Hello, it's me


Hello, it's me.

Yeah, the girl in the front row of your class.

I take vigorous notes, nod and show appreciation for your enthusiasm

or, for a the lack there of, I sympathize.

Because I know you are human and not textbook.

I know that you go home to a stack of papers to grade as well as a stack of dishes to wash,

bills to pay.

You have a life. And it's personal.

I'm not sure what I want to ask of you.

But, if you could learn to read the pain that resides in the dark of my eyes

as well as you read to us from your power-point slides,

you might be able to find my question.

Because, don't get me wrong, I'm getting a lot from electron-configuration

and what-not.

But, I need to know how to survive. 

To past the test depression forces upon my weak soul each day.

A single yes or no question.

Should I stay alive another day? 





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