Hello my Name is Talent

     Hello my name is talent 

i often live in fear

i'm scared i don't have courage 

and my path is so unclear 

   Hello my name is Lonely 

i'm often found in smiles

i hide behind your laughter

i am crafty; i am guile 

     Hello my name is Beauty 

i often live opressed 

i do not think you see me

or know that you are blessed 

     Hello my name is Jealousy 

i often change your mind 

i make you hate your loved ones 

yes i can make you blind 

     Hello my name is Prideful 

i often live alone 

i may seem self-conceited 

but if kept in check you could've shone.

     Hello my name is Humble 

i always go unnoticed 

i am often seen as fearful 

and i never raise my voice 

Helllo my name is Happy 

you might have known me once 

i'm found in children's laughter 

but now i have no salience 

     Hello my name is vengeance 

i'm not always violent 

when i am most deadly 

is when i am most silent



This poem is about: 
Our world



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This was really good! :)


thank you, i'm gld to hear from someone

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