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Mon, 03/04/2019 - 10:58 -- A.J.M.

Lord help me.

The world’s falling apart at the seams

Oh no everything is not as it seems

I can feel the walls are caving in all around me

I feel like i’m being pulled apart by the seams

But when you look at me I’m just smiling





Oh but help me lord I think I’m really just drowning

Drowning in everyone’s problems

Trying to keep everyone afloat

Lord i’m succeeding for now

But oh i don’t how much longer it will work

I’m becoming more and more invested in others

I don’t think I even matter anymore

I’m putting others first

Helping others at their worst

Even when I’m feeling

Oh now I see how far I’ve fallen

How small I’ve made myself  

To bring up everyone else….


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Our world
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