Hatred and envy seep into my veins.
Wrath courses through my body, arriving at the brain.
My hands are shaking, shuddering. When will it end?
Things are getting dangerous. I can no longer pretend.
Beads of cold sweat run down my face.
I really want to leave this place,
But here there are memories that I won't lose.
Many things have gone wrong, please no more bad news.

Teeth are clenched, holding back a scream.
If only this was all just a bad dream.
Thick, heavy tears bleed from my eyes.
I cover my mouth, otherwise they'll hear my cries.
No one understands this pain, the feeling of sharp coarse knives in you
I don't know what I have gotten myself into.
Please, is anyone out there?
If you are, where?



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