty with a dazzle of sparkle 
The sparkle you could see in her eyes when her crush walked by
She was the girl all the guys would sigh and just admire her beauty 
She was the girl insecure girls would wish they could be 
She was the type of girl that you could easily imagine having a happy ending 
But she would smile but her eyes wouldn't
She was the girl everyone loved but couldn't love herself 
She was the girl that drove guys crazy and stole their hearts so easily although her heart had been stolen once and ripped into pieces 
She fell in love so easily she trusted in that fellow 
Her parents had just been separated and she thought he could kiss away the pain 
She thought, oh how wrong was she to believe that 
She gave him what no other guy could have 
And when he left she felt sick and disgusting 
Once he was with someone else she felt like nothing 
The guy who once kissed away the pain was now the reason smoke filled her lungs and scars filled her thighs 
She Once had everything she was even queen bee
But then in a moment she lost everything 
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