I guess there was something about her 
Something she posses that I didn't have 
Or maybe it was your statements that I just couldn't grasp
I know I wasn't the problem so why leave me blind 
If you would have told me earlier you knew I wouldn't mind
But that was my problem 
Some stuff I've learned to say F it too I actually need
But in my eyes the thirst for love is a form of greed
I loved you but I just couldn't express why and in the blink of an eye you were hers and not mine and I continue to ask why
But see, I know the answer to that question already 
I see you two together and my heart gets heavy
When you told me I was standing and I wasn't very steady 
What made you think that NOW I was ready? 
See you just fucked up
How long has it been, and when will it end
How long will I be just your "friend"
Baby that's not enough for me 
See I've come to the conclusion that I don't wanna be free 
I wanna be held and I wanna be teased
I want you to pay attention to every breath I breathe 
Do you want me? 
Or am I just here? 
Wasting my time until another chick comes near
Ready to commit bc I've been unclear of what I want when you know I still shed tears
I've been hurt
So my feelings are fragile 
Never let a boy in you and then scadattle 
Never let a snake near you if it rattles
And never let a nigga walk in your shadows
Yea, I've learned my lesson 
For everyday I was single I've avoided depression
Hiding my thoughts in a happy expression 
Hoping you accept my unbelievable confession
That I still love you
From the very top of your head to the bottom of your feet
From the way that you smell to the food that you eat 
I'd give you the world and you'd give me a star 
I honestly hope that this relationship doesn't go far
That's bad right? 
To wish that on a girl who may be willing to fight
While I'm on the side trying to reunite
I must be out of my mind 
Damn right
I'm ready to fight back
I don't give a damn whether her life falls off track
That's not my problem
Sure she might get hurt
But truth be told boo, I was here first.
Let's get a hold of reality and say that I'm cursed, with the lines that I write that could never be rehearsed
You said you'd buy me a galaxy
Are you promising her the same thing? 
I would hope not
Bc baby that was the love we shared 
And if that doesn't matter then you were never there
And everything you said is a lie and you never cared
About me
Oh I see
Maybe it was my fault 
Maybe I didn't show enough affection at all
Maybe to learn to walk I had to crawl and if the sun doesn't set in the west it doesn't at all
What did I miss? 
I thought that our bond was sealed with a kiss and even though I could never Reread this, it's always gonna be hard to be dismissed
I guess it is true what they say
That you never know what you have until it all goes away
I'll wish upon that star that you gave me and watch how bright it shines 
And hope to God that you'll always be mine


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