Hello World

Title: Hello World

By: Destini Johnson


When you wake up the sun isn’t always shining.

The clouds aren’t always pluff.

Sometimes you may feel sick

And want to give up.

When you wake up in the morning what’s the one thing that you wish for?

What’s the one thing that you live for?

The one thing that you would die for.

Whether it’s a glimpse at the sunrise

Or the blessing that you’re still alive.

The moment of seeing your family all together at one table at one time.

The moment when you realize that life is good.

The feeling of waking up and knowing that you’re not misunderstood.

So why do I wake up in the morning?

Why do I get out of bed?,

Because life is worth living, and it’s better than being dead.

I greet the day, because the day is worth greeting.

I get to see the one’s I love I get to express myself and have the rights that other people

Or kids might not have.

I greet the day because I have the ability to.

I greet the day for those who can’t.

So why do I greet the day,

Because I reached another day and that’s worth saying hello too.

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