Hello My Name Is


Are we shattering apart

letter by letter

Lexa, I go by

So people remember

whats associated with me

who I want to be


Lusting to hide

not revealing my real name

Something said

to the point of nausea

I want to be real

So the A I steal


Experimental mother gave Alexa

half of a name Alexandria

The beautiful city

full of infinite culture

Am I not worthy?

of a name so swarthy


Xylochroming my name

less natural

hiding in a shell

I can’t escape

A prison I built myself

Waiting for the person to say

my name in a resplendent way


Amor, once calling me the shell, the prison

Then shortening it to Lex

One letter away from…

I’m scared as the letters peel away

Name singing on his tongue

He can know the true me

He can set me free



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